Written by Didactic

2 Oct 2012

Broadening Janice’s Horizons – an update - The Old Men.

It has been some time since I wrote about the start of our sexual exploration together. To remind you, we are a mature couple in our early fifties, living in the Newport area. Janice is a slim, dark haired beauty who still turns the heads of men of all ages. We had decided to turn some of our fantasy scenarios into reality and it had proved to be a really exciting experience for both of us.

We have met up with a businessman in a hotel near Newport. This was an evening of complete sexual pleasure. He was a tall good looking guy who really knew his way around a womans body. We sat and drank for a while and then went to his room. I sat and watched as he kissed her and explored her. He slowly stripped her down to her black suspenders and stockings before laying her back on the bed , kissing her body and eventually letting his mouth settle on to her very wet cunt. He really worked her body and she responded with enthusiasm. I never thought that she would take another cock in her mouth but this night she proved me wrong. I had joined in and was fucking her from behind. She was on all fours as he lay back on the bed. I was too busy enjoying the feel of her cunt around my cock to notice what was happening under her hair that had fallen forward over her face. That is, until he whispered ‘she’s sucking my cock’. I was surprised and thrilled that she had taken the plunge. Afterwards she explained that she knew he was really clean and felt comfortable about opening her mouth for his rather substantial tool. It had its effect on me and I had to pull out to stop myself from shooting her full of spunk. I wanted to save the moment for later. As she felt me slip out she moved up his body. I took his cock in my hand. It was rock solid, and more than ready, so I guided him into Janice. I just sat back rubbing myself as I watched them rut like a pair of sweating animals. We took her in a number of different positions including swapping ends as she was spit roasted across the bed. We were all ready for a drink so made our way down to the bar only to return thirty minutes later to continue our three- way with this very energetic man. It was a fabulous evening, one that we are hoping to repeat, with a twist, in the near future.

It was a while before we arranged our next fantasy. Janice likes to flaunt and show herself off, something I love. I like contrasts, black and white, old and young and we thought we could put these two fantasies together. I invited four men to the house. Three were in their sixties and one nearer our own age. The idea was that Janice would dance for them, slowly stripping down to her stockings before I joined her and fucked her in front of them. That was the plan. It worked out much, much, better than I could have dreamed.

