Written by Tony

1 Mar 2010

Where will I start, it starts in so many places, but I will start in the bath. Sue and I were in the bath. I was at the tap end, a true gentleman. Her legs between my own and my lip prick floating beneath her legs.

I had just fitted a new HDD recorder to the bedroom TV. We were chatting about how it would be better for recording series, as it has that function.

“Perhaps we could record NCIS.” I smiled a sick smile.

Sue knows I like Abby in the lab, and she tells me, “As long as you don’t keep me awake.” She was thinking about me wanking to Pauley Perrette’s bouncy lab rat. Sue changed the subject but not by much, “You could try Lady Heather.”

She got a reaction. My cock pressed against her legs. She had got the response she wanted. Sue likes to tease me with women that would never have a chance to fuck me. “Eve looked twice at you.”

To understand that comment I need to go back two days. We had the recorder delivered to Sue’s work and I dropped by in the car to pick Sue and the recorder up. Eve was at the door as I walked in; she looked at me just long enough for me to take note. It is a red letter day when an eighteen year old looks at me that way, now I am fifty one. Sue did not miss the look and told me so as we drove home. Any way that was two day earlier. Now we were in the bath, Sue and I.

Sue was washing me. She reminded me of Eve, “Eve looked twice at you.”

Sue started to soap my cock. It was hardening. If it was Sue’s hand or the mention of Eve I do not know. Sue continued, “You like Eve, don’t you?” We had met at Sue’s office party last Christmas. We may have chatted; Eve may have had too much to drink. Eve did pass close to me as she moved between chairs and tables. She did have a low cut dress. I did see her braless breasts packed into her low cut dress.

I gazed into Sue’s eyes. My cock soapy, hard and Sue was working my shaft. “Would you like to like me to tell her?”

“Yes.” My mind was on my cock. I glanced at it. Sue’s hand slipped over my soapy shaft. What was she thinking? Was she there looking at my cock moving in and out of Eve? This was a first. Sue was wanking me and talking about another woman. Not someone who I would never meet, but Eve, who was and is in reach.

“Shall I set you up with her?” Sue’s hand continued to wank me.

“Yes”, I told her. Not one hesitation, Sue smiled her hand running up and down my prick.

“She’s a third of your age, eighteen.” Still wanking me.

“What is wrong with that?” Something was building. Building and ho…

“You dirty old man.” I came, cum leapt into the air. Fell back to the bath and turned milky white as it mixed with soapy water. Cum leapt again, then again, not so high. Sue’s hand covered in cum. Cum tangled in my pubic hair, floating in the water.

We let the water out and started again. I came, enjoying Sue wanking me, talking about setting up a fuck with a woman from her work, a friend. It was my coming that stopped the flow of the conversation.

I picked it up later; after the bath. “You never said if you would send Eve around or bring her home.”

“If you keep on about that you won’t get me.”

Sue had taken a step back again, but that was the first time in years that….the only time we had done more than that was when we had the party with our friends.

Who may be a new awakening? Perhaps Sue will set me up with Eve?

No too much to hope for.