22 Mar 2017

This will to many sound far fetched, however it is all quite real. My fascination for watching started at uni, in fact the very first week of my first year. Before I get too involved I guess I should introduce myself. My name is Jenny and am now 24. Apparently I am "blessed" as I look young for my age due to being petite and almost the same in looks as I was 10 years ago. In fact I have only gained 2 dress sizes since then and am now still only an 8. This blessing can be a real pain as I am constantly asked for id.

Being a first year at uni meant I could stay in their accommodation so I was in a shared house with 2 other girls. Ellen was the older at 22 and Amy was the same as me at 19. It quickly became apparent that Amy was a right flirt towards both men and women while Ellen was very reserved, even stand offish at times. On our 5th day I had just returned from the library and went up to my room, as I passed Amy's room I noticed her door was not fully shut and could hear her talking to someone. I realised she was on the phone to presumably her boyfriend as she was describing in intimate detail what she was doing. I stood just beyond her door so that she could not see me and listened as she let him know how gently she was stroking her erect nipples. Her powers of description made me very aroused as I heard her tell him how she was now sliding her hand down over her tummy and into the front of her jeans, my god I don't know about him but the gentleness of her voice and the slight gasps she made as she started to masturbate left me with very soggy knickers and a strong need to feel myself.

I moved quietly away from her door to my own room where I quickly finished what Amy had unknowingly started.

As I said earlier this was just the start of many further naughty adventures. I hope you have enjoyed this installment.