Written by Jonniespunk

19 May 2018

Sunday is just another day in Bi-school, Pete is due any minute and the house mate and her guest have barely seen the light of day. It’s a blue-skied, bright day and you can guarantee that any other sunny Sunday she’d have been out to brunch by now. It’s just how we run in these solidly middle-class enclaves. It’s Sod’s law… this time quite literally, since it was the sodomy that was bothering me. How to keep the bare back arse battering I’d promised Pete quiet. I want him to experience it, because I want him to find out if he gets pleasure from it. I also want to feel him cum from the inside, that pulsing grip - and I want to pump my load into him. That’s our animal nature emerging from under layers of socialisation I suppose. Men want to leave their mark.

I whisk Pete up to the bedroom, pull him towards me giving him a full-on snog, pressing his body to me and feeling his firm sportsman’s arse. I’m close enough to know he’s got an instant stiffy and I’m so ready for it that under different circumstances I might have just tugged off his sports bottoms and pants, lubed him up and shagged him like some horny Bonobo. Instead, I sit him down and sit opposite stroking his thighs and feeling his packet. He knows the circumstances aren’t ideal, but after the briefest conversation we’ve decided there’s no point in waiting until the house is empty. Nobody is likely to burst in through the bedroom door.

Soon we’re standing up and snogging deeply, and I feel like can’t get my tongue in far enough. He’s starts to undress me pretty quickly paying attention to my nipples, stroking and tonguing them, which is the on button as far as I’m concerned. He yanks my pants down to the floor and straight away eagerly goes down on my cock. He’s taking it all into his mouth and then licking up and down the shaft and getting right in on my bollocks. He seems greedy for cock today. He’s come a long way in a short time and I bet just five or six months ago he could never have imagined he’d ever feel like that.

It’s so good I almost want to keep him there, unload in his mouth than have a long spunky kiss before returning the favour. But I’ve still got the idea that I might give him a headboard banging fucking on my mind, so I don’t want to unleash the white stuff yet.

Pete’s got his back to the window, so I pull down the blind a little. We could be seen from the street behind. Indeed, I often see a young man in the bedroom opposite dress first thing in the morning and I’ve seen him staring over in my direction, so I think he’s looked out for me butt naked before. A part of me would love him to be watching. Aren’t most of us voyeurs in that respect? Wouldn’t most of us be turned on by seeing sexual activity whoever’s engaging in it? I like the idea that young chap with the hairy chest I see some mornings is having spot of pull and tug over the sight of Pete’s arse or him blowing me.

I push Pete into a prone position on the bed and attempt to get to behind his bollocks with my tongue. His legs are too close together, so I open them wide and just look for a while at his smooth shaved balls heavy balls with his cock standing upright, hard against his belly. Kneeling between his thighs I run my hands through his pubes. The hair feels thick and coarse and I wonder what he’d be like with a full bush. I stroke his balls and perineum with my thumbs as getting right into the hinge of his legs. As I’m doing this I swoop down onto his cock teasing and licking before sucking it full length and pushing it into the back of my throat. I lick up and down his shaft continuing to massage his balls and looking up as his face he’s looking down at me working on his joy stick and I direct my tongue over his belly, up to his chest before a brief flurry over his nipples and then swiftly heading south again. He looks like he might be on the edge of cumming, his thighs are tense, his balls are high and tight and he’s producing a stream of precum. I slacken the pace and the stimulation a bit and his thighs relax holding off his orgasm.

There’s a noise on the landing and the bathroom door opening and closing. The girls are up and about. Looks like no ass-fucking today with them just beyond the door! Instead I manoeuvre Pete into a scissor position. I want to feel his balls against my balls. I’m pressing tightly against them and taking advantage of the precum to delicately wank his slippery dick between my thumb and forefinger. At the same time, he’s got my hard-on in his fist rhythmically pulling my foreskin back and forth. I watch intently as a huge drop of clear thick liquid oozes out of my dick making my glans glisten. I pick up the pace on his tool and go to more of a loose grip. I’m pressing my arse and balls right against his and I can feel the heat of his buttocks.

This brings back great memories of the first time I did this. On that occasion we had double ended butt-plugs in and the guys boyfriend put a soft vibrating rubber cock ring over our shafts pulling them together as he attempted a double blow job. He was also giving a lot of attention to my tits and I was moaning and gasping because the input was so intense. Just as I’m thinking this Pete says quietly, “I’m cumming,” and then it hits: a volcano of spunk, spurt after spurt. Spunk everywhere, on my hand, on my cock, running onto my balls. Pete’s keeps wanking me and I take some of the flood on my hand tasting it greedily and then licking off the drops on my moustache. Pete’s balls have slackened, and I can feel each delicious plum rubbing against my tight scrotum. I was thinking I wish I’d taken his load over me, in my face, or running down my arse crack and over my fuck hole. I just want to be covered in jiz and I want to spunk all over him. As I go over edge the first spurt hit’s me on the side of my face. It’s not as heavy as Pete’s load (he doesn’t wank so much as me!), then my tits get a splatter and then it’s running down my shaft.

Okay, so we didn’t achieve the earth shattering fuck, but it was intense and very satisfying. I’d like to work on edging with fingers and tongues with Pete just to see how much he spurts when he’s made to wait to cum. It was a delight to see him so eager and hungry for cock. He definitely deserves his ‘O’ levels now. Onwards to ‘A’ levels soon.