Written by Carl

9 Jun 2017

Ive always been a bit bi curious, im married but ive a had a wank or 2 watching bi or gay porn.

But ive never had the bottle to do anything about it until last week , i was in Norwich attending a health & safety course.

The course was a early start so i got to the hotel early evening , i got to my room to chill and freshen up.

I have been to Norwich many times so i decided to take a walk and have a steak meal , a bit "billy no mates" but im not a stay in my room man.

The meal was great , on my walk back I decided to have a quick drink in a pub, i ordered a pint then sat down to catch up with emails and work stuff on my mobile , i was looking around the bar , lots of people i saw a group at the bar a oldish guy looked at me , i thought it was a one off but no we looked at each other a few times, i must admit i didnt know what to do , but he made my mind up , he left the group to go to the gents , as he walked past my table he smiled , i thought "go for it" i followed him to the gents , he was by the urinal i joined in the next urinal , there was that stoney silence , the corner of my eye he was gently wanking his cock , i was getting hard, he looked down at my hard cock , he turned to show his impressive hard uncut cock , i asked could i touch it , it was thick with a big bellend , it was throbbing, i wanked him , he pulled my hand away and bent his head taking my cock in his warm mouth , i was in heaven .

I had to stop him saying , it wasnt a safe place but i was staying in a hotel nearby.

He said he was with friends i said i will be leaving soon , if we are to carry this fun on i have a room , he left and i followed , i sat back down and a few swigs later i got up and left .

I walked past my new friend and out the door, on my walk to the hotel i was thinking the only action i will get tonight will be from my wrist.

Then i heard someone run up behind me it was my new friend ( Frank ) he said , this better be worth it .

I got to the hotel , into the lift and into my room , i told Frank this was my first experience and i was keen but nervous, i said i need a drink from the mini bar , a large whiskey on the rocks was just the ticket , we undressed and our hands went for our cocks , Frank knelt on the floor , he cuped my balls and licked my shaft then took my bellend into his mouth , then inch by inch he sucked me off , my eyes were closed i was loving it , i told him im ready to shoot he carried on sucking , then i spunked into his mouth, he looked up at me showing me my spunk in his mouth before swallowing , he said its my turn get on your knees , i was thinking what he had done , and memories of bi porn i had watched , i sucked him slowly , he had his hand on the back of my head, coaxing my mouth onto his cock, to told me to spit on his cock, i was loving it after a bit more intense sucking he said he was going to pop, he said he wanted to cum on my face, 2 thrusts later the first spurt hit my nose the second my lips , i took his spent cock in my mouth.

We lay there catching our breath , i looked at Frank , he said did you enjoy that , i said yes but i felt dirty, i wanted it and ive done it but i was confused.

He asked me to fuck him , i said maybe next time , going a bit fast for me .

He asked could he have a shower , then i jumped in , washing my body i got a hard on , i was drying myself , Frank saw my errection he came into the bathroom , told me to sit on the toilet , he said he wanted me in his mouth , before i could think he was deep throating my cock , telling me to mouth fuck him, it wasnt long before i fed Frank my second load, he drained my balls finishing with a kiss on my bellend.

Frank got dressed and left , i didnt get much sleep that night I yawned my way through the course, my head was spinning over the night before, i was bi curious but hand on heart i am confused , my wife will never know , i am pleased i had my first bi experiance , oral was ok , how about fucking or being fucked its intriguing....... who knows its a big maybe , watch this space .....