31 Aug 2018

So, as I said in Part 1 I’ve been chatting to this gorgeous woman who has a fantasy that she wants me to help her fulfil, so here I am having walked through an unlocked front door, climbed the stairs, opened the internal door and then found exactly what she promised this gorgeous naked woman. (Not someone telling me “what the fuck you doing in my house”)

Right in front of me, there she was standing, well I could see the back of her. Legs slightly apart, hands pressed against the wall and head turned slightly with her dark hair in a ponytail, ruffled because of the blindfold she was wearing. Bit of a mind blowing scene, almost took my breath away at how good she looked. She was naked apart from the black stockings and heels. Her body was amazing, slim, pert bum, much better in the flesh than pictures, it just got better and better, mentally in my head high fives everywhere.

I was now feeling very overdressed in jeans and a hoodie (meet all last minute) but I needed to introduced myself. Walking over to her I kissed her on her shoulders, over her neck, with my hands lightly brushing over her back and bum. Hearing her breath increase with that first small kiss, I can only imagine what her thoughts had been as she had waited for me to arrive, then hear someone come in the front door and climb the stairs and then know that someone was looking at her naked in her house. I’m sure she was hoping it was not a random forgotten delivery!

I then stepped back again to drink in this view. Not a word had been said and her hands had not moved from the wall just a lot of breathing. Now this is obviously my recalection of the events that I was clearly enjoying. Her breathing, told me that so was she. She moved her hands up together by her head still against the wall and I kissed her lips before kissing her cheek neck and then down her back chasing her freckles down to her bottom kissing her cheeks. On my knees I slid my hand between her legs to feel her lips and slide a finger between them. She was definitely enjoying this experience. As we were in the hall she now had to put both hands out on the walls either side of her to keep balance.

I stood up and guided her around. With my hands on her bum holding her close we kissed, hard and urgent, small moans from her when our lips parted. I moved down to kiss her round breasts and hard nipples, licking and sucking them both in turn before going back for some more passionate kissing which I loved and she clearly did too. My hand moved from her bum, round her hips and between her legs whilst we kissed. When I slide in a finger into her wet pussy, she gasped, clung to me and then kissed harder. Her pussy was so smooth and clean shaven (guessing she kept it that way all the time given the surprise of this meet). Clearly we needed to get into the bedroom.

Now what followed probably wasn’t the sexiest moment ever and viewed from above probably was quite comical as I then attempted to guide a blindfolded women in high heels through a door, over the bedroom to the bed and finally onto it. Graceful not (any ladies care to allow me further practice in the dark art get in touch!).

Still not a word between us, I’m breathing as heavy as she is now and thinking I’ve died and gone to heaven.