Written by Am I a Cuckold

10 Apr 2019

We are a couple in our mid-fifties, Amanda has a high-powered job as a director of a PR firm, takes very good care of her appearance and weight and is a bubbly blonde, 5' 8” with pert 32b boobs, flat tummy, long legs and has a very nicely toned size 10 body.

As I am sure as is common in a lot of long-term marriages, our sex life had begun to fade. After exhausting nearly every other option to rekindle our sex life, we began to discuss our fantasies. Amanda’s was to pick up a stranger and have a

one-night stand and mine was for her to enjoy the experience of someone else fucking her and of course to either watch or at least get a blow by blow account of the event.

Other than work Amanda’s other passion in life is dancing, she regularly goes Salsa dancing to unwind and goes on several girlie holidays a year, I have to say that I was very surprised that her fantasy hadn’t happened. I queried her about this and she said that she and her friends always get a lot of male attention, but most of them don’t take it any further, but she blushed and said that on her last trip to Dubai she had got very close to an expat called George a Personal Trainer and spent a lot of time with him and he made it very clear that he wanted to hook up with her.

This didn’t come as a total surprise as when asking about the holiday it was George did this and said this and what a scream he was I asked her if she wanted to be fucked by George and without any hesitation what so ever she said she seriously regretted not taking it further and would love to be fucked by him and if I ever did happen she tell me every detail about how he had fucked her. We both decided to try to make our fantasies a reality, Amanda had kept in touch with George via Facebook and told him that she would be back in Dubai next month and would love to see him again.

We booked a large suite with 2 rooms and a big lounge area in a different hotel to the one that George resides in, our philosophy was whatever happens in Dubai stays in Dubai.

Amanda had arranged to meet George on Tuesday, our second night in Dubai, (she seemed very keen to see him and I was surprised that it was so quick after our arrival). Amanda started to try on different outfits that she had brought along especially for her night with George, my dick had the weirdest sensations during the entire time. It was rock hard and constantly dripping precum.

It was so totally hot seeing Amanda trying on outfits and picking out small lacy bras and the skimpiest of panties

it was just so exhilarating, because I knew that once they were on, it would be someone else who would be undressing her tonight and even hotter, was knowing that she was dressing with the view of going out to get fucked.

Finally, after an enormous amount of parading around the room in different outfits and much debate about what looked

the hottest, Amanda was dressed to kill in a backless / sleeveless plunging white jump suit which put her smallish boobs on full display. We both decided that she couldn’t wear a bra with the outfit and anyway she looked so much sexier without a bra on and decided on a very small sheer white thong that gave a good view of her lovely waxed pussy. Amanda finished the outfit with a pair of her favourite white heels with red soles. Her blonde hair was in a wilder more ruffled way then she normally styles it and her makeup was a lot heavier than usual. She looked absolutely drop dead gorgeous, there would be no way she would not be bringing George back to her bedroom tonight.

My stomach had butterflies, I wondered if we had made the right decision and if everything would remain the same

tomorrow because I would be surprised if the way Amanda looked that she didn’t end up getting fucked tonight!

She gave me a long passionate kiss and I could not resist getting my hands on her easily accessible boobs, her small

nipples were so hard, I began to gently tweet them and got a playful smack and told that they weren’t for me tonight.

With that Amanda told me she’d keep in touch, I handed over her tiny white purse, which I made sure had a pack of 3

condoms in, this bought a smile to her face. As she left the room I said, “happy hunting dear”.

It was such a turn on watching Amanda walking down the corridor wiggling her bottom in her white jump suit it was such a turn on, because I was sure that tonight it would be someone else who would be taking her out of it, even more of a turn on was that Amanda was going out with the view to getting fucked!!

The excitement was too much I stripped off, sat on the bed looking at the photos I had discreetly taken of Amanda and

started to masturbate at the photos and the thought of Amanda getting fucked.

