Written by Katie

13 Apr 2019

We had spent a brief long weekend in the Cap and had been amazed at the freedom and nudity. We decided to go back in the autumn, my boyfriend had already surprised me by encouraging me to fuck other guys and once he cleaned up a guys cock and on another let the guy spunk in his mouth, this wasn't something we did in Lincolnshire.

We went back in September for a week, there were less people but no less fun it seems . Lying on the beach with my pussy lips open ( I did have a butt plug in ) seemed to attract mostly guys but a few couples too. We have started to get more choosy now and we ended up day one with a bit couple and went back to their apartment. fuck me...excuse the pun but she blew my brains out, her husband fucked both our ass holes..actually 3..hubby first then me and then his wife. She sucked and licked me to a state where I physically shook.

We are newish to this but every experience is better...and hubby has started wearing a plug hahaha...happy hubby, happy wife..