Written by Robert

5 Dec 2009

Sorry for the slight delay...

Best Friend Borrowed My Wife - Part 3

Whilst I was at work, Dave phoned to let me know what happened with Sarah the night before.

He said he couldn't believe how hot Sarah looked when he first saw her. He had seen her try the dress on before but wasn't sure she'd wear it on the night and certainly didn't realise she would look as sexy as she did with her hair and makeup done, the high heels and the shiny hold-ups.

He drove them to his house, complimenting her as they went.

Once there, he phoned for the taxi and poured them both a large glass of wine. They went into the lounge and he caught a glimpse up her party dress as she sat back in the low chair. He said his cock sprung to attention when he saw the white at the top of her stockings and then her neatly trimmed pussy.

She caught him looking and told him not to be so naughty - she laughed and said she could see why he wanted her to wear that dress now and she would have to make sure she didn't give the pervert any more flashes as she didn't want him to take advantage. Dave just laughed and told her she would have all the men at the party after her and not just him.

The taxi pulled up outside and sounded his horn. Dave grabbed the wine bottle and said they should finish the last glass and poured them a half-glass each. they quickly knocked the wine back and made for the taxi.

Dave told Sarah that she was a walking sex-machine and did she see the way the taxi driver looked at her. She playfully elbowed him in the ribs and told him not to be silly.

They arrived at the country club and took the taxi drivers card to ring for their taxi home later.

Once inside, they headed for the bar and Dave introduced Sarah to a few colleagues. They each had a couple of glasses of wine before making their way into the restaurant.

Sarah and Dave were seated on a small table of 8 and made small talk across the table. A waiter approached the table and leant between Dave and Sarah as he placed 4 bottles in the centre.

They enjoyed a nice meal and a couple more glasses of wine. Every now and again Dave would rest his hand on Sarahs stockinged thigh and try to slide it further toward the elastic of her hold-up. Sarah would laugh and whisper to him that he was a dirty pervert and what would her husband say.

After the meal, they made their way to the bar area and dance floor. Dave took Sarah for a couple of dances and watched as a colleague took her for a slower dance. Daves cock grew as he saw her dress rise giving just the tiniest glimpse of black stocking top for those paying close enough attention.

Sarah returned and ordered a large Bacardi and Coke, closely followed by another two glasses.

The bar area was fairly crowded and Sarah told him how some dirty sod had just squeezed her bum.

Dave said that she was now starting to slur her speech and told him that she wouldn't be telling me about his wandering hands as she liked dirty old perverts, before bursting out laughing.

Dave told her that he fancied a smoke and asked her outside. As Sarah doesn't smoke, she told him she'd meet him there but that she was off for a pee first.

Dave stood shivering outside in the dark and lit up his cigarette.

Then, he saw Sarah standing at an upstairs window. He gave her a wave but she couldn't see him. He was about to stub his cigarette out, when he saw someone approach Sarah from behind.

The guy whispered into her ear and he saw Sarah rest her head backwards onto the guys shoulder. Next, he saw the guys hands cupping her tits outside her dress and Sarah turn her head to kiss him. The guys hands then disapeared and Dave watched them kiss passionately.

Dave said he was unsure whether Sarah knew what she was doing and he made his way inside to find her. He found them in the Snooker Room but decided to stand by the slightly open door and listen to what was going on.

As he peered into the room, he saw Sarah leant forward over the snooker table. Her dress was lifted around her waist and the stranger was kneeling behind her with his face buried in her arse, hungrily lapping at her pussy and arse.

He heard Sarah moan out and then the guy stood up. It was one of the young waiters from the bar. He turned Sarah round and slowly pushed her to her knees. Sarah got the message and unzipped his trousers. Her hand went into his pants, pulled out his hard cock and began teasing the end. Then, she took it into her mouth and started wanking it at the same time. Her other hand had pulled her dress aside and was stroking her tits.

The guy spoke to her and she stood up, reached behind her neck and undid the dress. It fell to the floor, leaving her standing in front of a complete stranger in just her stockings and high heels.

