Written by D smith

18 Dec 2016

Although a year off 60 my wife still loves sex and is a right dirty bitch on the quiet; she particularly enjoys putting on a performance and letting me watch- a few weeks back she'd tied me to the bed naked and then proceeded to do her thing; she was wearing a business suit, high heels and red lipstick and glasses- under her suit she was wearing a dark blouse, part see through- she stood by the side of the bed and bent over to allow me to see her cleavage, I could feel my cock hardening- " ooh, you like that then" she said.

She turned her back to me and slipped her jacket off, I could see her then unbutton her shirt - she turned back to face me to show me her tits held in with a black lace bra, nipples already erect.

She ran her hands over her tits, pushing them together- turning her back again she reached behind and slowly pulled the zip of her skirt down- I could see she was wearing a thong and as she wriggled out of her skirt I could then see her sheer black hold ups; she stepped out of the skirt and rubbed her hands all over her taut ass before she bent right over to give me a great view; my cock was rock hard by now and she turned back to face me- she bent over and took the tip of my cock in her mouth, slowly teasing the tip with her tongue- she then licked the shaft and sucked gently on my balls- as quickly as she'd started she stopped and moved back down to the end of the bed-

"I've got a little surprise for you" she said

She reached under the bed and pulled out a huge black vibrator which she proceeded to lick sexily; she still had her underwear on and moved back round to the side of the bed, straddling me and moving her groin right next to my face

" lick me," she demanded

I complied and started licking her through her pants; it didn't take long for her to pull them to one side to allow my eager tongue to penetrate her soaking wet fanny, flicking her clitoris and feeling her shudder; she got off me and slipped her pants off before getting g back on me in the 69 position; rubbing her fanny full in my face I could really get my tongue deep into her; desperate for her to suck my cock I was trying to move my hips up but she wasn't having any of it- she suddenly stopped and got back off me- picking up the vibrator she stood close to me and started rubbing herself with the toy before slipping it into herself- I watched as the huge cock moved in and out with her hands in control; after a few minutes of this action she straddled me again reverse style and used my cock to satisfy herself- it didn't take long before she reached orgasm and I exploded inside her.