Written by jock69uk

7 Jul 2009

Charlotte turned off the video and came back to the sofa,still naked she looked incredible,slightly flushed but fit and very sexy.Looking concerned \"what did you mean about Allison?\" all I said was she wouldn\'t be able to boss us about like she did those two blokes,they were afraid of her ,I wouldn\'t be and neither should you,your\'e a lot better looking than Allison.This seemed to cheer her up,but over drinks in the following half hour she talked only of Allisons performance on the film \"listen Charloote trust me you would look more sexy than her,and incidentaly you are fantastic in the sack,fuck me I thought you were trying to fuck me to death!\" she seemed unconvinced and said she disagreed,\"the only way to prove it then is for us to video ourselves\" I said this expecting a slap,or a quiet sulk,her reaction \"O do you think we could?\" totally threw me ,\"when can we? this weekend ,please let\'s do it before you change your mind\" I couldn\'t believe her reaction,I just said I was ok with it but didn\'t have a camcorder,\"thats no problem I\'ll borrow Allisons\" she purred,\"we\'ll do it at my place if you want ,why don\'t you come for the weekend?\" nodding my agreement she smiled,\"I promise I\'ll make it one to remember\".With that she turned the video back on \"I\'ll have to get some tips for our movie \"she said settling back into my arms.

She had to leave as she was working that night,as she left\"I\'ve left you the video so you can check the moves\" a quick kiss and she was gone. Later the same evening the phone went and as soon as I said hello an over excited Charlotte replied \"I\'ve spoken to Allison,and she said it\'s OK about the camcorder,infact she said she\'d set it up Friday night\" I was stunned \"are you still there?\" sorry yes I replied \"christ Charlotte please tell me you havn\'t told her\" after a second or two\'s silence \"I had to,neither of us has a camera ,and we don\'t know how to use one either!\" I had to admit she was correct \"as long as she doesn\'t expect to do the filming \" I said laughing ,\"It took me an hour to convince her she wasn\'t involved\" Charlotte replied ,\"I told her she\'s getting nowhere near your cock,the dirty cow,she pretended to be very upset,and said she wouldn\'t hurt you so I just told her to fuck off!\".

I put the phone down when she had to get back to her duties and settled back for a bit of R&R ,it certainly felt good to be home.I must have dropped off after the days exertions and awoke around midnight feeling a little chilly,dressing gown and slippers followed by a brandy and coffee cured that and I settled back into the sofa,checking for late night films on the TV.Finding nothing but sci-fi available I turned the video on and rewinding the tape settled back to rewatch the performance.The first thing that became apparent was that the film also had full sound,I had muted the sound when furtively checking the tape and never reversed it as Charlotte had returned,so now not only did we have graphic visuals of Allison and friends,but also a full running commentary (mainly her as it turned out!).

Even though it was only a few hours since I had last watched the experience was incredibly horny,Allison although not what you would describe as beautiful looked incredibly sexy,her body ,one or two dress sizes up on Charlotte,looked toned and muscular, but with all the curves exactly where they should be. Not only that she exuded absolute confidence,which was more than can be said for for the man,he just seemed overpowered by the force of her not inconsiderable personality.Everthing about this woman was larger than life ,with the sound now on it was clear she loved to fuck,infact she seemed insatiable,encouraging her partner to meet her needs,it just seemed he could not achieve the intensity she required! I think what turned Charlotte on with this film was Allisons total abandon,sex was obviously her passion ,and she appeared to have reached international standard in her performance and pleasure.My old man ,even after the days pounding by Charlotte was stood to attention,and had been for virtually all the tape.I decided to fast forward the tape as episode two was first time around, a bit of an anticlimax and settled back for a new adventure,this time involving Allison and a couple.Fucking hell she realy was a tart,men ,women it didn\'t seem to matter,she took her pleasure from both,and was extremely vocal in the process.With this pair her plan seemed to be that her and the man,should drive the other woman wild ,no effort being spared to gratify her every need,encouraging the man whilst at the same time using every part of her anatomy,and selected props,they pleasured the lucky female.For thiry minutes they lavished her body with attention,I lost count of the orgasms she achieved,towards the end she seemed to be having them non stop, sobbing with pleasure,her limbs trembling with pleasure.The woman was now on top of the guy ,seemingly resting on his body as he slowly and rythmically slid his cock in and out of her cont,moaning with each penetration,but not offering any help in the process.Allison knelt back offering him her encouragement ,telling the woman what a lucky girl she was getting all this attention,describing the blokes cock in detail and generally encouraging him to greater efforts.the woman even more turned on now started to join in the verbals,\"give me more ,I want more ,\" Allison needing no further encouragement shifted her position,now between his legs she placed her tongue between the womans cheeks,flicking her anus with its tip,instantly the woman wimpered as if an electric shock had been applied,\"O christ ,I cant believe how good that feels\" before she could say anymore Allison inserted het tongue into the womens arse. The previously inanimate woman bucked and started to push her arse back,wanting more penetration by the tongue,\"give it to me ,fuck my fanny is pouring juice god I\'ve never felt anything like this before,its unbelievable ,don\'t stop,please don\'t stop\" with that Allison removed her tongue,and slipped in a finger ,\"o I can feel his prick ,sliding against my finger\" she said the woman was past caring,as Allison slid her finger in and out ,her male companion continued to shag her pussy.The woman was rolling her head and muuttering to herself.

