Written by ROB

4 Dec 2015

I met my client Paul at LHR on Monday morning and we took the Alitalia flight to Milan and picked up a hire car for the short journey to Turin. When I asked why Charlotte was not with us on the flight, Paul explained that she had spent the weekend in Rome with Philip and was catching the train to Turin. When I asked who Philip was he said dismissively he is he latest 'toy boy' who heads up our legal department. He is new and you will not have met him before, it can be your pleasure today, he is about your age.

We were staying at the Turin Palace Hotel which was a little up market from the nearby Holiday Inn where I had stayed before. Once settled in my room I wandered down to the bar to meet Paul. He had checked and Charlotte and Philip had already checked in but were not in their room. We had a drink and Paul called Charlotte's mobile which went to voice mail.

After a few minutes she called back, they were using the pool in the hotel spa. It was apparently very quiet and she suggested we join them and chat in there.

Having changed into swimwear I found the Spa, picked up a towel and entered the small but beautifully appointed pool area. Charlotte was laid back on a lounger wearing very little, a white bikini top straining to restrain her ample breasts and a minute triangle covering her pubic mound. This was a women in her late forties but not an inch of fat or cellulite showing absolutely sensational, what a women. She introduced me to Philip a very handsome, well built guy I assumed to be mid-thirties. We shook hands and I took a lounger on the other side of Charlotte. Paul arrived and we started to chat about the dinner meeting this evening with the company we were negotating to buy. I struggled to keep my eyes off Charlotte's body and she knew it, positioning herself and touching herself suggestively. Philip also appeared to be enjoying it as his dick seemed to have swollen in his Speedos.

to be continued....