Written by Mik

6 Jun 2009

My wife is a very sexy 40 year old woman, we have swung in the past, an she has had a few one night stands, and she does have a weakness for younger black guys. She used to do some part time modelling when sh was younger, now she is a size ten with a firm,fit figure and lovely fiorm 36d tits and a smooth, waxed cunt.

A year ago some new neighbours moved in, Sue and Issac; Sue is 28 white slim, petite and Issac 30 and 6'3" very fit athletic black guy. we get on well with them, they have a 2year old child and are a lovely couple. My wife Tracy has often said that Issac is sex on legs.

Anyway two weeks ago Sue went to stay with her family forthe week, in Derby and Issac was left alone. On the first day, the Friday, I suggested he came round for a drink in the evening. It was a warm evening Tracy had a short summer dress on and nothing underneath, and when Issac turned up he had sandles, shorts and a summer vest showing off a very Linford Christie type body. Tracy almost came on the spot when she saw him come through the back gate, just saying wow!!

We sat and drank, and when Tracyh went to the loo, I said you knowshe fancies the pants off you? he said she is a very sexy lady too; I said well try you luck I dont mind in fact I would find it a turn on; he double checked I was serious. When Tracy came back I said I needed to make a phone call and said Tracy Issac fancies you too.

I made sure I left them alone in the sitting room for about ten minutes, and when I went back in Issac was french kissing Tracy, her titsout being groped by his big black hands, as i watched he slid his hmd up her skirt and started to finger her, she was clearly close to cumming and soon did. then he pushed her dress up and knelt between herlegs and gave her oralsex she was moaning ad gtting very loud she came about four times for him, then he stood up took his vest off and lowerede hisshorts and exposed a very hard, very thick and massive cock I have never seen anything loike it other than on some specialist porn sites, Tracy eyes were so wide she just said OMG and that is the sexiest thing I have ever seen. and then began to try to get it down her throat, she does deep throat very well. She workjed harda nd managed to get halkf down and he then started to fuck her fce and held he hairas he did so, telling her thay she was a sexy white bitch anmd a slut and to take it all. After awhile he pulled out and pushed her on her back onto the floor, and her legs pulled up around his shoulders and then enetered her and started to fuck her hard after a few thrusts he was inside her all his lngth and he fuckd her like a piston engine. She was creaming so loud I amsure the entire street heard, she was shouting fuck me fuckme harder you bastard; he fucked her for about twenty minutes until I saw his arse tense and h emptied himself inside her; he pulled out and Tracy licked him clean. She said lets go to bed, ad they went to our bedroom and he was hard again and had her doggy fingering her arse one, two three fingers and then his hand up to his fistinside her arse as he fucked her cunt, then as her arse hole was wide and open he pulled his cok out of her cunt and started to enter her arse she said no it is too big and he said shut the fuck up slag and he was soon inside she was screaming with pain the into pleasure; she soon started saying please fuck my arse har. He took altrnate strokes in her arse and cunt before cumming in her arse. They rested for a while and Issac said is it ok to spend the night with thebitch mate, and I agreed and went to the sare room, listening to another two hours of fucking next door, in the moorning he had her again.

We all agreed that she couldstay at hios house for the week and he could fuck her every day. She measured his cock and it was just under 14"; and he is very highly sexed needing fucking two or three times a day, Tracy is the same.

When Sue came back last Saturday Issace has managed to get to fuck Tracy m,ost days and seems that this will be how it is, Sue has no idea; but Tracy cannot get enough