The evening arrived and Jan went upstairs and put on a black button through dress that concealed her black lacy underwear and stockings beneath. The room was laid out for the show with so many candles they warmed the room. There was drink and glasses on a table at one end and it had the atmosphere of a gentlemen’s club as they all turned up one at a time. Keith was in his early sixties, well spoken and friendly. Alastair was in his late sixties, a little round but very friendly and gentle. Patrick was also in mid sixties, tall and pleasantly seedy in his manner. From emails, I was well aware that he liked to talk dirty. Phillip was about our age, overweight and very quiet. As we got drinks we all chatted. Mostly about mundane things but past experiences were brought up. Not too much information but enough to charge the atmosphere a little. They all chose their seats and I started to play ‘Enigma’ on the CD player. Janice found this music very erotic and it turned her on. I went to the bottom of the stairs and indicated that we were ready. I walked back in and took a dinning chair behind one of the sofas. A bit like the back row of the stalls. I could feel my heart thumping and there was silence in the room. The music was pulsing in almost in time with my chest. She appeared and closed the door as she walked into the room. With confidence, she moved and stretched her body in such a sensuous manner that my mouth was dry. I looked at the lust on the faces of the men that were drinking in the vision in front of them and I was so proud of her. It seemed an age before she started to undo the tie belt on her dress. Slowly, one by one, she undid the buttons, moving in front of each man and staring at him as she flicked each button through the fabric. Before they could see much she turned away and let the dress slide down her back. Tossing it clear she turned and continued to move in her lacy black bra and pants, suspenders and black stockings. The heals on her black patent shoes made her legs look long and very taut. Running her hands over her body as she almost writhed in pleasure in front of these leering old men I heard Patrick say ‘very nice’ and sat on the edge of his seat, no doubt so that he could be closer to her. Like a seasoned lap dancer she used her ass to tempt each man as she moved in front of each of them. Moving back to the centre of the room she reached behind and released the clip on her bra. Once again she turned away and let the bra fall at her feet. She raised her hands above her head as if she was stretching in the morning but as she did so she turned. They saw her tits at their best, slightly lifted with her nipples quite prominent in the candle light. With her naked tits on show and her arms still erotically held above her she looked abandoned and free of all cares. Then her arms were lowered and as she moved her hips from side to side in the most provocative movement I have ever seen, she hooked her thumbs into the sides of her pants and slid them painfully slowly down till the line of her pubic hair was clear for all to see. She bent fully forward to slip them off completely which let her tits hang and quiver as she moved. Slowly she returned to her full height. Her naked body looked amazing in the flickering light. I watched her continue to move to the almost hypnotic throb of ‘Enigma’. I was about to go to her to start my part of the show when I heard Patrick ask ‘can we touch’. Jan never answered but just smiled and continued to move in front of them. Being a forward kind of bloke he took this as a sign of consent. He cautiously reached out and cupped a buttock. ‘Lovely’ he rasped in a laboured and excited voice. I looked on wondering where this was going and stayed put to find out. Patrick slid forward onto his knees and pressed in face into her pussy. Phillip, who had hardly spoken, followed suite and pressed his face into the crevice of her ass. Alastair did not move but Keith stood and cupped her left tit before lowering his head to lick and suck the softness of her breast. I was so turned on at this turn of events. The voyeurs, that we were expecting, were now all over her. Licking her, front and back, with their hands exploring her body without rebuff from Janice. Phillip was the first to move just to retake his seat to watch. Patrick sat back but holding Janice’s hand he said ‘come and sit here’ patting the seat between him and the now seated Keith. This was a moment that I thought she would look to me for protection but she simply turned and lowered herself onto the sofa so that she was almost completely reclined with her bum resting on the edge of the seat. Both Keith and Patrick set about licking her breasts and running their hands over her body, exploring the wetness that was evident between her legs. I was so in love with her as I watched her lying with her eyes closed savouring the delight of the dual stimulation. By this time I was leaning on the back of the sofa with my cock in my hand, engrossed in the sight of Janice submitting herself to the pleasures of the flesh. It was almost a shock to my system when I saw Keith move between her legs. I thought for a moment that he was about to try and fuck her but instead he sank his mouth over her wet gash and started to lick her. Janice opened her mouth slightly at the intimate intrusion between her legs. He must have been good because she started to cum with some power and he continued licking her right through her orgasm. As Keith moved back beside her I moved forward, now only in my shirt and my cock more than ready. Kneeling between her legs, Keith and Patrick pulled her black stockinged limbs high and wide. And to vulgar comments from Patrick I lined myself up to sink into her. Knowing they were watching I took my time. By this time Alastair had stood by the sofa to get a better view. ‘He’s going to fuck her, look, the end of his prick is nice and wet from her cunt’ patricks crude remark only served to heighten the sexual tension. There was a silence as I slid very slowly into her. It was only broken when Janice let out a groan of pleasure as she felt the fullness of my cock stretching her. They laughed sm I began to move in and out of her. It was a very satisfying and exciting experience, fucking Janice as two old men held her legs open and carried on licking her body and turning her head to force their lips to hers in some hot kisses. One by one they released their cocks and started to wank as they continued to enjoy her sweaty body. This lasted a while and in order to save myself for the right moment I pulled out. Pulling Janice to her feet I kissed her and squeezed her ass. I stepped away from her thinking that this would be the end but very quickly Patrick took my place and started to kiss her himself as Ken pushed against her back and kissed her neck. I was aware of Phillip hovering by me. He whispered his apologies and said that he had to go. I shook his hand and watched him move towards the door. I had to follow him so that I could lock the door after his exit. When I returned, Janice was now positioned on the other sofa as Keith was again between her legs and licking her, to great effect, if her face was anything to go by. Alastair was sat the other side of the room rubbing his short but fully erect cock. Patrick was kneeling next to Jan encouraging her to suck his cock. He was wanking and the froth that had formed around the tip would have been good in a porn film but was clearly not something that Jan was likely to take into her mouth. ‘She doesn’t take cock in her mouth’ I informed him. He was disappointed and then asked ‘will she fuck then? Can I put my cock in her and fuck her?’ I again put him wise to the fact that she would not have any cock in her this time, other than my own. He accepted this and continued to wank and watch as Keith continued to again lick her to a powerful cum. Once she had recovered, I turned her round, ass in the air, arms resting on the back of the sofa. I got up behind her and sank into her with a forceful thrust. This was more for the benefit of the audience. Keith and Patrick fondled her body, stroking her back and belly and cupping her tits gently as I fucked her quite hard. I was now fucking Janice for my own pleasure. It took an age. The energy that I used to fuck her made me sweat till it was trickling down my back. I felt it building and the dirty encouragement from Patrick as he gloated that she loved ‘having a nice hard cock fucking her wet pussy’. My body tensed and I felt the spunk flood into her. My face was screwed up with the intensity that I came inside her. I pulled out of her and saw them all still rubbing themselves. There was a large footstool and I pushed it up to the sofa and pulled Janice down onto it. They held her legs open so that they could see the spunk drip from the redness of her pussy. My finger, rubbing her clitoris, created a tension inside her cunt that made the white seed pump out. I stepped back from her and told them that she won’t fuck but you can wank off over her tits if you like. There was a busy shuffling as even Alastair moved from his seat and joined the other two as they stood above her and wanked. It was amazing watching these older men rubbing franticly till each of them spat their muck over her belly and tits. Janice just lay there rubbing it into her skin.

This brought everything to a halt and they all left asking to be considered for future meetings. Keith was the last to leave. He sat for a while having a normal conversation with no reference to the sex that we had all enjoyed that evening. He arrived as someone to add to our sex life and left as a friend. I hope that this instalment of our sexual exploration is of interest to you all. We are planning more events which I will post on here if you want me to. We are looking for men and couples in the Bristol and Newport area. Look out for us.