Written by Bithroat69

13 Jun 2014

i was flying back from the USA into manchester - night flight . i was at the back next to 2 men a black man and his mate Jim who was white .

we had our meals and i had a lot of drinks from the trolly dollies - i was talking to the 2 men the black mans name was charlie , the flight wasnt very packed there was lots of empty seat . there was only one steward at the back.

anyway the drinks were flowing and i asked jim could i borrow his magazine i thought it was a lads mag like FHM - or loaded but when i opened it , it was a gay mag and inside was a hard - core gay male 2 male fucking mag , i looked thru the pages and stopped to a section where a black guy was fucking a white guy there was loads of oral and they both ended fucking each other and wanking their loads over each other .

now ive got a girlfriend and i know i am not gay but i had a tingle and i was getting a fuckin hard on .

i gave the mag back , and in my embarisment i didnt say a word - anyway i need to get some shut eye so i closed my eyes for about an hour or so , the lights were out in the plane anyway i woke up and i heard gentle moaning when i looked over to the lads jim was sucking charlies big black cock - his cock was about 8 inches long and thick and jim was loving it - my cock was hard watching the action - jim stopped sucking and moved positions so charlie was in the middle of us .

charlie told me to wank his cock , i said i had never done anything like this before , he put his hand on mine and placed it on his hard cock i started wanking it - jim then put his mouth on the bellend and i wanked it into his mouth , this went on for about 10 mins or so , then charlie said he wanted to see my cock i pulled my blanket down and up went my 7 incher and in a heart beat charlie started sucking me off and i felt brilliant - and i cum into charlies mouth and he swallowed the lot .

then charlie told me to suck him i didnt know what i was to do i put my mouth around the bell end and slowly sucked it up and down - he started thrusting as if he was fucking my mouth - jim started licking his balls it was sexy but mad .

just as we were getting into the swing of things we were interupted so things stopped - jim got up to go to the toilet and he was talking to the steward , i gave it about 5 mins or so then i wanted to go the bog - the lights were still out and the plane was quiet i went thru the curtain and jim was talking to the steward he called me over and said stand by the curtain and tell me if anyone comes down , so i stood there and the flight was quiet i popped my head thru the curtain and the steward was sucking jim off as if he was a man possessed , then charlie passed by me to see what was going on .

i stayed on watch when i had another look jim was fucking the steward while he was sucking charlies cock - then they changed positions and charlie was fucking the steward good and hard and he was loving it.

anyway a few mins later charlie said get in there i will keep watch - the steward was still sucking jim i got my cock out and the steward started sucking me off , jim also got on his knees and had a suck .

then i was forced to me knees and i sucked both their cocks , jim without any waning came in my mouth which i swallowed and the steward wanked into my face .

i cleaned up my face and the steward said he wanted me to fuck him he gave me a condom and without any problem i was fucking this man and he was loving it , jim was replaced by charlie who took great pleasure to fuck his throat - this was to much for me i pull out pulled the condom off and wanked on to his back - charlie finished off cumming on his face and mouth .

We all cleaned up and went back to our seats , i felt guilty but satisfied.

an hour before the flight was to land jim and charlie were still gagging 4 more but that is another story , we exchanged phone numbers and they have invited me over to manchester next week ...........but that's another story