Written by Daftrucker

2 May 2018

Having seen my wife Ann out dogging and playing without my knowledge, and me having done almost the same with bi and gay guys, I didn’t sleep well as I was in total confusion over how to proceed, do I tell Ann that I saw her? Do I wait and see if she tells me?. After a long night and an even longer day I chose the latter, but decided I’d drop a few hints.

Having dropped the truck off I was about to call Ann and give her an ETA of me getting home, but decided not to as I was curious as to what she would be doing. So I drove home but parked out on the road and not in our driveway, her car was in the drive so I quietly walked in and put my bags down but didn’t call out. Eventually I found Ann in the study, she sat in front of her pc, unaware of my presence completely nude and obviously playing with some guy on webcam, again I stayed quiet, partially hidden but with a view of what she was doing, she was playing with herself with a dildo and watching a guy on her screen who was wanking a rather impressive cock.. I watched for a few moments then quietly slid off downstairs again, my devil side got the better of me at this point so I opened the front door quietly, then shouted “ hiya hunny I’m home” and shut the door noisily.. no reply, so I shouted her name and asked if she was home, she called back saying put the kettle on pls I’m just getting in the shower.. I smiled knowing I’d caught her and she was unaware yet again. After ten or so minutes she appeared dressed in jeans and sweater etc and sat down to have her coffee as if nothing had happened.

How’s things I asked, anything exciting happened while I’ve been away? No was the reply, how was your week? Was her question.

Well I said, I had an interesting evening last evening, I was parked in a dogging area with the truck, and watched a woman meet up with and fuck a guy, get covered in cum by some others then leave.. not a flicker on her face.

Did you go out and watch them she asked? No love I said I sat in my cab having a wank and watching.

(Now Ann has known since we first started dating that I am Bi, she knows I play while away from home but it’s never discussed. It’s always been an agreement between us that it’s always safe if I’m being fucked and that I never fuck others, it works for us but maybe not for everyone. )

Were you playing at the dogging area? Asked Ann.

I hadn’t planned on it Hun but after watching the woman playing I was really horny, so I basically repeated her show but with guys, and at this point Ann started laughing.. what’s funny I asked?

You sat in your cab watching a woman get fucked and covered in cum, then you basically pretended you were the woman and repeated it? Yes was my answer is that ok or is it an issue? Again she laughed and simply said “ are you not going to ask me anything?” I shook my head and played dumb.. no Hun I’ve no questions that I can think of.

Any plans for the weekend as the kids ain’t home till Sunday night? Yes she replied “I’m going out with friends for a drink tomorrow evening but I won’t be late Home, then maybe we can have an early night and some great sex if you want” ok I said and went for a shower.

Standing soaking in the shower I started playing with my cock as I relived watching Ann last night and again at her computer. Why hasn’t she told me I was wondering, I was awakened from my trance like state by Ann joining me in the shower, she dropped to her knees and immediately went to work sucking my hard cock, after a while she could sence I was getting close to cumming, she stood up and turned around and bent forward so I could fuck her from behind, as I slowly entered her pussy, she started talking to me, “ so did you enjoy the show you were watching last night? Was the woman hot and sexy ?? Did you want to join in? What were you thinking as you watched? And finally she asked did you get a clear view of the woman?

Still pounding her pussy I replied” I loved the show, especially watching as she was fucked over the bonnet of her own car, and then watching as she allowed several guys to simply wank off and cum all over her.. and as I watched and wanked myself in the cab I was wondering if you would ever do something like that? Would you cheat on me? Would you enjoy the attention of all those guys? How would I feel if you did? With one final thrust and a grunt I shot my load deep in Ann, when we were finished she cleaned herself in the shower as I got dressed and that night it was never mentioned again.. not a single word. But the following night Ann went out for a drink with friends and I stayed home expecting her home early.. she was late Home and that’s when our lives changed forever..