Written by Alun

29 May 2010

Sally and I live in a bungalow in a small town. The garden is enclosed by 6 foot fencing and not overlooked by either side. Behind us are houses but we are shielded from view by trees except for a small gap where we can see the window of a bedroom which doesn't seem to be used as the curtains are never closed. We have conservatory where we can sit in the sun but if the weather is hot enough Sally will sometimes sunbathe nude in the garden. The sight of her naked always gets me hard, slim waist, large 36dd tits, great legs, pussy shaved except for a narrow landing strip.

In the recent decent weather we both spent most of the weekend naked and in the evening as it got dark went into the conservatory. Sally sat in a recliner, her feet draped over the sides, her legs spread, teasing me as she slowly masturbated. Her fingers were sliding in her pussy and she was telling me how she was going to have my hard cock shafting her. How much her pussy needed a good hard fucking, but first she wanted my cock in her mouth. Stroking my prick I stood by her as she turned her head, pulling me closer, opening her mouth and sucking my prick between her lips. Standing there I could see the window behind and in the half light realised we were being watched. He must have left the bedroom door ajar and was silhouetted by light shinning through. I pulled my cock from Sally's mouth and told her. Her response was "Well we'd better put on a good show", continuing to frig her pussy, looking towards the window, spreading her legs wider, adding "I think he's got Binoculars. I bet he's wanking too".

She was clearly enjoying this, telling me to turn on the lights so he could see better and to fetch one of her vibrators. I handed her one of her favourites, black, cock shaped, thick and heavily ribbed. She switched it on, holding it against her clitoris, moving it in little circles, before running the end along her slit which by now was soaked in her juices and wide open, waiting to be filled. She slowly fed the vibrator into her snatch, thrusting her hips as she fucked herself, sighing and giving gasps of pleasure. I got next to her and pulled her face to my prick which she greedily sucked back into her mouth. With 9 inches of vibrating cock in her cunt, her fingers frigging her clit and my cock in her mouth, she quickly reached orgasm, ramming the vibe in and out of her fuck hole, writhing and bucking her hips, our audience forgotten, as she came. I was still hard as she calmed down and said "Is he still watching?" I wasn't sure but told her "After that performance I doubt if he's gone anywhere". She got off the chair and told me to take her place. Laid there with my cock erect she straddled me, her back to me, facing him, then taking hold of my prick lowered herself, guiding me into her cunt. I penetrated her juicy pussy easily, she had my cock deep inside her, grinding her cunt on me, using the fingers of one hand to play with her clitoris and the fingers of her other to caress her tits and tease her hard nipples. She was enjoying exhibiting her naked body, displaying her cock filled cunt as we fucked, watched by our voyeur neighbour. We were both close to coming, Sally moving up and down my prick, lifting herself so just the tip of my cock was in her, before sinking down, leaning back so he would have a perfect view as I penetrated her tight cunt. I was thrusting back in her feeling her cunt muscles clamping my cock as I spunked in her shooting 3 or 4 jets of cum in her twat just as she orgasmed. She lay back against me as my cock softened and slid out, then I felt her reaching down and pulling globs of spunk from her cunt and lifting it to her mouth to drink down. When we'd finished we were pretty sure he must have watched the whole thing.

The following week she checked the electoral role and found that there was just one man registered at the address. She took several walks passed the house until she saw him gardening, even chatting to him briefly, telling me she didn't think he recognised her with her clothes on. He seemed very pleasant, aged about 50. She has now looked up his telephone number and wants to ring and talk to him while she masturbates, asking him what he wants to see her do and let him listen while we fuck. Depending on his reaction, she has suggested inviting him round to fuck her so I can watch her as she takes another mans seed then have sloppy seconds. With a bit off luck she'll ring him tonight and we can both fuck her.