3 Feb 2018

Me and the wife were just about to sit down and watch the television for the evening when the door bell rang. it was our friend Denis at the door he had call to see me about a bit of work, I showed him in to the living room knowing he would get a eye full Mary was not long out of the shower she was wearing a see through pink nightdress very very low cut and a matching slim coat which was open no bra and black see through knickers. Denis set in a chair facing the both of us Mary got up and went to the kitchen to make some coffee Denis said to me that Mary was looking great I said to him way don't you go and tell her. He stayed were he was was when Mary came back with a tray of coffee she sat it on the table and ask Denis to set beside us as it would be hander to get at , he came and sat on the left hand side of Mary As you all know by past stories Mary game for anything. To give Denis a the go head I stated to rub my hand on Marys leg and moved her nightdress up her legs Mary opened her legs a little and I put my hand just below her fanny, i new Denis was having a good eye full. I then pulled the string of her house coat and open it a little show you could see her big 44dd tits more. I said to Mary are you not to warm she said she was and she stood up and took her housecoat of not that there was mush of it, this give a great view of her tits and you could see her knickers through the nightdress. Denis got brave and said that she had a cracking body and I was a lucky man. At this point I put my hand in Marys nightdress and took a tit out and started to play with the nipple and suck it I told Denis to help him self which he did with the other tit Mary turn his way and frenched kissed him. She put her had on his dick and stared to undo his zip his cock was out and rock hard a good nine inch Mary went down on him and was sucking him good Denis was pulling the tits of her I pulled her nightdress right up and started to pull her Knickers of. At this point I stood Mary up and pulled the nightdress over her head living her naked. Denis was very hard i told Mary to sit on his dick he helh on to her side and started to buck her like a champion I took my dick and put it in her mouth so she was getting it in two holes I could not hold back and I spunked in her mouth she drank the lot I herd Denis moan he put his load right up her fanny. It was to get better Mary stared to wank us of and got us hard again Denis spunk was dripping out of her i pulled her on to me and put my dick right up her spunky fanny and started to rideshe started to pull her own nipples her Denis put his cock in her mouth and was getting a blow job Mary stared to cum she was moaning loud on hearing this I spunked her fanny again and Denis came all over face what a night.