Written by cwown

21 Jul 2013

I first met this couple in 2008, we had emailed and exchanged pictures and had met 2-3 times. Bob was very keen for H to let me shag her, unfortunately she did not have the same ideas. The times we had met before had been amazing and had always ended up in bed naked having some soft play. I thought I had missed the chance to shag H as I failed to turn up at a meeting shortly after the first meeting. Being based in the Midlands and they near London meant meetings don't happen too often. About 6 weeks ago I realised I would be in London with work on a Monday and needed to stay over on the Sunday night. I dropped them an email and said would they be around. A reply came fairly quickly. Let us know where you are staying and we will see what we can do. Hotel booked I dropped them another line. Marylebone Travel Lodge. The reply came back, ok we would need to meet fairly early as we cant be out too late, 5.00pm ok, for a drink and a chat, I doubt anything else as it has been so long since we have spoken. I replied and said 5.30pm would be ok and more than happy to just meet and have a drink (bollocks was it..... she is gorgeous and I so wanted to taste and feel her again!!! but boundaries would be respected!!!) A few days later Bob emailed and said it would be good to chat in a room as H had almost forgotten what you looked like and perhaps there would me more chance of something happening if we had spoken. A couple of evenings were pencilled in to try to touch base. The one night it did happen it was about 10.40 and we were all desperate for our beds. The Sunday came and little contact had been had. I therefore concluded that the meeting may only be a little bit of flashing and other than that a drink with some old contacts. I arrived at Marylebone running a little late I had texted them 30 minutes before arriving to let them know when I would be there. Parking took a little while and I booked into the hotel. The receptionist asked if I wanted two keys!! a first my immediate thought was no but something in side me said yes, two please. I went to my room and quickly changed. The plan was for me to find a pub near the station and the hotel. The room was basic and any room I had been in. I put my bags in the corner and headed off to find a pub. Text came through from Bob they would be about 10-15 minutes. I needed some cash so dropped into the station to the cash machine, both my cards were refused as they could not read the chip.. shit no money for drinks. The attendant pointed me to a cash machine a few streets away. I got there and found that it was my card not the machines playing up...shit. I headed back to the dtation and decided to try my card one more time. As I stood at the machine Bob came around the corner with the same idea to get some cash. WE shook hand and he told me H was just around the corner waiting for him. The machine paid up (phew) and we walked back to where he had left H. There she was a stunning as before, an hour glass figure and a face that just turned me on. we headed to the two pubs in the corner of Marylebone station. Neither was idea to chat so we headed towards Baker Street to a Wetherspoons pub. They had been there before so knew the area. The pub was nice but we hadn't come for the pub. WE ordered some drink and made our way to a sofa area. It was here where H decided to change her shoes from flats to her stunning heels. I love heals. as she messed around swapping her shoes over her skirt was riding up. I was then that I got the first glimpse of a stocking top. Conversation was easy and it was nice not to be in a rush. We talked about holidays, work and many other things. H was happy to let her skirt ride up exposing a little more of the lacy top of her stockings. We had been there around hours and conversation was going well. There had been a round robin of toilet breaks and it was H who needed the ladies. Bob told me that things were going great and that he wondered if I had two keys to the room as he like to let H and I go up first. Voila two keys perfect. gave him a key before H arrived back to the table. So what do you want to do said Bob shall we go back to Chris's room for some fun. Ok said H without hesitation. Shit I thought my luck is in for a massage or some soft play. "do you want to go ahead and I'll following along in a bit said Bob. Give me a call or I'll call you in five minutes" OK said H. H and proceeded to leave the pub and made the short walk back to the hotel. Personally I was nervoius and excited. I think H was too.. nervous of course... excited I hope!!!. We got to my room and having been together 3 times in the past kissing was allowed . WE stood near the window and began kissing. Our tongues explored each others mouths our hands gently glided over each others clothed bodies. I slowly began to unbutton her top to expose her pert breast in a black bra. We continued to kiss. She went for my belt and for the third time struggled with its design!!! I gave her a hand then went back to her breast which I had now released from her bra. circling her nipples with my fingers and sucking on them with my mouth. She helped me with the zip to her skirt and it fell to the floor. AS she finished undoing my trousers I made the conscious decision it was the time to loose the shoes and socks. she was rubbing my cock through my boxers. she was now stood there in stocking, pants and heels. WE moved to the bed and continued to kiss as we laid down. It must have been around 5 minutes and no sign of Bob I asked if I could remove her pants but she askd to keep them on until Bob arrived. Having been over 5 mintues H gave him a call.... where are you she said, giving you two some time Bob replied.. I'll be there in a minute. ok she said and hung up. Stand up she said, against the wall. H sat on the end of the bed and proceeded to take my cock in her mouth. expertly sucking it. The key went in the door and in walked Bob. oh yes he said as he watched his wife sucking another mans cock she continued this for a few more minutes then proceeded to lay back on the bed. I moved between her legs and up her body kissing licking and touching. Bob said to H you still have your knickers on, yes she said we wondered where you were. Bob sat down as I slowly began to take her pants off. He moved forward and passionately kissed H. I went down on H and began giving her oral sex. I love giving oral sex the taste the wetness. looking up her stunning body, watching her snog her husband as I was given the privilege of playing with her clitoris. I moved up her body. my cock coming close to her clitoris. Bob asked H is she would like me to rub her with my cock, umm she said as I moved forward Bob gave me a condom and asked me to put it on just to be on the safe side. No problem I said. Condom on I rubbed H with the end of my cock.

Then she said it "do you want to fuck me" without hesitation I said yes, "go on them" she said. I looked at Bob for assurance and approval. He said of course you can. I moved my hips slightly and my cock was lined up with H. I pushed forwards and felt my cock enter her most sacred of places, it was warm, wet and tight. I was in heaven, I continued to push forwards as I lowered myself into her and began kissing her. I started to pump in and out of her and felt the resistance ease as her wetness lubricated us.