23 Jun 2016

Two weeks had elapsed since my exploit with my brother in law Lee, although I had not seen him in had spoken to my sister and couple of times. She had complained about him still trying it on with her even though she had told him she wasn't interested.

For a change we had a nice sunny day so I thought I would do a bit of sunbathing in the back garden. We have a section which is partially secluded so I took my top of and just lay in my bikini bottoms. I must of dozed of because I was woken by someone shouting my name. I heard my name called again and recognised it was Lee. I replied hold on it will open the front door. I grabbed my gown and went to let him in. We sat chatting he said he had knocking on the door for five minutes and thought I was in as my car was there. I replied I must of fell asleep while I was sunbathing in the garden. I offered him a drink, so he took a beer from the fridge and said well let's go back outside.

I went and sat down on the lounger and he sat on the one next to me. He said you won't get much colour in your gown as he took her shirt off. What the hell I thought he has fucked me and removed my gown sitting there topless.

I lay on my stomach as we chatted, he said that he had had words with my sister and walked out and went for a beer. As the pub was empty he thought he would come and see me, hoping I wouldn't mind. I replied of course not.

After about 20 minutes of chatting he remarked I was starting to look at little red and I should put some cream on so I didn't burn. I pointed to the table and said you had better put some on me. He got up and said he would grab a beer first and brought one each back. As I got up to take it off him he said he loved seeing my breasts swinging free and he had often fantasised about playing with them. Then asked me what size they were as they were a lot bigger than my sisters. I shaked them as I said 38dd and all natural. I put my beer down and said I need some cream on and lay on my stomach. He spent about 10 minutes putting it on me spending more time on the side of my breasts, my bum and my inner thighs. That's enough I said and a look of disappointment came over his face. I got up took a drink of beer and lay on my back and said you better do the front aswell. A look of disbelief came over his face but he quickly picked up the cream and squirted it on me. He did my shoulders, my stomach missing my breasts out then my legs then I said don't miss my titties out wouldn't want them to burn would we. He quickly started massaging cream into them then leant over and started sucking my nipples in turn. They were already hard and I felt the juices flowing in my pussy, I stroked his cock through his trousers and said I think we need to go inside and do something with that.

We finished our drinks and went up to the bedroom. He dropped his trousers and I pushed him on the bed. I started sucking on his cock while playing with his balls, he lasted about 5 minutes before he was cumming in my mouth., I sucked him dry then stood up and removed my bottoms and got on the bed beside him. He rolled me on to my back and started playing with my breasts and sucking on my nipples. He moved down my body and started licking my clit while pushing his fingers into my wet pussy. I only lasted a couple of minutes before having an orgasm but he carried on bringing me to a second one. He worked his way back up playing with my breasts again then he pushed his cock into me, it felt so good as he slowly pushed it right inside me. He started pounding me and brought me to another two orgasms before pulling out and asking me to get on my knees. I rolled over as he said he wanted to watch my breasts swing in the mirror as he fucked me. He was quickly back inside me and fucking me hard so I looked at the mirror watching my breasts bouncing all over. It didn't take long for him to fill me with his cum and he said that was amazing and it was such a turn on watching my breasts swing.

We lay there for 5 minutes with him playing with my breasts then got up and went downstairs for another drink. When we finished in said I think you had better go now so I can pull myself together before Steve gets home.