Written by Wank King

27 Aug 2015

Following up from my earlier story, yes, there were several follow ups, the notable ones are worth recounting but one in particular springs to mind. We had enjoyed a few exploits but my favourites always remained being out of doors at any time of year, this fun should not be restricted to warm summer days only because sometimes a coat can certainly look out of place, whereas a long coat concealing a very nearly naked, or completely naked woman's body can be used in places where sex is risky and nowadays impossible with CCTV covering the city centres around our country. This story regards a less spied on time, when a camera was considered only in very susceptible places, covering gun shops and the like. We live near York and know the city well. Liz my wife was at this time my girlfriend and we had already discovered each other's favourite weaknesses when it comes to sex, so we could talk openly about what we wanted to do. Such freedom is highly recommended as bottling things up can lead to a lifetime of frustration. I have lost track of the number of people who we have met and after a while got the inevitable' I wish' stories, or 'if only I had'.

It was mid December and we had been to a pre Christmas party with our work. We were both merrily pissed b ut in full charge of our faculties. Liz was being chatted up by a driver at her firm and I sat back and allowed the conversation, interrupted by the odd dance and visit to the bar and on a couple of occasions, the loo, you know, typical party really. We went home by taxi and I was of course up for fun. Liz wore a long coat with a large fur collar, looking very Dr Zhivago like, sexy and warm, beautiful eyes in a dreamy state. I managed to manipulate her coat and dress open for the driver to catch a good view up to her stocking tops. Liz kissed me and whispered that Colin, the driver had been coming on to her. I waited until we were in the house before pursuing the information further, asking her what her reactions had been. In bed she said he had offered to give her a lift in his truck next time she was free. I asked if she intended to follow up on it and she said he was meeting her the next week as he was doing the north west route, Liverpool, Manchester and Lancashire in general. I knew he would have a couple of overnight stops as the hours were frequently more than the tachocgraph could allow for him to get back home legally. I hit on this and suggested we could get him to stop in a more private type of lay-by and if he rang, she could visit him in her car. She was very keen as she thought he would fuck her nicely as he was a clean single guy with manners, actually saying please and thankyou.

We set things up and over a couple of weeks Colin visited her office and discussed where they could meet safely, he knew of plenty of possibilities, which I will not reveal for the purpose of not ruining the sites for others in case they are still as perfect for dogging as they were several years ago, (times change).

The week started badly with a lot of unexpected snow too close to Christmas and Colin rang Liz saying he was running a few drops late and he was going to be stopping over near Burnley, about two hours drive away. Liz said if he was lonely then maybe she could go to keep him warm. His reply was very enthusiastic and he said that as the snow had stopped and there were very few cars about, it could be the perfect time. He gave her very specific details as to where he was and I traced it on a map (pre Sat nav days) Liz called him back and got a faint confirmation as the mobiles were almost as unreliable then as they are now. It was seven pm and LIz went for a bath and to get ready. At quarter to eight we were ready, she in a long coat covering her stockings and suspenders in black to contrast with the snow and nothing else, no bra or panties to hinder Colin's quest for her body. We sent a text that we were on our way and set off with the map on her lap.

It took just over one and three quarter hours to get within five miles of his truck in the lay-by, I took the road leading towards Burnley and saw the pub that he said was close by, a mere mile and a half separated my sexy wife from a memorable fuck. We saw the sign for the lay-by and his truck with the firm's logo unmistakeable on the back, the tail lights on and the engine running, we passed his wagon and tucked in front of him, the cab light ablaze and a solitary figure watching our arrival. Liz looked anxiously at me and smiled, then said 'Hope he likes me still' I said it was a long way to come and then return unfulfilled and gave her a kiss as she emerged from the car into the cold night, all buttons open, the coat wafted and gaped as she stood up, hands in pockets, making the show of her cunt and tits very obvious for Colin to gawp at in amazement.

