Written by MANCBOY

6 Dec 2007

My name is Alan and my wife is Claire. I am 40 and she is 37 and we are great friends with my mate of 30 years Kev and his wife Liz.

Kev and i have done everything together since we met at junior school. We went to the same rugby club the same gym, went to the same pubs and even went with the same women sometimes ! We were best man at each others wedding and trust each other absolutely.

Kev\'s wife Liz is 35 and a horny, blonde, sexy little size 10. She flirts terrinbly and has had hold of my cock on several occasions and i\'ve snogged her, squeezed her tits and even slipped my finger into her pussy one night at a party and Kev knows all about this.

He unfortunately, hasnt had the same luck with Claire as she is far more reserved until she gets in the bedroom when she can be really dirty. Kev has had a squeeze of her boobs and arse occasionally and she has given his cock a quick squeeze once or twice but thats it, however, i know she thinks he is fit cause she always comments on his sexy smile and they both flirt with each other.

Claire is 5ft 8, size 14, 36c and curvy, and Kev has always said how much he\'d like to fuck her, to which i\'ve always said go for it but tell me what she was like ! We would both love to swap but don\'t have the bottle to suggest it.

Kev has been doing some work at our house and i said to him, why dont you try and fuck her, so he said right i will. So each day he has been flirting more with her, and her with him, and he told me that the other day that he sqeezed her boobs from behind while she was making him a drink and he pulled her into him. She sighed when he did this and he said to her, do you know Claire i\'d love to take you to bed and she replied i\'d love to but we cant cheat on Alan and Liz. He said that she was panting and her nipples went really hard but then he let her go and carried on with the work.

Kev told me all this and said that he thought that he could fuck her by tomorrow which was tuesday and he asked me if i wanted him to go for it and i said yes...definately.

So, yesterday he came over after i\'d gone to work and started on our electrics. At lunch time Claire made him a sandwich and a drink and when he passed her the plate and cup when he\'d finished, he put his arms round her again and kissed her. She kissed him back and he lifted her on to the worktop and started to lift her top up and squeeze her tits when she jumped off and told him to get upstairs.

He said they practically ripped each others clothes off and when she went to the bathroom he rang my mobile and said just listen and then put his phone on the bedside table.

I then heard Claire come into the room and say come on then big boy fuck me so he did. I could hear him saying to her suck me off and then he would say oh yeh that\'s good suck me harder. Then i heard him tell her to get on her back as he was going to lick her and then fuck her and i could hear her panting and moaning as he licked her and then scream as he slammed his cock into her.

He was telling her how wet and hot she was and she was begging him to fuck her harder and when he did she screamed. She told him to spunk up her and as he was coming i heard him say to her wank your clit and come and she obviously did and yelled when she orgasmed.

It all went quiet then and i ran to the toilet at work and wanked, and within 10 seconds i had shot my come all over the floor.

When he came out of our house later, he rang me back and asked if i had heard it all, i said yes...all of it and he asked me how i felt and i told him fuckin fabulous and i\'m going to fuck her brains out tonight when i get in and thanked him.

Claire didnt say a word about it when i got home, but boy did she get it last night. He is there again today, so who knows, he might be fucking her again !

I spoke to him earlier and he wants to hatch a plan for me to fuck Liz now and i cant wait.

It is the most horny thing in the world to have someone fuck your wife and i cant wait to try and fuck Liz. Guys if you ever get the chance of getting your wife fucked by someone...go for it.