12 Apr 2017

I used to work in Holland and used the red light district at least twice a week. On this day I never had so much time so thought I would give a cinema a go and maybe have a wank in the toilets afterwards (yes I know now lol ) I went into a sex shop that advertised a cinema and was asked was I str8 or gay, so I said maybe bi, the girl laughed and said good choice as the Str8 room was empty and sent me into a room that was totally dark except the screen which was showing 3 guys and a girl in a sauna, I stood by the door while my eyes adjusted to the darkness and watched the show.

When I could focus I noticed 2 guys at the front row wanking each other and a 3rd guy on his own at the back with his cock out, he gestured for me to sit next to him which I did, I was extremely nervous, he lent over and rubbed my cock through my trousers then unzipped me, I was rock hard by now, he immediately started to suck my cock, he was sighing loudly as he sucked which attracted the attention of the other guys who stood up to watch me being sucked, I stood up and started to face fuck this guy and one of the other guys dropped to his knees and started to suck his mate, I could not hold on any longer and cum deep into his mouth, he gagged slightly but swallowed every drop as he was licking my tip clean I watched the other guy tense up and with a loud moan pulled his cock out and wank to fill his mates mouth. At this point, I said Thank you and he replied in English your welcome mate, he was also English and it was his first cock in months.

I alternated between the window girls at 25-30 guilders and the cinema at 5 guilders.