Amanda texted me around 9:00 pm to let me know that she was with George in the club lounge, she had drunk a bit more than she had planned and George had suggested that they go to a night club for more drinks and some dancing, she told me that she would keep checking in.

True to her word Amanda sent me a text every hour, the last text was around midnight, it detailed all the fun she was

having with George and that she was now more than a bit tipsy and having a fabulous night.

I asked her if she would be bringing him back to fuck her, and she just replied that she didn’t know yet, he keeps saying that he must be a good boy as he was trying to rekindle his marriage.

I didn’t think it sounded to promising and began to prepare myself for the let down and drifted off to sleep. Then about 2.00 a.m., my mobile phone bleeped, it was a message from Amanda, and it simply read “I will be back soon

and have George with me, I want to use the main bedroom so please make sure it’s clear lol Amanda”.

I decided to get a view of Amanda’s chosen fuck buddy and quickly got dressed then raced to the all-night bar and picked a spot that I knew they would have to pass by. After 10 minutes, sure enough, I was right. I must admit that I was very shocked with her choice of man; he wasn’t the type I thought Amanda would go for, he looked much younger than I had expected, I thought in his mid-thirties, he was very tall, broad, had a toned body and was bald, Amanda looked to be worn out from a night of dancing, he had his arm around her waist and one hand firmly on her bottom, rubbing it. Everyone in the reception area would no doubt have been drawn to the sight of his big black hand on her bottom rubbing the checks through the white jump suit. I have to say that I found the sight very erotic. Amanda was snuggled up against him and I wasn’t sure if it was a romantic gesture or that she was so far gone she needed him to steady her.

I was hoping it was the later as time had shown that when Amanda is that far gone she lets all her inhibitions go and is so wild between the sheet, often she behaves like an absolute slut! If so the lucky bastard was in for a fantastic night.

I waited for as long as I could and then raced upstairs. It seemed like forever until I got to the 38th floor. I walked as

quietly down the hall as I could. When I reached our room door, I put my ear to it, there was no sound, so I took a chance and carefully and quietly as possible opened the door and peeked in. The main bedroom door was closed, so I proceeded to enter the room and look around and was stunned with what I found. The room had a strong odor of sex about it, Only a few steps in and Amanda’s white jump suit was on the floor and there was a trail of discarded man’s clothing leading to the sofa, near the trousers a few notes and coins had fallen out of the pockets and I saw a discarded wrapper, I bent down to pick it up and saw it contained 3 blue pills, one was missing, I pushed it under the jeans and out of sight.

Then on the sofa was Amanda’s sheer white thong, I picked it up and was surprised how wet it was and to my shook there was a big damp gooey patch on one of the cushions. Amanda’s purse was on the table and the contents had fallen out and there in plain sight was the unopened packet of condoms!!

Before I could investigate further I heard voices from the main bedroom, it was Amanda purring “oh my god you recover

very, very fast” and then a muffled giggle, followed by a loud booming brummie accent “shit you give the most amazing fucking B.J gorgeous”.

With that I quickly made my way to the second bedroom quietly entered and moved to the wall closest to the main bedroom.

OMG!!! Was I ever as surprised and shocked? I could hear Amanda being fucked and I am sure it was nothing like she had ever experienced from me. I could hear her saying words of encouragement, moans and obscenities like I had never heard from her before and then her lover grunting. From the thud, thud noise coming from the room he was no doubt pounding away at her pussy. Throughout Amanda was almost chanting “fuck, fuck, fuck... please... keep fucking me George, don't stop, please, please don’t stop fucking me"

I could hear George’s grunting getting louder and louder and the thudding sound happening in a much quicker succession,

then it stopped for a few seconds, I wondered if he had Cum, then I heard George say loudly and sternly “get on all fours gorgeous and then Amanda, “Oh god that’s amazing, absolutely fucking amazing, oh my god you are such a dirty bastard, but I am loving it “! Then a few seconds later the banging noise started again. Then the Brummie voice bellowed "You love me fucking both your holes Mands, you love my fat black cock fucking your lovely tight white pussy” Amanda whimpered "Yes, yes, yes...come on, babe, come on, babe, fuck me, fuck me, make me Cum again, please, please make me Cum..."

