16 Feb 2017

My wife Sara and I have recently moved in to a small close with about 8 or so other houses in the road , we have become the talk of the place as all the other residents are all in their late 50,s thru to their 80,s , a Neighbour told me all the Men in the close had ,had their eyes opened watching Sara working out in the garden or walking up and down the road.

While we have been in our house we have been deciding on some changes Building wise to our house , after a couple of quotes I got a work colleague Andy around to give me a quote as that is his main business as he does a bit of part time work along with me . I gave him Sara's mobile number as she is in more often than me , so left him to get in touch and make some arrangements , she told me a few days later he would be around the following Monday in the Evening when I was at work .

Now I know Andy well and he is a handsome bloke, tall , dark haired , a bit of a cheeky type with a good physique and knowing what Sara was like , I thought to myself I wonder if she will try to use her charm on Andy or not, well the Monday came along and I had found a old voice activated recorder I used to use to record business conversations in the past, so I thought I would leave it next to my bed on the bedside cabinet with a t shirt laid on top of it to hide it.

I got home that evening and Sara was very excited saying Andy had come up with the best quote and was doing some extra work at his suggestion to improve the work required and that the price was very reasonable but couldn't start for a few weeks as he had other jobs to finish . I said ok I was happy with all that, so next morning I took my voice recorder in to work to listen too, I heard Sara and Andy voices as the door to the bedroom opened , then Sara giggling as Andy said you sure about this ! , as after all Pete is a mate ?, Sara said oh yes If I get a discount he wont mind and laughed , hearing them kissing an getting undressed while talking.

I listened as Andy said you have a tidy body Sara !, I am going to enjoy myself here alright ,as I then heard Sara moaning and telling Andy , God your tongue is so good , I realised he was now licking Sara's pussy something she does love , but also knew she would soon want more than just a tongue inside her, they passed several remarks back an forth between them, till I heard Sara tell Andy to give her his big cock to suck now.

He obviously moved up the bed as I heard him telling Sara you are a horny bitch ,how does Pete cope with you, Sara's answer was well sometimes I have to go elsewhere for a top up, a bit like now , as she slurped on his cock , Andy soon piped up saying think that's enough otherwise am going to blow down your throat, Sara made a mmmmmm sound as Andy said oh you don't mind swallowing either then ,as Sara said pity to waste any and laughed !

I heard Andy say how he liked she shaved her pussy as he now must have between my Wife's spread legs, then Sara told Andy gosh you feel so big an hard inside me, as Andy said oh so I am giving you more than Pete can give you then, as Sara said Oh yes , I shouldn't have told you that I suppose ! He said well I am hardly going to tell him am I !! As Sara groaned under him as he fucked her as I could hear the bed rocking as they spoke, when Sara asked Andy so how is this discount going to work then !

I thought there is Sara she knew when to strike a deal when a Man is buried balls deep inside her lovely warm and wet pussy, as Andy said well I will knock £100 off for this fuck today and £10 off for every fuck we have with you while the work goes on as will have my 18 year old son helping me and if I get to fuck you so will he as he is a horny bugger as well, ( laughing) . So you will probably get fucked at least twice a day , Sara!.

As Sara said oh ok I am happy with that , I have not had a 18 year old between my legs for awhile , so what do you think about us having a extension at the back of the house in probably 18 months time do you think we can come up with a similar deal, as Andy said I expect so though you might have to fuck the roofer as well, as Sara laughed! , Now all I could hear was the occasional groan from one of them till Sara told Andy she was cumming on his cock again , as he replied well I am going to fill your pussy with my load now as well .

Andy told Sara to be careful with her fingernails as he had to go home to his Mrs later, Sara said sorry! , Andy !but you made me cum so much, as Andy said think if you give him a sucking he can manage another go, Sara! , if you fancy it as you an your body got me really steamed up! As he spoke to Sara all I could hear in the back ground was Sara sucking an slurping on Andy's cock till he was hard once again, as Andy said this is included in the £100 an laughed , as Sara said well I am going to ride you this time and this one is on the house if you make me cum like that again as I heard the bed springs creak.

I listened to Andy tell Sara how he loved her big tits and another day he wanted to cum all over them , as he also asked would you fancy both Me and my Boy having you in a 3some, as something I have never done and think he would love to do as well we can fill you at both ends as you seem up for it . As Sara said yes ok but your Boy better be able to keep quiet about it as well as can't let Hubs know anything, Andy said he will be ok just grateful to fuck you as you know young lads are full of spunk and want to fuck everything in sight !, he knows I would kill him if it got out anyway.

All the while they chatted I could hear Sara bouncing up an down on his cock on our bed as occasionally I heard the sound of Andy sucking on Sara's tits an nipples with her telling him to bite them as she does love that as she cums so much more when you do , hearing her cry out knowing what he was doing to her. Then Andy told her to turn around staying on his cock as she did as he wanted to see an play with her arse, I could hear her move as she groaned as I guessed his fingers were exploring her tight hole as shortly after Sara began to groan telling him to do that harder , to fuck her with his fingers as she was going to cum asking him, if he was near as well ?

He told Sara he was very near and if she could hold on a moment longer they could cum together , when I soon heard them both cry out they were cumming once again , as I then heard Andy tell Sara you have a lovely arse there girl and I can now see my cum dribbling out of your pussy and over my cock as well now, that is some sight. As Andy said think we will be putting a few loads of cum inside you assuming we start this job, as Sara said well you will be doing the work I will convince Pete to let you do it , the next I heard was them both talking as they left the room.

Well Sara did not have to do much convincing to get me to agree to Andy and his Son doing the work as knew of his building work from others who had work done by him, so he is very shortly coming around to do the work , think I will have to make sure I leave my voice recorder on each day . When I saw Andy next he told me he was pleased to be doing my building work and told me he thought Sara was smashing wife ,certainly a looker and was pleased to finally meet her after the chat on the phone , I thought I bet he was !!!!

If you want me to tell you more let me know as intend to leave that voice recorder on while the work goes on and given the chance may even try to pop home to see how things progress ???