I stayed in the car until she opened the cab door on the near side. I saw her climb the three steps into the cab and Colin lean across and kiss her and run a hand over her body. I turned my lights off and killed the engine, watching intently through the centre mirror. Her coat was removed very soon and I had the treat of seeing my naked lady being kissed and groped by another guy. They had some small talk and I saw some activity associated with her discovering how nice a package he was packing, then her head disappearing below the wondow as she was obviously getting better acquainted with his cock. She was missing for some time and I kept seeing Colin looking down and then up, in apparent ecstasy as she licked and sucked on his shaft. Eventually she emerged and they embraced again. Then to my surprise, she opened the door and climbed out, followed by Colin emerging into the cold night air. He still had a tee shirt on but was naked except for his boots and socks, comical but practical. Liz had knee length boots too and looked gorgeous as they left the wagon and approached my car. Liz told me to run the engine and then she leaned on the bonnet. I sat in the car warm and totally absorbed by the sight of Colin's cock erect and looking ready to fuck my lovely lady. He knelt in front of her and began licking her. A car's lights passed by but kept going. I was glad I had not put the lights on as that might have ruined things. It was now after eleven and I thought back to the pub down the road and wondered if more cars were due to pass by. Liz looked up into the car and said I should join them, Colin smiled and I got out of my seat and closed the door. I shook hands with him and said I hoped I was not spoiling anything for him, he said he was cool with it as he and Liz had spoken about what might happen some time ago. Liz grinned at me and said she wanted to keep the surprise for me and she wanted to suck my cock while Colin fucked her and filled her with his spunk. Another car passed and she said 'Why not put the lights on too, we might attract a few more' I did as she asked and felt my cock aching to get sucked. She lay face down so I stood to one side and she spread her legs and Colin resumed a little more licking then stood up as Liz asked him to fuck her cunt and give her his best spunk.

His cock sank in her and he began his fucking of my lady, my cock was deep in her mouth and every now and again she took it out to emit a lovely sexy sigh and to encourage Colin to fuck her deeper and give her plenty of his juice when he came. Another car passed and then slowed down, Colin was past caring as he fucked her deeply and I watched as the car turned round and came into the lay by. I saw immediately it was not our friends in blue and relaxed, Colin began to pump her with come and she managed a climax. Two other guys emerged from the car and asked if the party was open to all. Liz, dripping with spunk with Colin having vacacted her fucked hole, said 'get your cocks out and i will tell you'. They both opened the zips and produced clean healthy looking pricks and went closer to the naked beauty on the bonnet. I was close to coming and shot my lot down her throat and moved back, saying 'The lady loves cock, give her it nicely, she loves a good fucking' With that she was groped by them both and she sucked them in turn while Colin and I stood watching.

They were at her quicker than I anticipated, both seeming in a rush to get in, fuck her and then go. They did get her to lay on her back while the first guy fucked her so her gorgeous cunt was displayed, a trimmed bush with no long hairs but not shaved or shaped like modern days. I think they were both around the seven inch mark but one was thicker than the other and Liz took them both energetically while I watched and Colin ran back and pulled his overalls on before coming back to us with his prick still out. The two guys both ejected their spunk into her and gave her a kiss and wished us happy Christmas before departing, leaving us together. Liz asked if Colin minded if they went back to the truck and if he could fuck her again. Colin said he was happy to give her some more if she wanted.

Ah the joy of youthful energy, we could shag for and hour or two in those days and then take five minutes and be ready to resume again, which was exactly what we did. Liz went back to his cab and they fucked for what seemed ages. It was well past midnight when she emerged with her coat over her shoulders and came back to me. I was ready again but she said she was by now a bit sore so I got a second sucking off and we left.

She told me Colin wanted to visit us at home if we were happy with it and I confirmed I was keen he would give my lovely lady what she had been enjoying all evening in the comfort of a bed instead of a carpet of snow (which was bloody cold now I think about it). Hope this is a useful recap of a brilliant and nippy night