Dave confessed that by this point he had his cock out and was furiously wanking it whilst watching Sarah and this guy.

The barman lifted her up and lay her back onto the snooker table. He grabbed her ankles, spread her legs and lifted them into the air.

He moved forward and easily slid his cock into her soaking pussy. Dave swears that he could hear her pussy squelch as his cock forced its way in and out of her. He only lasted a few hard strokes before he shot his load into her pussy.

Dave lost control too and watched his cum fly across the room.

The barman then pulled her off the table and told her to lick his cock clean. He then told her he had to go or he would be missed and he made his way toward the door.

Dave panicked and managed to hide behind some curtains whilst the barman made his way out.

He then watched for a couple of seconds as Sarah struggled to pull on her dress. Rather than get caught, he slid away into the garden and lit a cigarette.

A few minutes later, Sarah appeared with a couple of drinks saying that the bar was packed.

Dave made small talk with her but didn't let on what he'd seen.

They went back inside and had a couple of drinks and a few dances together. A slow dance came on and Dave leant in to kiss Sarah and she responded by sticking her tongue into his mouth.

He said she moved her hand to the front of his trousers and slowly rubbed his growing cock. At the same time she said that she was feeling randy and maybe it was time to give the old pervert a treat. Daves eyes just lit up and he led her off the dancefloor.

He told her that they have a snooker room and asked if she had ever done it across a snooker table. Sarah giggled and said that she might have done.

He led Sarah to the room and guided her toward the window, grabbing a chair as they went.

He stood Sarah close to the window with her back to the glass and they started to kiss. Dave pulled her dress up and knew that anyone outside would get to see everything they were doing. He grabbed her arse cheeks and pulled her against his cock.

He then reached behind her neck and undid the clasp, letting the dress fall to the floor. He moved the chair in front of the window and moved her across it so her hands were holding each of the arms and her arse was over the backrest.

He moved down and grabbed her stockinged legs to pull her thighs apart. He began licking her pussy and she came voilently after just a couple of seconds. Sarah spoke slowly and told Dave that she had to tell him something.

Dave simply said that he knew as he was watching her the whole time. He said her pussy tasted great with the barmans cum leaking out of it. Sarah came again and her legs nearly gave way.

Sarah told Dave to fuck her quickly as she needed his cock inside her. He didn't waste any time and guided himself into her.

As he fucked her across the chair, he could see the light from cigarettes outside and knew people were likely to be watching Sarahs little tits bouncing around as she was getting fucked.

Dave said they were going for a few minutes before she told him she wanted his cum deep inside her and to fuck her harder. She started talking dirty and saying how the dirty pervert was getting to fuck his friends whore wife. Dave didn't last much longer and shot his load for the second time that night.

He had to help Sarah back into her dress and they had a long snog before making their way back to the bar. Sarah suggested that Dave call for a taxi and they stood with a final drink waiting for it to arrive.

Dave led Sarah out to the taxi and asked the driver to help get her inside. The driver didn't need asking twice and grabbed her legs to swing them inside. As he did so, Dave noticed her dress had risen around her waist and the driver was staring at her pussy.

He sat in the cab and said aloud to Sarah that she hadn't cleaned his cock after their fuck and that she should do it now.

Sarah looked at him and he smiled. He took his cock out and Sarah leant down and took it into her mouth and began licking it clean.

At the same time, Dave nodded at the driver and pointed his head toward Sarahs hemline. The driver took this as permission to move his hand up her stockinged leg and onto her pussy. He slid a couple of fingers into her and stated how fucking wet she was. His other hand was out of site but was moving back and forth obviously wanking his cock.

A couple of minuted passed before the driver tensed up and I told Sarah that my cock was nice and clean now.

The driver got them to Daves house and waived the fare.

Dave then called me to let me know they were home and that I could collect my wife.

As Dave was telling me this story, I had my cock in hand and was wanking furiously at the thought that my wife had 4 cocks that night, had been felt up and had been exposed to an unknown number of strangers.

When I got home, I decided to ask Sarah about the night.

read her account in Part 4.