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Birthday surprise

"a long story, sit back with a nice glass of wine....."

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So, what would you like for your birthday?

A fair enough question. I’m sure that being 65 is no longer a ‘special’ birthday. I told the Mrs that I would think about it and let her know. There was still a few weeks to go before my birthday and I was sure that I would come up with a book or a record that I’d like.

A couple of days later I was musing over a possible pressie while sitting on a train into town. Although not too crowded I was sitting in an area with 3 seats facing each other. My thoughts were disrupted by a woman looking to sit opposite me. She had clearly been enjoying a day of shopping as she tried to manoeuvre herself into the empty seats opposite whilst at the same time putting bags on chairs and between her legs. As I apologised for my long legs making it difficult for her I couldn’t help but notice that she was very striking, perhaps in her 50s or 60s with a lovely figure. I also couldn’t help but notice that she was wearing stockings as her legs stretched across the bags by her feet. Now that was an unexpected and thrilling glimpse. As she settled down my thoughts started to turn again to birthday pressie, but this time with my gaze drifting now and then to the stocking tops of the woman opposite. I hadn’t realised that I must have been staring a bit too obviously as she shifted her position and smiled at me. I’m sure I blushed, even at my age. I apologised and explained I was rather lost in thought, “away with the fairies”. She told me not to worry and then made a more extravagant move to cross her legs and flash even more of her stocking tops and a swift glimpse of panties. Now she had me. Where else was I going to look. She moved her legs again and sat with them ever so slightly apart. She certainly knew how to tease. I could see a lovely smile on her face as she parted her legs a little wider. My cock was certainly beginning to stir in my jeans when she moved again, but this time to get off the train. Another flash as she got up, another smile and a farewell with “have a good day”.  Frustrating, but it did give me an idea for a birthday pressie.

As we hit our older years my wife’s sex drive had decreased. When we did have sex it was enjoyable but not as exciting. It was rare to have full intercourse, with enjoyment being mainly limited to mutual oral sex and masturbation. Perhaps I should take a chance with my birthday pressie? So while on the train I sent a text to the Mrs – “birthday pressie – how about suspenders, stockings, silk panties, low cut bra, shaved pussy and a wicked smile?” It was sent with little by way of expectation and I followed it up almost immediately with the titles of a couple of books I fancied. I thought I’d get an instant response and it was only later in the day when I got a non-committal ‘ok’ in return. Oh well, worth a try.

Come the day of my birthday... a bit like any other day except a cuppa in bed. We'd arranged to meet up with some friends for a spot of lunch and a couple of beers. The Mrs decided she was going to make the effort to dress up a bit for lunch. Unexpected, but I did dream a little that maybe she had got herself some sexy lingerie by way of a birthday treat for me. I then got a call from the bedroom, "you need to get dressed up as well". I hadn't planned much more than a fresh shirt and a splash of cologne. I got upstairs and laid out on the bed was the suspender belt, stockings and silky panties. Wow! Maybe the text worked after all. I was already getting hard at thinking of the Mrs wearing the sexy set. "C'mon then, get dressed". I was a little confused, what? The Mrs then told me that my text had been very clear. In response to the question of what I wanted for my birthday, she had bought me suspenders, stockings and silk panties. And she now expected me to be wearing them when meeting our friends for lunch. Well, I could hardly say no and I had secretly been wearing lingerie, so why not go for it. My jeans, underwear and socks were off in a flash. The Mrs said she would help me get ready. She helped hook the suspender belt for me and I pulled the stockings up my legs. "you put them on pretty quickly, have you had practice?". Fortunately, no chance to answer as she knelt to the floor with panties in her hand so that I could step into them. Her face was staring into my cock which was by now moving from semi to full erection. "Now, now tiger, save it for later. I still need to get you into these panties and a stiff cock doesn't help". As she pulled the panties up my legs she moved her mouth across the head of my cock just taking it between her lips and slowly sucked and with her tongue circling the head of my already wet cock.

I was full of questions for her about dressing in lingerie but we were off to meet our friends. I could feel the lingerie rubbing nicely along my legs, cock and bum underneath my jeans as we made our way out. Lunch was great but I really wanted to get back home to let my wife fully enjoy the present she'd bought me. Our friends left before us as they had a train to catch. We sat and finished up our drinks. The Mrs mentioned that she'd noticed my cock twitching in my jeans during lunch and that she hoped that the present was being enjoyed. We moved closer together so she could feel the suspenders underneath my jeans. She took my hand and moved it to the top of her thighs. I could tell that she too was wearing stockings. Fantastic. She told me that she had been feeling horny ever since getting the lingerie ready for me to wear. Before leaving she said a quick trip to the ladies was needed as she needed to freshen up. "you may get a stiffy but my fanny has been feeling wet for the last hour thinking of us fucking in our stockings!" Not for the first time, I was kind of lost for words. As she moved from behind the table to get up, she raised her leg to let me see that her white cotton panties had a damp patch and that the lips of her pussy were becoming quite clear behind the cotton. She was a little longer than I expected and I was keen to go when she came back. I asked what kept her. "I needed to have a quick stroke of my fanny before coming back". When telling me this she grabbed my hands leaving her damp panties in the palms of my hands.

