Written by Just a visitor

11 Nov 2007

This is a short story but it's true.

A few weeks ago I had a business trip to Amsterdam and had a couple of hours free just after lunch one day. I wandered over to Drake's on Damrak, bought a ticket and went upstairs to the booths. Lots of them have very nicely made gloryholes in them and I found one with a chap wanking in the next booth.

I knelt down and indicated that I wanted to suck his cock. He gently brought it forward and I began to suck his cock and lick his bell-end. It didn't take long - maybe just two minutes - before he came. He pulled his cock away and wanked his cum onto my tongue.

There were about five healthy sized shots of nice, thick white cum. I closed my mouth and made sure I tasted his sperm before I started work cleaning his cock, making sure not to leave any of his delicious jism under his foreskin.

He pulled up his trousers and made his departure and I waited a few minutes before leaving as well. I could taste his sperm all the rest of the afternoon. It was fantastic and I can't wait until I next visit Drake's again. I'm not sure if it's worth popping over for a weekend but if it is then I'd love to spend a few hours there and suck even more cocks.