Written by aelfric

24 Jul 2010

It was our anniversary and decided to treat ourselves to a long weekend in Blackpool.

I’m nearing 60 and my wife is 53.

Browsing through the list of hotels, I booked one doing a special weekend offer with breakfast and evening meal.

We were given a very warm welcome on our arrival from a well endowed young lady.

After a shower and evening meal, we went to see a show on the North Pier.

Arriving back at the hotel, we decided to have a night cap in the bar.

We couldn’t believe our eyes; all the females were in sexy, sexy lingerie.

The female who had welcomed us into the hotel, spotted us and came bouncing over and ushered us into the company.

After being introduced to everyone, she said, “come and see the rooms.”

It suddenly dawned on her, and us, that we were unaware that this was no ordinary hotel, but a swinger’s paradise.

I explained that I hadn’t checked out their details, other than the price for the weekend.

Back in the company, she told everyone of my mistake and we all had a good laugh.

My wife (Anne) still dresses quite trendy, and was wearing a skirt that was just above her knees, a scoop necked blouse that showed off her ample cleavage, sexy knickers and a front fastening bra.

The host brought over a whisky for me and a double vodka and coke for Anne.

Everyone was friendly towards us and still couldn’t believe that we had booked into this hotel.

We noticed that some couples were making their way towards the “rooms”

A single chap about 38 years of age asked us if we would like another drink to which we said “yes, thank you.”

Anne seemed to be enjoying this young lad’s conversation, and was laughing heartily at some of his remarks. I ordered another round of drinks and excused myself as I needed to go and pee.

On my return, I was greeted by the sight of Anne, snogging this younger guy, and allowing his left hand to brush over her clothed tits.

Before I could sit down, an older guy sat down next to Anne and began rubbing his hand up and down her naked legs. Anne and Andy, I discovered later that that was his name, carried on snogging while his hand was now sliding down under her top.

The other guy had now pulled up her skirt and was rubbing her pussy on top of her knickers.

Anne was moaning and making no attempt to stop them. Anne opened her legs and the older guy pulled aside her knickers exposing her pussy which was glistening with her juices. Pushing a finger into her he began to finger fuck her.

Andy beckoned me over and said, “Ok if we go to one of the rooms?” “Do you want to?” I asked Anne. Anne just nodded.

Once in the room, Anne lay down and Andy unbuttoned her blouse and pulled it off her. He then undid her bra allowing her 40” tits to spill free. Meanwhile the other guy was pulling Anne’s skirt and pants off. The two guys then got naked and lay down either side of Anne. They each had a nipple in their mouths and were sucking and squeezing her naked tits.

The older guy slipped his hand on to her pussy and shoved a couple of fingers in and began finger fucking her. Anne had Andy’s cock in her hand and was wanking him. Andy moved up and pressed his cock on to Anne’s mouth which she opened and took his length in.

The older guy slid down the bed and got between Anne’s open legs and began to shove his tongue into her gaping pussy. Anne was giving Andy the blowjob of his life and was bucking her hips and pushing her wet pussy into the older guy.

The older guy moved up and pressed his erect cock at the entrance of Anne’s pussy. He looked at me and I nodded in agreement. I now had my own cock out and was wanking myself looking on at my wife being taken by two strangers.

Andy motioned that he was going to cum, Anne pulled his cock into her mouth and drank down every drop of his hot seed. The older guy was now speeding up and giving her pussy a real pounding. With a final grunt he emptied his load, up into Anne’s naked pussy.

He pulled out and pushed his cum dripping cock into Anne’s mouth. Anne sucked him dry. This was too much for me and I sank my throbbing cock into Anne’s cum filled pussy. After only a couple of strokes I added my own cum into her.

I was suddenly aware that there were a few people standing at the bottom of the bed watching us.

The girl who had welcomed us into the hotel had her tits out and lay down beside Anne and began snogging with her. Cum was dribbling out of Anne’s Pussy as the host snogged and fondled Anne's tits.

Anne began to squeeze the host’s tits and their snogging became more intense. Andy got down between Anne’s legs and began lapping up the cum that was leaking from her. Andy was rock hard again and slid his cock into Anne’s soaking pussy. The female host moved away and another guy moved alongside Anne filling her mouth with his rock hard cock.

Andy grunted and filled Anne with another load of hot seed while the guy fucking her mouth pulled out and shot his load over her naked tits.

We all went back to the bar for a final drink and Andy said to me, “if you want some more fun, leave your door unlocked.” I didn't tell Anne and once up in our room I left the door unlocked. I quizzed Anne on her new experience. It was great she said, but they came to quick and I still haven’t had an orgasm.

We lay naked on the bed softly caressing each other’s bodies while I gently kissed her. Anne slid her tongue into my mouth which I grabbed between my teeth and sucked on. Anne slowly wanked me as I played with her pussy.

I had left the door unlocked and before long we were joined by Andy and the barman who was off duty for the night. To be cont.