Written by Carrie

8 May 2010

Hi, it’s Carrie here. My partner John, (gypsy) has posted some stories about me playing. I hope you’ve enjoyed them. I’ve had a great time. I wasn’t sure at first about getting into all this swinging stuff, and after I slept with someone else for the first time, I had a massive guilt trip, and wasn’t going to do it again. I’ve done it a few times now and am really getting addicted..lol. I get to sleep with other guys, and our sex life at home is amazing. Thanks gypsy for persuading me, love you babe x.

After reading Johns stories, and seeing how many people read them, I was amazed. By the way there are lots of great stories on here, I got some good ideas lol. Anyway, I wanted a shot of writing one to see how I go. John said I have some good stories from my past, but I’m not so sure. Anyway here goes.

Last week I had my first threesome (well foursome really) All the attention was great, I really enjoyed it, but I felt a bit self conscious with my partner being there. I know I am being greedy, but I will involve him more as time goes. I decided I wanted another sesh with Paul and Graeme, hoping I would feel more relaxed. We had all been texting back and forth, but yesterday was my first chance. Both guys were at home as they work shifts. I texted John to say I was going out to play and he told me to have a great time. I had a sunbed, then a bath and trimmed my pubic hair neat. I was excited and turned on. I put on a loose top and ripped jeans, (I like them, they have a history..lol) with low heels. As I drove to the boy’s place, I thought about what I was doing. A middle aged women, respectable and professional, on her way to have raw sex with two guys about 15 years younger. I felt myself blush, but also felt the wetness start inside me. As a youngster I was free and easy, but had never done anything like this. I was going to get fucked, used as a young men’s plaything, then go back and tell my partner. Then he would make love to me all night. I felt really wanton and abandoned. I was now craving new experiences (and new cocks lol).

I arrived at the door. Paul let me in. He was just wearing joggers. I admired his hot body. He told me that Graeme was just in the shower. He told me I looked hot and I told him he did too. He said “ I love your arse in these jeans” and with that he pulled me to him and started kissing me. His tongue probed my mouth and explored mine. I returned the favour. He grabbed my bum and pulled me hard into him. I could feel his bulge poking into my stomach. I was getting turned on, more so as our kissing got more urgent. Paul massaged my boobs through my top as I stroked his lovely long hair. He slid his hand under my top and expertly unclipped my bra, taking my left breast in his hand, squeezing it and teasing the nipple. I was in heaven, and moaning softly into his mouth.

The bothroom door opened, and Graeme came out with a towel round his waist. He was a bit shorter than Paul, with cropped hair, kind of stocky muscley. He smiled when he saw us kissing in the hall. He said “Hi Babe, can I interrupt”. I released Paul, and threw my arms around Graeme’s neck. His tongue quickly replaced Pauls, and soon he was working on my boobs. Paul stood behind me, kissing my neck. He had one breast and Graeme had the other. I was in heaven. I could never imagine how good this could be. I felt Paul undo the button on my jeans and pull the zip down. He slid his hand down and felt me through the material of my thong. I was already very wet. Then he slipped his hand inside my thong and started to rub my clit. Oh god i felt so good, one man kissing me and another fingering me. Paul’s finger slipped inside me and I started to shudder. I broke from Graeme’s mouth and cried out as an orgasm hit me. I bit down on Graeme’s neck until it subsided.

Graeme started kissing me again, while Paul pulled down my jeans and thong. I lifted one leg at a time to allow him to pull them off. Then Graeme pulled my top off, and my bra. When I was naked, Paul took my hand and led me to the bedroom. I lay on the bed and Paul lay next to me. Graeme dropped his towel to the floor and knelt on the bed near my head. I took his hard cock in my hand and started to stroke it. Paul parted my legs and lipped first one, then two fingers into me. I took Graeme’s cock in my mouth and started to suck him. I’m not very good with blow jobs, but I’m starting to get more into them now. I haven’t let many men cum in my mouth, but today might be different I thought. Paul went between my legs, licking around my cunt lips, then flicking my clit occasionally with his tongue. Nobody has ever licked me quite as good as my Johnny, but Paul was coming close. I tried hard to concentrate on sucking Graeme.. I was wanking him at the same time. He reached down and started to rub my clit, while Paul fucked me with his tongue. It was too much, I knew I was cumming again. I was moaning onto Graeme’s cock as my orgasm built up, and this seemed to excite him. He started to thrust his cock into my mouth, then I felt it twitch, and his salty cum hit the back of my throat. He spurted buckets. I tried hard to let it all slide down my throat, but some spilled from my mouth. I was concentrating so hard that I lost the thread of my own orgasm, and it faded. Paul stood up and removed his joggers. “Do you want me to fuck you now” he said. I answered yes please. He knelt on the bed and lifted my legs. I reached down and grabbed his cock, and guided it into me. I let out a gasp as his cock head entered me, then another as he thrust forcefully all the way inside me. It felt so good. He started with long slow deliberate thrusts, coming almost all the way out, then in again. Graeme lent over and started kissing me while Paul shagged me, it was mindblowing. Soon Paul was really giving it to me hard and fast. I felt my orgasm build again. No going back this time. I stopped kissing and cried out as Paul fucked me hard. My body started to shake and shudder as I had the most tremendous cum.

Paul must have cum too but I never even noticed. We all sat chatting on the bed. They told me they were having a poker night soon, and asked if I would fancy being the prize. I thought at first they were joking, but they were serious. I asked how many, and they said between 6 and 8. I was shocked. I said I would consider it but I’m not sure about it.

Soon Both were getting hard again. Graeme pulled me onto my knees, and slid into me doggy style, while I sucked on Paul’s cock. I was wanking him furiously, and his hips were bucking, shagging my mouth. Graeme just fucked me very slowly. After a while, I felt paul’s body go tense, and he came in my mouth. I started to concentrate on getting shagged now, and pushed back against Graeme, urging him to go faster. He started to fuck me hard, kneading my ass at the same time, whilst Paul massaged my boobs. I came twice in quick succession and Graeme came inside me.

After we had all calmed down. I got up and recovered my clothes. I kissed them both, thanked them and said I would see them later.

I drove home in a bit of a daze. I think 2 guys at a time is maybe the right number. I didn’t get distracted, and if I am honest, it was one of the best shags I’ve ever had. I got in and stripped an lay on the bed. John came home a short time later. He came in the room and saw me lying there with my legs open for him. He stripped off and went down on me. He said to me, “you have been a little slut again today, haven’t you” I just giggled. He had never talked like that before. He asked me for the details, but this time I told him no. He would have to wait and read them. We made love twice last night and again this morning. He will read this when he posts it for me tonight. Well I hope you enjoyed my story. I’m off out tonight with my friend Izzy. Maybe we’ll pull xx