Written by Fanny

5 May 2009

After the incident at the company dance I felt so guilty should I confess would my lovely husband leave me for being a slut? All these thoughts were going round in my head also would one of the guys talk? but to be honest every time I thought about it it made me so horny.

As I said my husbands job took him away a lot and 3 times a year we went away for our time, a quiet holiday preferably no crowds just quiet beaches better still if they were deserted, We had visited a place in Crete a few times small fishing village not many tourists and on one of our walks found a small cove with a small sandy beach, just what we needed for our nude swimming and sunbathing. One day we went to our cove it was late spring so we really did have the place to ourselves the sea was still a bit chilly but we loved it. Lieing on our beach towels my husband was caressing me while I gave him a slow wank when he said someone is watching, I turned to look and there on a small boat sat a Greek fisherman staring intently at us. My husband looked me in the eye and said shall I ask him to join us (I then knew he had heard the incident with the 2 guys) I blushed and nodded my head. He stood up his erection on full view and becond the fisherman over.

He needed no prompting striding over standing above us he untied the rope keeping his trousers up and took of his shirt. His cock was average size sourrounded with a lot of course black hair. My husband positioned me half reclining on him and cupped my breasts playing with my very hard nipples, the fisherman knelt at my feet and pulled my legs apart and ran his caloused hands up my legs and inner thighs it felt so errotic, fingers rubbing against my pussy, my husbands breath on my neck as he kissed me and nibbled at my ears and neck. I took the fishermans cock in my hand and gripped it hard I could feel it pulsing under my hand, I rubbed it against my now sopping wet pussy, it slid in so easily and soon as my first orgasm hit me, he grabbed my hips and started to shag me with great force, my husband slipped his hand between us and massaged my clit, I was in heaven again 2 men taking me to sexual heaven. The fisherman did not last long and came filling me with his hot spunk.

He stood up dressed himself smiled at us both said something in Greek and walked away to his boat. I rolled over onto my husband took him in my mouth and gave him a long slow blow job, I could hear my husband say he is still watching us and suddenly my mouth was filled with spunk spilling out onto my chin and running down my tits.

As we got our breath back my husband said now you know my thing is beeing watched or watching while yours is 2 people making love to you. We hugged and I realised that our sexuality would take us down many paths that we wanted to explore together.