Written by Ruby Tuesday

17 Apr 2016

Hi I`m a 34 yr old woman who has been faithfully married for 8yrs to a loving Husband, my hubby has a well paid Banking job in London and works away Monday to Friday, we don't have any children as we are both too busy and enjoy travelling for the past 3 yrs my hubby john has had to travel quite a bit especially to Dubai and Australia for weeks on end , I used to travel with him but it started to get boring as he was working 12 hours a day you can only sunbathe and shop so much.

I have lots of friends so I do get out quite a bit until recently I`d never thought about being unfaithful, about a month ago I was out with a couple of friends for a few drinks and a bite to eat, we always go to the same wine bars and have got to know the waiters and door men, the last few weeks one of the doormen called Guy has been flirting with me but I shrugged it off thinking nothing of it until one of my friends pointed out how much I was flirting back which I did not realise I was doing.

anyway both of my friends are married and have kids so we normally leave for home around 11.30`ish as we were in the taxi queue I spotted the doorman Guy standing outside the night club door, the queue was quite long and Liz and myself were dying for a wee so we crossed the road looking for a loo Guy saw us and Liz walked up to him and said what are you doing here he said I do the club door after I`ve finished at the wine bar I said we have to go I`m dying for the loo Guy said go here and he lead us in and showed us to the ladies as I came out still waiting for Liz Guy said don't you ever come here I said no I`m always at home hubby works away and my friends are both married with kids oh that's a shame he said you`d enjoy it I`ll get you in free any time just ask for me I felt quite honoured and a bit shy he would ask a married woman out to a club just then Liz came out I said maybe I will and we left.

the following weekend I was out with a group of girls I went to university with we were in town and they wanted to go dancing and ended up going to that club I waked in there was no signs of Guy but I was not going to ask for him anyway, we had a lot of drink that night and we were all dancing when a pair of hands held my hips from behind I turned around and was surprised to see it was Guy what are you doing here he said I told him the story and he said well enjoy yourself and walked away the rest of the night I couldn't help looking for him but never saw him around as the night went on the others started to get off with guys, some went home and there were only a couple of us left enjoying ourselves .

as the drink flowed I went to the loo just as I was coming out there was Guy in the passage way I said hi again he just smiled this confused me weather it was the drink I don't know but I was put out he didn`t make a pass at me like the week earlier as I danced away I kept looking out for him as the night drew to a close he was at the back of the room I could see him looking and chatting to another doorman while looking our way why I don't know but I waved and he nodded and smiled back I don't know why but being married went out of the window I was acting like a single girl walked up to him and started flirting I asked why he was ignoring me to this he said I`m not I`m working and you told me in no uncertain terms last time you were a married woman . then he said where are all your friends I told him they all went there separate ways and there were only a few of us left and I`m off for a taxi soon , just hang back Guy said I`m finished soon I will give you a lift home for some reason to which I don't know why still I said ok.

the club started to empty Guy a few other workers and me were the only ones left in the place, I could see him talking to what looked like the manageress and as all the barmen and bargirls left Guy said just sit here in the managers office until I lock up he give me another drink and the DJ said bye as he let him out.

I was all alone in the office so walked out looking for guy or anyone it was quite dark only a few coloured lights on the Guy came around the corner sorry he said just making sure everyone was away. he then said come on sit back in the office and finish your drink the reality of what I was doing started to sink in I said no we had better go, what`s the rush he said before I could say anything else he took hold of me and kissed me I couldn't move , don't know if it was fear of his strength I just stood there letting him kiss me after a while I found myself responding and before long his tongue was tangling with mine, I`ve fancied you for a long time he said but I`m married to which he shushed me and kissed me again, he started kissing my neck and I felt his strong hands rubbing my arse it was that long since I was in a mans arms I just melted his hands started to wander and he had his hand inside my bra fondling my tits and nipples he forcefully pushed up my top and my bra lifted with it up to my neck before I knew it he was sucking on my nipples I was against the wall helpless but enjoying to touch of another man he kissed me again while I felt him undoing the button on my jeans and pulling the zip down, I had tight jeans on so he just bent down and peeled them off I was standing against the wall bra and shirt above my shoulders and my jeans around my ankles just standing there in my thong I felt his big strong hand rub my crouch and a finger running up and down my slit. his hand pulled my thong to one side and a finger entered me I was starting to get very moist as another then another finger entered me I was his for the taking by now no guilt or remorse entered my head as he fingered me and sucked on my nipples. he pulled down my thong sat me on the desk and both the jeans and thong came off together he then pulled my shirt and bra off I was sitting there wet and naked. he started to undress he was naked in seconds to which my eyes reverted to his .crouch, the size of his cock and especially his balls stood out made hubbys look like marbels and a cocktail sausage.

he spread my legs and went down on me licking me and running his tongue around my clit I started to tremble and cum he lifted me up like a doll and I could feel his hard cock against me as we kissed , he stopped held my hand and lead me out of the office I was nervous but he said come on nobody is here he lead me to the DJ`s box lifted me up onto a ledge and started to rub his cock up and down my slit I cum again as I felt the tip of his fat cock starting to enter me gently inch by inch he entered my wet pussy slowly pulling out and thrusting in harder and harder as we got into a rythmn my head was flung back as I cum again and again never before having orgasm`s like this he withdrew and shot his load of hot spunk up my chest covering me everywhere never before have I seen as much cum before he then took me to a sofa bent me over and started to fuck me again I could hear my wetness as his balls slapped against me, he cum again shooting wad after wad of spunk up me I could feel it seeping out of me as he rode me to another orgasm as he sat me on the sofa knackered and sweating like never before I couldn`t believe within minutes he was hard again, I said no I can`t I`m shattered, he started to change quite abruptly saying never mind no bitch your going to suck this pushing his thick head against my lips forcing it`s way in I hesitated a bit but he just forced it into my mouth I gagged a bit as I could only take so much but he kept hold of my head and started pulling my hair until it went deeper and deeper down my throat he withdrew it saying lick my cock and balls now bitch as I did he said suck my balls put them in your mouth I`d never done this before it was a first for me then I realised how big his balls were one filled my mouth completely he started to wank himself as I sucked pulling away and yanked at my hair as my head went back shot his load down my throat and covering my face. I sat there covered in spunk sweating and naked, just then as I pulled myself around I felt a presence and to disbelief his mate the other doorman was there all the time watching Guy waved him over and to my amazement trying to cover my nakedness said she`s all yours now I protested no no to which he said your a married slut and on video fucking me if you don't want anyone else to see you do what your told bitch, I felt I had no option as his friend ali started to feel my tits and undress Guy walked away sitting watching us as ali started to suck my nipples and finger me ,he dropped his trousers and his big cock sprang out I`d never seen a black guy naked before , he lifted me onto the table and started fucking me hard and rough coming quite quickly, he started to finger my bum which I`d never had done before it hurt a bit but I started to enjoy it they both fucked me together one inside me the other in my mouth before we left, I promised there was no video. I`ve never been back to the club or the wine bar since but now I get aroused and thinking of it happening again.