The speed of the banging noise increased. Then I heard a long moan and Amanda screaming “Oh my God, oh my fucking God, I’m fucking Cumming again, I am Cumming all other your fingers and fab dick, George, I have never ever fucking Cum like this, your fucking amazing, fucking amazing”

This was followed by a loud, guttural, "fuck, fucking hell Mands, I can’t hold it any longer gorgeous I am going to fucking cum, you ready for it ".

Then I heard Amanda scream out “Oh fuck, fuck, fuck, yes, yes let me have it all babe fill me up again”.

Then the booming Brummie voice shouted out “Yeeeeeeessssssssssss, back of the vagina” no doubt from the comments Amanda’s lover had Cum inside her.

This was followed by very long moaning sigh from Amanda and then continual praise about how fucking marvellous he was.

I had never felt so aroused in my life. Sure, we had a very adventurous sex life, but this was in a totally different league, to the best of my knowledge this was the first time another man had fucked Amanda in over 30 years.

All went quiet for about 20 minutes and I thought that surely it must be all over. Then I clearly heard George laugh and say “OK gorgeous, you are just fucking insatiable, one more for the road then, get on all fours again and then I must get back to wifey”

This was followed by Amanda giggling, quickly followed by a loud grasp, then squealing, shortly after she was screaming out yet again and started offering words of encouragement to George, again moaning and screaming so loudly. It was obvious from the noises coming from the room that she was being so satisfied and no doubt getting fucked stupid again by George.

I could visualise George fucking Amanda, her on all fours, him behind her and from the noises coming from the room he

was again giving Amanda a serious fucking, my stomach was churning over nervously, and my mind was racing, as this guy was no doubt pleasuring Amanda more than I had ever been able to, would our love making ever be the same.

Amanda and George’s, moaning, screaming, grunting and groaning seemed to go on forever, then finally the Brummie voice bellowed again “Fuck, fuck I can’t hold it any longer I am going to blow my load gorgeous”, this was followed a long moan from Amanda and strangely saying “no, no I went it in me, please, please Cum inside me again big boy, then silence and Amanda giggling again, followed by extremely loud groan from George and Amanda screeching and laughing “oh fuck it’s everywhere”.

I was left with the delightful thoughts of what the hell had just happened.

I heard the shower running and as if I hadn’t been shocked enough, I heard Amanda pleading, no actually begging for George to stay the night, she made it clear that she wanted to sleep in his arms and wake up to him fucking her, he then said he just could not stay any longer and as it was he was going to be in serious shit when he got home and then Amanda was pleading with him to see her again, there was silence and he replied “Why don’t I call back on Saturday and give you a massage, if your bold you could go for this”.

I heard Amanda cooing “Oh that sounds very rude but very tempting”.

It left me wondering what on earth George had suggested.

I heard the door open and close.

They had fucked for nearly two and a half hours, I couldn’t believe it, we weren’t used to going for more than 20 minutes! so I was sure Amanda was well satisfied and from what I had heard must have been very pleased.

I went into the main bedroom; the bed was an absolute mess, I could clearly see several damp patches on the bed sheets, On the beside cabinet I saw one of Amanda’s lipsticks open which was a bit of a mystery at the time and a business card, looking at it more closely it had a silhouette of a woman laying naked on a table and a man at either end with their hands on the woman’s body and bold text “George and Joel Erotic Massage”, I turned it over and on the back was written, “we get together to provide a very special service, one that’s extremely satisfying and very erotic”

Amanda loves a massage, and, in my mind, there was no way she wouldn’t be taking George up on this offer.

