Written by Tomcovenent

4 Oct 2011

After posting of the events in Cornwall, I thought I'd share with anyone interested ho we came to widen our sexual activities. It all began one night about a year ago....

I couldn’t believe it, she was actually discussing a sexual fantasy with me! Although married for over 20 years and both in our early fifties and although not prudes by any means, we had never actually discussed our sexual relationship or those before we met, let alone discussed what aroused us, real or in our fantasies. The nearest we had come was in watching porn video’s when we had only been together a few months and it was easy enough to work out what had turned us on from how good the sex that resulted was. Once the children were born, sex had initially faded to a monthly ritual (shower, her dressing in her sexy lingerie, perhaps some light porn on the TV if there was a late sexy film) and more recently, very occasional and opportunistic and never prepared for. Although we had both enjoyed oral sex, particularly me giving to her, that had gone with the showers!

But this night was different. A friend had given me a DVD to watch and surprisingly my wife had agreed to watch it after we had both showered and she had even slipped on a sexy pair of black lace panties and matching bra, I have to admit that even at 53 she looks stunning when she wants to and this seemed to be a night she wanted to! It was the DVD that had caused the discussion, it was unusually good, not the usual quick strip and endless humping but a scenario that had always appealed to me, though I was surprised that it seemed it also appealed to my wife. In it, a wife and husband had met friends at a pub in the garden to celebrate a snooker final where her husbands’ team had won a trophy. Although there were partners there, after a while only the hardened drinkers were left, all men, and only the one wife remained with a crowd of guys. To cut a long story short, everyone had drunk too much and as a joke the men prevented the wife from leaving to go to the loo, she couldn’t help herself and had to pee and she let it go! They all thought it highly amusing and despite her husband’s protestations and with her giggling and putting up mild resistance, the men stripped off her soaked jeans and panties and, well, you can guess the rest. She ended up peeing again on all fours on the table and being gang banged as you’d expect and the husband was equally humiliated – but I won’t go into details as that’s not what this story is about!

As I said, this triggered off a discussion which was very erotic and exciting and as we chatted we fondled and touched each other, her panties were noticeably soaked and I was erect and dripping with pre-cum! It transpires that the idea of being stripped by a crowd of guys in a public place was very her, she said she had always been oddly aroused by embarrassing and humiliating situations. She admitted that the idea of having to pee in front of people was something she had often thought about with a strange mix of embarrassment and excitement since an accident in school many years before. Although I would have liked to take this unusual opportunity to widen our chat to some of the thoughts and fetishes I have long held but never dared discuss with her, I didn’t want to ‘kill the moment’! Since our sex life had drifted away over the years, my sexual fantasies had gradually become wider and diverse and involved humiliation of husbands and wives, cross dressing, even bisexual acts and my favourite, wife sharing. Of course all of these can be combined, so I decided to follow and steer my wife’s thoughts and carefully inject ideas that excited me in particular. I asked her if she had imagined herself in the position of the wife on the DVD or if it was watching someone in that position. She said she was not really interested in watching a woman like that, although it was erotic, but wanted to be in that position herself. I asked her if she knew what dogging was and did she know that there were places near to where we live where people went to do it. As I talked, she was fascinated and amazed that people actually do things which she thought were refined to fantasies. I asked her if she would like to go to one of the sites just to see and, to my complete amazement and excitement she said she would and as she spoke she was thrusting her thighs onto my hand, her drenched panties pushed to the side and my palm pressing on her hot wet pussy.

To be continued, if anyone wants me to!