Whilst this was going on I have to admit I was transfixed,wondering just what it would be like to shag this creature.My attention moved back to the screen,the womans voice inploring \"no please don\'t stop,put your finger back I love it \" the screen now only showing the man and woman,still coupled in the same position,Allison could be heard,still somewhere in the room \"don\'t worry I\'m coming back ,I\'ve got a surprise for you\" I wondered what the hell she had in store,then Allison re-appeared,wearing a strap-on of not inconsiderable proportions,sliding back between his legs rubbing her hands down the shaft spreading the lbricating gell down its full length.Telling the woman to relax she re-inserted her finger into the womans arse,a gasp of pleasure her reward ,\"now my dear for your surprise\" quickly removing her finger and replacing it with the bulbous thead of the strap on .With a gentle thrust of her hips the head slid home,\"jesus ,it\'s splitting me in two ,o fuck its huge I can\'t take it \" Allison merely whispered \"yes you can ,just relax and leave it to me\" her male colleague slipped out his cock and eased himself from under the woman,Allison now in sole control,moving her hips slowly,introducind slightly more with each move ,as the woman became accustomed to the strap on she in turn started to push back until its full length was entering her body.Now she was literally screaming her pleasure getting louder with each length\"I\'m coming christ I\'m coming ,fuck I\'ve gone to heaven ,don\'t stop please don\'t stop\" but Allison had no intention of stopping,fast ,full strokes entering her arse ,squelching penetration,deep long strokes reducing the woman to a quivering wreck,her arms giving way she slid forward to the floor,the strap on slipping out and standing to attention .As Allison removed the weapon from around her waist she talked in a low ,deep voice to the woman,\"I told you that you would love it ,now you just watch your old man give me the real thing\" with that she knelt on all fours directly in front of the still prone woman,\" now you give me yours,I\'ve taken care of your wife now you fill me up\" as he re-appeared she grabbed his stiff cock,it glistened with lube,as he moved around to her rear she did not release her grip.As he positioned himself she fed hiss dick to her arse,slightly opening her legs she pulled him forward \"now ram it in ,fuck my arse and don\'t hold back I just need to be fucked\" he did not hesitate,his cock vanished,it\'s full length gone his balls resting on her lovely round cheeks.A tiny gasp the only sound from her,a grunt from him,repeated on each stroke ,she pushing back to meet each long stroke,looking back towards him she now encouraged his actions ,\" yes that\'s good,keep going yes I can feel you pummeling my insides ,what a man this is the best ever\". Whether it was true or not he was oblivious,all he could hear was Allison making him feel like a sex god the more she encouaged the faster he fucked,sweat pouring from his brow dripping onto her arse. She also was in the zone ,her face showing pleasure ,her gasping clear on film \"come on I\'m going to come,don\'t you dare stop, fuck me more,more you bastard\". No longer looking behind she looked at the floor ,her back slightly arching as she approached her own reward,slightly lowering her arms her arse pointed higher,making his entry easier and slightly deeper,this action tipped her over the edge,\"fuck it\'s coming jesus that\'s fantastic \" her whole body shaking in extacy ,suddenly his but cheeks clenched and his spunk was obviously flowing ,he was spent,leaning back he allowed his cock to slide from her hole.Allison just knelt in her position,her hole oozing his come,the hole large,gapping from the attention of his tool,the woman who had watched the pair avidly smiled \"from now on thats what I want,Allison you really are a complete whore,you have turned me into a slut and he thinks he\'s John fucking Holmes\" .Allison just smiled,\"well he didn\'t do badly did he ? I feel well fucked and you ,you tart don\'t ever call me names again,you can fuck for England\" .With that the video ended,unlike the first two the last session was performed to a basic script formulae,maybe good old Allison was thinking of going professional,she was certainly good enough.

As I lay in bed I could see why Charlotte loved this tape,the woman had been pleasured to exhaustion,fucked until she couldn\'t take any more ,who would\'t enjoy that? ,and Allison ,what a fucking woman!!!