Amanda walked very unsteadily out of the bathroom rubbing a towel across her face and chest, there was no doubt that she had been covered in Georges spunk and it made me wonder exactly how much drink she had consumed, she still had her heels on and was naked, her hair was all ruffled, her makeup was a mess, mascara running from her eyes, smudged lipstick and her chest was the brightest red, I could see little marks on her boobs and on her toned tummy had some writing in lipstick on it, there was an arrow pointing down to her pussy which looked wrecked, it was gapping wide open, the lips looked to be folded back and there was cummings all-round the opening off her vagina and running down both legs!!

The atmosphere was tense, looking to lighten the situation I pointed to the shoes, “what’s with the shoes sexy and what’s that on your tummy.

Amanda laughed “he wanted me to keep them on whilst we fucked as he said I looked so sexy in them, Amanda walked closer to me so I could see what was written on her tummy, in red lip stick it said “I have been blacked” and an arrow pointing to her pussy, she smiled saying “it got a bit wild” then looking down she added you can see he was a heavy Cummer”

Then I noticed a tear in her eye and asked if she was okay, she said in a slurred voice “I am so so sorry babe I was just

so fucking randy and drunk and just got so carried away that I let him cum inside me, he is really an alley cat and I won’t mind if you don’t want to fuck me for a while, I’ll get tested”

I just grabbed her and gave her one of the most passionate kisses I have ever given her, her mouth tasted so different so salty, there was no doubt that the bastard had cum in her mouth and there was a really strong odor of Cummings radiating from her, Amanda still looked a bit troubled and She asked if everything was okay, I reassured her that I loved her so much and loved what she had done and that she had clearly enjoyed it so much.

Then she laughed and said “so you’re happy to have sloppy seconds dear”

Laughing I said, “it was always in my fantasy gorgeous”.

This made Amanda laugh and say, “how much could you hear”.

Everything Mands for an expensive hotel these walls are very thin gorgeous, I emphasised the word Mands and gorgeous letting Amanda know that I had heard a lot, Amanda blushed “oh fuck, fuck, I am so fucking embarrassed”.

Then Amanda pushed me back on the bed, straddled me and gingerly lowered herself on to my throbbing cock, saying that

she was so sore and that she didn’t know how much more she could take, then my cock just slipped effortlessly into her, as she was full of George’s Cum, so wet and so stretched!

Seductively she looked at me and said, “I suppose you want to know every detail babe, whilst you fuck my worn-out


I laughed and said, “Well you did promise me that”.

Amanda then proceeded to talk whilst slowly riding up and down on my cock, she told me that she had danced with George pretty much all night long. She really wanted him and made it very clear to him, but he said that he didn’t want to be unfaithful to his wife, which was very sweet of him, to my shame I was so turned on and the only thought on my mind was that I wanted him to fuck me and I was going to do whatever it took to make it happen.

So, I decided to take the lead and took his hand and placed it inside my jump suit and onto one of my boobs, he looked

at me and smiled, pulled my mouth to his then we started to kiss passionately. George started teasing my nipple on the middle of the dance floor! and I made it very clear that I needed him to fuck me tonight and that his hand on my boob,

the way that we had danced and grinded away on the dance floor, didn’t seem to be the actions of a guy looking to be faithful to his wife.

He really didn’t need much persuading, he dragged me straight over to a very secluded booth, we kissed, his tongue was down my throat and he moved both of his hands inside my jump suit and on to my boobs, then started to roughly knead them. I was so turned on that I could feel my wetness running down to my thighs. I run my hand over his cock and unzipped him, he had no pants on and his cock sprung out, I got my hands on it and he wasn’t that big David, it was a nice length, but not one of those "fantasy 12-inch monsters". The thing that was so impressive was its thickness. He was circumcised, and the head was so strange it formed a big bulbous mushroom swelling on the end of his shaft. Sensing my intrigue, he laughed and said, “I call it the boring tool”!!!, which made me giggle.

