Written by Paul

1 Oct 2012

I have just read your comments on my story about what happened on our first week in Kos and our first sex encounter with a stranger.

It just happened out off the blue I have never been so turned on, we both seemed to be more horny for the next few days and could not keep our hands off each other,we handn't been back to the beach because we had a few outings booked but I could not get it out off my head.

We were getting ready to go out for dinner about 3 day after our encounter on the beach and Carol was just out of the shower when the maid knocked on the door, I went into the Bathroom and Carol put her dress on and answered the door shw was just handing in some towels when I came back out and saw Carol in her dress with nothing underneith it made me so horny and wanted to fuck her She said no way as she had just showered I kept telling her how sexy she looked like that and I wanted her to go out like that for dinner.

She said no way people would notice I told her I didn't care that other guys would wonder if she was naked under her dress I knew all this talk was getting her horny as well her nipples were getting hard so I kept pressing her to do it she said ok if thats what you want but I am not wearing this dress you can see through it, I told her to wear her denem dress that buttoned down the front and was backless and tied round the neck.

We went down to the lobby and Carol kept saying can you notice anything I told her no it was alright and that it was just the idea of her being naked that I liked, we went for a drink first I picked a bar that was mostly guys watching Football pretending I wanted to find out the results I picked a coutch in the corner and it was perfect as it was really low and when we sat down Carol her dress rode up pretty high she had to cross her legs and hold on to her dress I was loving it when I saw a cpl off the guys look over at her.

I went to get our drinks and made sure they were large ones, Carol wanted to go after the first drink But I saw how every time carol moved her dress would slip up and she had to keep pulling it down I kept telling her that if the guys over there knew that she didn't have anythin on under her dress they would not be watching the TV she was getting more relaxed with the drink and said that what you want and show me off I said yes and you like it the other day at the beach didn't you Her face went red so I said and so did I it was so sexy.

We had about 4 large glasses of wine and Carol had stopped pulling at her dress now and was showing a lot off leg which was making me horny I told her how sexy it was and said I was going to go for our last drink and I wanted her to uncross her legs for me when I was on my way back from the bar so I could look at her legs I wasn't sure what she would do but when I turned round she had uncrossed her legs it was great seeing he like that and I knew that there would be a few guys getting a good eyefull when I got back she said well! I told her that I could see that she wasn't wearing any panties and I loved it.

I could see from some off the glances we were getting that they were wanting to get more flashes I said I think you have a few lechers watching you hopping to get a flash teasing her for her reaction she said thats what you wanted isn't it and smiled I was loving it but we had to move before it was to late for dinner I got up to help Carol and she uncrossed her legs and delibertly stood up with her legs open and smiling at me as her dress rode up a few off the guys smiled as we passed them, when we got outside I asked her if she enjoyed doing that she said that she could see that I did I was hard as iron and we both kissed I had my hand on her tits and felt how hard her nipples were.

We walked along the prom and I opened a cpl off buttons and said that was better now I could see nore of her tits we were both a bit tipsy by now I tried to open more but she told me that was enough or she would be ending up naked I told her thats what I wanted to see just like the time on the beach with her all covered in cumm and wanted to do it again whould she do it for me, Carol looked at me and said do you want some other guy to cum over me I said only if she wanted the same.

We got to the resturant and were both still speaking about what had happened last time on the beach and all through the meal, I asked how she felt tonight in the bar she looked at me and said if we had stayed there much longer she would have gave them a lot more to have looked and would have let you do what you are doing now I was feeling her pussy under the table she was so wet and slippy I had her squirming on her seat I knew she was very randy and kept asking if she would let someone do it again she said yes yes what ever you want that was it I wanted to get back to the hotel and fuck her now.

All the way back to the hotel my mind was going mad thinking about what might happen the next day at the beach It was dark on the prom and I had opened a few other buttons on her dress which was open down to her waist now I wanted someone to come along but it was so quiet I stopped and started to unbutton her dress all the way she said no not here we made our way down to the waters edge and loungers I had her dress unbuttoned and I lay down on the lounger she slipped her dress right off and we had it off right there with people passing on the path I pushed her so she was sitting naked on top off me and hopping someone would see her like that all naked we stayed there for ages i was hopping someone would come along she started to get cold I asked her if she would walk further along like that naked she told me I had had enough for one night.

Next morning I woke still feeling horny and thinking about what might happen, after we had breakfast and were getting ready I brought it up what we had been talking about last night she looked at me and said if thats what you want she would let it happen and said did I think that he would be there, I said if he is still here he will be waiting to see if we come back again but if he is not there will you let someone else join us she said lets wait and see.

