Written by sgl5glr

3 May 2013

This happened just yesterday, I had a call from a customer of mine, who quite embarrassed said she had had some work done at a local garage and now her Campervan would not start.

Having had a small job on a car in Peterborough early in the day and a car viewing on the journey home I said I will be with you in St Neots at 1 pm.

I turned up and she came out gave me the keys to the camper and I lifted the engine covers (it's under the seats in this 'van) and took a look to see if there was anything obvious which would cause the camper not to start. She lean't across from the passenger side to see what I was doing and revealing her prominent cleavage. I never thought too much of it and she asked if I wanted a cold drink and went to fix me one... She then came round to where I was working. I was kneeling down looking into the engine bay,checking fuel pipes etc and she said where shall I put this... I turned my head and to see and my face was direct at her pussy level and her jeans zip was down... I said put it on the dashboard, she leaned over and brushed herself over my head while putting the glass on the dash. She went around the other side again and asked what I was doing and continued to flash her cleavage.Clearly she was flirting and in all the times I have serviced and work on her camper she has never been like this. I took off the air cleaner and the engine started, she was ecstatic but it still wasn't right. After a while I had sussed it that the fuel tank breather pipe had been twisted/constricted and sorted that. While doing this she was hovering around chatting away about the weather, going out in the camper, husband always away these days(self employed plumber)etc.

When I came out from under the 'van she was standing my side of the van almost over me. Like I said before unusual for her and I managed a glimpse of her creamy coloured panties through the still undone jeans zipper.

I stood up, turned the engine to on then pre heated it and turned the key....the van started first go. Needless to say with the engine running and smoothly now she was pleased.I questioned when was the last diesel she put into the 'van and the last run it had, she said November for diesel and last run was back from the garage,I said you need to put some fresh diesel in and all will be well again. She asked me how much for my time (there were no parts to pay for), I said £30 and she said I need to get some cash for you plus some fuel. Then she said..... you wouldn't mind coming to the petrol station with me, in case the 'van doesn't start?... I said yes okay as she had to go to the hole in the wall for my cash. Off we went and she got the cash, then the diesel.... making comments about the fuel flap being stiff and the pump nozzle fits deep into the tank neck in a flirty suggestive way.

We drove out of the fuel station and she headed off away from the direction of her house.... I said...where are we going..she said that I had said it needed a run and we were going for one... well thinking it would be up the town bypass I went along with it...and we ended up missing the turn back to town and I said we have missed the turning she said I can turn round up here.... she turned down a road to a small hamlet to turn round....she stopped the 'van leaned across and kissed me. She said thanks for sorting out my 'van and gave me the £30 cash. I was taken aback with the kiss as I don't usually get one and she said I have a bonus for you...and kissed me again,took my hand and placed it on her braless boob. Her nipple was as hard as a rock and my cock was following it tucked away in my overalls.

She said come on you in the back...not wishing to miss the chance yet with an element of should I be doing this... I still went in the back...She soon took her top off releasing her tits and dropped her jeans off standing their in her creamy coloured thong. She got on her knees and unzipped my overalls and hooked out my cock and sucked the head and wanked me....she said off with those overalls..... while I was taking off my boots she went to make the bed up and took off her thong to reveal a hairy but trimmed pussy. I slipped off my overalls and boxers and just grabbed me pulling me onto the campervans bed. we kissed and I had to suck those nipples and I so wanted to eat her pussy. She just wanted a quick hard shagging I found out after as she had been deprived for 6 weeks as Hubby was away and tired when he was home. I did get to eat her sex but after I had shagged her as she wanted...She was a minx in bed, the after quickie phase was a cuddle and chat with a drink from the fridge.... then I ate her pussy..still filled with my cum and she sucked me hard and we had sex again.... after she took me back to my van so I could go home...as I left she said... I will be needing the camper checking over before the end of May when I'm away for the week...