Written by Jshy1

29 Jan 2014

Lying on the bed in the hotel room listening for the door handle to turn was amazing. Knowing that in a few moments someone would walk in and find me lying on the bed, dressed in a black lacy corset, g string, stocking and suspenders. Blindfolded too.

I could hear footsteps in the hallway as my heart started to beat a little faster. The door handled turned and then the door clicked to. I couldn’t hear a thing and I certainly couldn’t see anything. My mind raced as I wondered what this stranger might do to me.

The first thing I felt was a gentle kiss on the corner of my mouth, hands running over my lacy corset then tiny kisses on the inside of my thigh. This made me skin tingle all over. He sat astride me and kissed me hard on the mouth as his hands found my breasts. Fingers wandering everywhere and then pulling me up onto my knees.

I kissed his stomach and worked my way down, finding his hard cock and taking it into my mouth. I moved slowly, guiding it in and out. Licking the tip as I went. That was when I heard him groan and his hands found the back of my head. We carried on like this for a short while before he stopped me and pulled me up onto my knees, kissing me again.

Slowly he removed the blindfold and let me look at him. Tall, dark and handsome with slightly wild look in his eye. I could tell he wanted me and I wanted him too. ‘So I hear you like the idea of people watching,’ he whispered in my ear, as he glanced towards the laptop and webcam set up on the side.

The idea of so many people watching our every move was such a turn on.

He lay me back down on the bed kissing my neck and breasts as he worked his way down, removing my underwear as he went. My body ached for his tongue to find me as I grew wetter and wetter. When it eventually did it felt amazing and I lay back enjoying the feeling as I watched the number of people watching increase on the screen. Reading the comments people made as his fingers slowly slipped inside me. We went on like this for a short while and then it was my turn. Taking his hard cock in my mouth again as he watched, knowing all the time that this was turning on other people as they watched.

Eventually it was just too much and I knew I had to have him inside me. He turned me over onto my stomach and pushed in from behind. Moving slowly at first them harder and faster. Tipping me over the edge as I came hard. We fucked and watched as the numbers rose over 100. Such a trill to know that so many people were enjoying our show.