Written by may

30 Jan 2009

One of my best friends Liz was with a guy called Bill for about 15 years. They moved into the street where I lived about 20 years ago and although Liz and I got on I was never very keen on him. He worked at a large plant and did a lot of shift work, usually when he was on back shift I would keep her company have a few drinks, watch a video or just talk. As time went on Liz started to confide in me and I confided in her about our sexual lives. I have allways had a full sexual life and Liz said there were things Bill wanted her to do she was never comfortable with and obviously asked my advice, I have allways said if you are both comfortable anything goes. He was constantly bringing home very very young guys or girls (his sons friends) and from what I could gather wanted to incorporate them in their sex lives and although they were 16 or over Liz had been saying no.

One night we had been watching a video when Liz fell asleep I went to the toilet before I left when I heard Bill come in with someone. I was about to creep out when I heard him say go on pull her skirt up and feel her. Bill was standing by Liz and a young boy was pulling her skirt up he then pulled her knickers down to her knees and obviously was touching her. Bill was siting in a chair stroking himself watching. I opened the door the boy saw me and shot out the room and out the house. Bill calmely looked at me and said what was my problem Liz enjoys young boys fingering her as he carried on rubbing his cock he then left and went upstairs obviously to have a wank all he was fit for. Liz suddenly stood up unfastened her skirt dropped her knickers and said May would you like to lick my pussy. I was dumbfounded Liz new I liked bi we had discussed it she never said she did. I walked to her took her in my arms gave her a long lingering kiss, I put my hand between her legs and started to finger her until I got her nice and wet then slowly fingered fucked her till she had an orgasm.Liz helped me to remove my clothes and we lay on the floor caressing each other, I then opened her legs and started to lick her her juices were flowing she came again. She pushed me onto my back said tell me if I am doing this right and started to stroke my pussy and then her tongue started to lick me for a fisrt time she was doing a good job my juices were flowing and I had a shuddering orgasm. We lay kissing and caressing each other she said I never knew two women could be so good together. I felt her hands wander over my body and let her do what she wanted we got into a 69 position just sucking and fingering each others fannys. Now I have to do something she said and she stood up went up to their bedroom and I heard her say to Bill I have just had multiple orgasms something you could never achieve my pussy has been well sucked and fingered fucked the best night of sex I have had for a long time.

The next day I saw Bill leave and I went to see Liz asked was she allright, best move I have made in 15 years was her reply and now before my kids come home from school what about another session. So we had an afternoons indulgance of sucking each others pussy.

Liz is still my friend although we now live in a different area she has been with her present partner for about 5 years now he, yes she did not go the full lesbian route as she still liked cock, is very understanding about her bi side as long as she tells him about her little adventures. As for Bill I saw him about a year ago at a swingers club I saw him learing at me but I made sure he was never in any of the rooms I visited.