It was only a short walk home, only hampered by my cock slipping out of the panties I was wearing. I was ready to fuck as soon as we got in but the Mrs had other plans. She led me upstairs to the bedroom and told me to strip to my panties and stockings. I was then to lay on the bed and not touch myself. My cock was bursting out the top of the panties and I was desperate to be fucked. But was going to do as I was told, The Mrs had the upper hand and I wasn't about to argue. She stood by the side of her bed and slowly unbuttoned her top. She has large breasts and they looked fantastic in the low cut bra she was wearing. It was the same set as the panties I was wearing. I could see the brown ring above her nipples above the bra line. "do you want to see my nipples, they're so hard?" She lifted her breasts from the bra. She then rubbed her hands across them and squeezed her hard nipples. Her hands then moved down her body to push her skirt to the ground. The stockings looked fantastic reaching up to the lovely bare flesh at the top of her thighs. I knew she didn't have panties on but I wasn't fully prepared for such a smooth freshly shaved pussy. The lips of her pussy just waiting to be licked. "No, I told you not to move". The Mrs was very clear. No moving. She let her fingers trail across her belly towards her pussy. "mmmmmm it's so nice to feel my fanny nice, smooth and wet. I should do this more often." She moved to the side and opened the bedside drawer. Another surprise. She had a lovely 7" lilac vibrator (where had she got that from?) that she turned on and let it move across the lips of her pussy. I could see how turned on she was as her breathing got quicker and she started to moan. She told me to move across the bed as she laid down with her legs off the side of the bed, facing directly to a full length mirror. She opened her legs and slowly inserted the vibrator in to her pussy. I could hear the sound of the vibrator changing as she stroked it in and out. She started to moan "fuck me hard, fuck my fanny with your big cock". Well, I knew she didn't mean me. I wonder who she was thinking of? Maybe I'll ask another time. Her hips were moving to the throb of the vibrator, I could see she was about to cum. "of fuck, oh fuck, now,,,,,,". Her nipples were so hard and I pinched them gently helping her to finally orgasm.

Must be my turn now, I thought as she turned towards me. "Time to get those lovely silky panties off you - look, you've made them damp with precum, I'll have to lick that off". She moved her head to my panties and licked my cock through the silky material. I so needed her to straddle me. As she stood up she again moved to the bedside cabinet and produced some lube. She was so wet she definitely didn't need it. Then she told me to turn around on all fours. What? I heard her tell me "you're wearing stockings and panties like a girl, now you're going to be fucked like a girl". I heard the vibrator being switched back on and lube beginning to run along the cheeks of my bum. She wasn't was she? we'd never done anything like this before. I felt the tip of the vibrator moving closer and closer to my hole. More lube, more pressure then I could feel it slip inside. Just a little bit, but the vibrations making my cock jerk even more. My wife moved forward and whispered "I'm going to fuck your arse now, If you're a good girl and don't come I might let you do the same to me". It was just a few moments of being fucked but it felt great - to my surprise. Even more surprising was ensuring that I didn't cum with every thrust of the vibrator.

"On your back" an order, not a request. My wife straddled my cock and let it ease inside her smooth wet pussy. I reached up to feel her lovely large breasts and hard nipples. No teasing, she went straight for it riding me hard, determined to make me cum within seconds. I couldn't hold back and pumped my spunk inside her, groaning as I did. My wife also let out a gasp and I could feel her juice and my spunk running from her thighs o to mine. There was still that smooth inviting pussy to explore so I asked whether she would like me to use my tongue to clean her up. There was a moment hesitation, "yes, but you may not want to as I think I may have had a small wee when I orgasmed just now". That just gave me even more incentive as I moved my head between her legs, smooth pussy, spunk and her pussy juices. After a few minutes of tasting my own spunk I laid beside her. "kiss me" she said, I want to taste your spunk and my fanny juice".

Exhausted we stared to doze. I didn't get to fuck her from behind, maybe another time? Happy Birthday to me :)

Written by howard54

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