Written by MK50

20 May 2018

Some of you may have read my previous story 'A missed opportunity' about my daughter's friend Lucy who l walked in on naked in my daughter's bedroom and she proceeded to finger herself. For those of you who haven't, Lucy is 20, short black hair, very voluptuous size 16 l would say and a fantastic pair of tits 38E at a guess. I was invited to a BBQ last week and Lucy was there wearing a very short summer dress that showed off all her curves and amazing tits. She came over to talk to me and we had a short conversation about the weather, work etc as l struggled to avert my gaze from her chest. A few minutes later l got a text from her 'Caught you looking at my tits, you dirty perv lol ????' l looked over to her and she smiled. I replied , Sorry! yes l am a dirty old perv ????'. Her next reply shocked me 'Bet you would love your cock between them wouldn't you?' By now I was feeling horny, I hesitated before replying, feelings of guilt entered my head, Lucy was 25years younger than me and my daughter's best friend but l was thinking with my cock and not my head. 'Yes' l replied, l could feel my heart racing with excitement. 'Upstairs toilet 5 minutes' was her reply. I saw Lucy make her way into the house and a minute or so later l followed her. The bathroom door was shut, l tapped lightly on it, Lucy opened the door slightly and saw it was me. 'Quickly!' she said pulling me into the bathroom and locking the door. She pulled her dress over her head as l undone my jeans my cock already hard, she dropped to her knees and took my cock in her mouth and began to suck like her life depended on it. I knew l was going to cum, but Lucy continued as l empited my load into her mouth and she swallowed every drop. She put her dress back on and opened the door slightly to make sure no one was about. 'Wait a few minutes then come back down' she said. A few minutes later l returned to the garden, Lucy was back with her friends chatting and laughing like nothing had happened. A short while later l decided to leave. When l got home l got a text from her 'Yummy! ????'. That was the last text l received, do l try and take things further? I don't want my daughter to find out, but on the other hand we are both consenting adults and both single. Any advice would be greatly appreciated!