We made our way to the same spot we were at the last time it was pretty quiet none around I said lets sunbathe nearer the trees for shade knowing thats where it all happened all day a few cpls came passed but no one stopped nearby Carol had stripped naked right away and thought after all this and nobody about I was till horny as anything and started to muck about kissing and feeling her tits getting her nipples all hard I caught movement out the side off my eye but could not see anyone yet I kept playing with her tits but not that sure I wanted to see if it was the same guy so I got up pretending to shake the sand off my towel.

I looked about and saw that there was two seperate guys on oposite sides off us watching I wasn't sure about this with it being two guys and would I be able to control it I think I was more randy than before I lay down again and just thought it might not ever happen again and wanted to get Carol as randy as me and see what she wanted to do I squeezed her tits and gave them a good sucking and then played with her clit she was nice and wet now so I said I think someone is watching us she seemed like she was on fire and asked me if I was going to let him cum over her tits I kept teasing her and asking if she wanted it to happen forgetting to say that there was two guys watching she said she wanted to do it and feel him shoot his load all over her I told her ok I am going to get up and take your picture again so I can see if it is him and for her to open her legs for us.

I got up and took out the camera and pretended i didn't know they were there Took a few pics from different sides so I could see who was there it was two different guys not the same as before I didn't care now I was two far gone so was carol she was masterbating like mad so I did the same standing at the side of her seeing what they would do, one off the guys to my right moved from behind the tree and was no more than 10' away and new I could see him wanking I thought this is it and smiled at him it was like saying ok come on over he was beside us in a flash he spoke to me saying how nice she looked and she was so sexy I just said yes she is when carol heard the voices she opened her eyes and saw us both standing over her made her breasts start heaving i was that busy watchin her that I forgot about the other guy who now was standing behind me to the side and wanking saying yes go on rub that pussy get it all wet for us.

I started saying the same telling her to open those legs wide we are all going to cum over those tits whe were all telling her how slutty she was and to rub her tits and pull her nipples hard carol eyes were wide open and put her knees up and started to shout yes come on shoot your cum all over me it was like the best porn movie ever then the guy to my right said I want to suck those tits and knelt down I just followed and knelt beside him he started suckking on her nipple like mad I was about to shoot when the other guy knelt right between her legs his cock was only inches from her cunt I thought he was going to fuck her right in front off me when he started to shoot his load all over her it went from her tits down to her pussy he she was covered I started to cum and shot my load over her stomach while the guyt to the right was on his knees up at her face his cock pointing at her mouth I watched Carol and could not believe it she opened her mouth for him and he just lent forward and she started to suck him He came in seconds and it was running out all over her lips.

I seemed to be in a trance and watched while he cleaned his cock on her hair and said you are one sexy lady the other guy wass now rubbing Carols pussy and saying you want all this cum inside you and was rubbing his cum into to her cunt while wanking again and knew if I didn't stop him now he would be fucking her I told him ok did you enjoy that and I think we better stop now He said are you sure why dont you ask your wife if she wants me to stop the other guy was now up on his feet and saying thanks I looked down at Carol and she was still rubbing all the cum over her tits and he said are you enjoying yourself you horny bitch and I could see carol was about to cum she was pushing her self forward he turned to me and said are you wanting to go first or second before I could answer He had pushed his cock right in and said she is a real hot one and was going to shoot his load right into her for me carol was bucking like mad and moaning to fuck her hard she never used lanquage like that before and kept repeating it he seemed to go on for ages fucking her and talking dirty I was so hard again and started to egg him on telling him to do it harder he fell farward and lay on top off her sucking her tits and said bet that will make her pregnant I completly forgot that he had not wore a condom.

He slipped out off her and you could see his cum running out he told me go on fuck her she is gagging for it I got between her legs and my cock slipped in so easy and carol let out a other mouthful to fuck her like he had done thats what you wanted all the time isnt it yes it was and came again inside her mixed with his cum I was laying there looking up and realised the guy how had just fucked my wife was about 60 and saying if we wanted to do it again tomorrow he would bring his friend as she looked like she would like it as he was a lot larger than him and he wasnt that small.

We just lay there for ages holding each other then I asked if she was alright and didn't think it would have gone so far and was sorry, Carol looked at me a said that if I wasn't bothered about what happened she wasn't it was the best sex ever and had enjoyed it so much having three guys playing with her and hopped i didn't hate her for letting it happen and would do anything I want her to do I said go out tonight like last night ye.