He had his hands round my back and was trying to unzip me, I swear that if I had let him he would have fucked me right there and then, but I had to stop him as I didn’t want to go viral on You-Tube or worse be arrested”. “That’s when I sent you the text you about the room, I was so fucking horny because I know now that George was going to fuck me”.

Then still riding very slowly up and down on my cock, Amanda explained that as soon as they got through the door they pulled each other’s clothes off and she ended up on the sofa with George holding her legs at “10 to 2” and with no foreplay and no more mention from either of them about protection, there was a bit of a struggle to get it inside, her body was covered in goosebumps, once fully inside and she had adjusted to the thickness of George’s cock he aggressively fucked her and within minutes cum inside her.

Amanda continued they went to the bedroom and for the next hour or so, they had switched from a 69 position, adding that he was so good with his tongue and he complimented her on her B.J skills, to the missionary position with her legs wrapped round his back and then round his neck when he cum inside again, I rode him like I am doing for you and did him reverse cowgirl and then they in finished in her favourite doggie position his was cock just amazing when it was inside me I was literary tingling all over, the thickness stretched me to the limits and the strange head shape was doing things inside me I had never experienced in my life and he had the hardest cock she had ever experienced.

Amanda carried on as she teasingly rode slowly up and down my cock saying “then finally I was put on all fours, facing

the big mirror in the room. Then he grabbed hold of my waist and god he fucked me so aggressively like a guy who had just

been released from prison, at times he pulled my hair back, his hands where everywhere, I mean everywhere, I interrupted, "what your" before I could finish Amanda blurted out " yes my arse, he had his finger in there and was finger fucking it, whilst ramming his beautiful black cock in and out of my pussy, my god what a turn on”, Amanda laughed and said, “Why have you never done that before”, then he was roughly kneading my boobs, pulling at my nipples and I was screaming in pain and delight.

He kept on asking me to look in mirror, laughing at how my small boobs were swaying from side to side and up, it was a real turn on seeing his fit young body behind me, humping me and grunting.

Then I could feel his cock twitching and knew what was going to happen again, then he just pulled out, flipped me over on my back and kneeled across my tummy and started feverously wanking himself, then it erupted, and he sprayed his Cum all over me, it reached my face, then he rubbed it all into my boobs and chest, no doubt that’s what you can smell.

Amanda said I am so embarrassed as you must have heard me screaming and telling George that I loved the way he was

fucking me and again started to cry.

I pulled Amanda closely to me and hugged her telling how proud I was of her and how turned on I was.

Amanda then pushed down on my cock, so I was deep as I could be in her pussy, Amanda’s pussy is normally so tight, but I could hardly feel the sides. Once I was fully inside her she carried on looking directly into my eyes.

“George wants to come over on Saturday night and give me a massage and he has a friend and they work together” she teasingly pulled her body up so only the head of my cock was in her pussy, waiting for my reply. “It sounds very erotic doesn’t it”, Amanda then started grating her pussy around my cock. “How do you feel about your wifey having a threesome, 2 sex hungry guys fucking me.

Not looking away she plunged back down on my cock, “Can I do that, or do you want tonight to be a one off”.

I loved the fact that I was in my wife’s stretched and used pussy, a pussy that had just held another man’s cock and

was full of his cum, I just nodded my head and said, “do it again, yes, yes please, do it again, I think you should let them both massage you and fuck you”.

With that she leaned forward and kissed me and continually thanked me for agreeing because she couldn’t believe just how much she had enjoyed the whole experience with George, then unashamedly Amanda started to marvel again about how hard George’s cock was, his staying power and how quickly he recovered, and she wanted to see him to fuck her every night she was on holiday.

I didn’t have the heart to tell her that it was no doubt with the aid of a small blue pill!!!!,

Still thanking me Amanda started bouncing up and down on my cock, I was pleased that she was screaming and moaning in the same way as when George was fucking her and within seconds I exploded inside her, adding my spunk to George’s and Amanda rolled off and fell fast to sleep.