Written by Clare

18 Jul 2013

On holiday with my husband jest the two of us for the first time in years, we gone to Jamaica an all in deal, it was our first time going that far or a place like that we thought it wonderful, even throw I couldn't quite get used to the way the locals some times looked at me in face it was quite rude it was men of all ages, my husband said don't take any notice its because you are white and a bloody good looking woman, his attempt of flattery

The hotel was good but the entertainment was a little lacking in the evenings after a couple of days we thought we go out, it was fine there was quite a lot going on near the hotel mostly bars with music, I must say some of the drinks they are strong and very large as well, as we not drinkers normally it sort of effected us more that most people

But saying that it relaxes you and may be you more likely to do things you would never do at home, one of them was in my case I was asked to dance I refused, then my hubby started to say go on have a dance you love dancing which I do but my old man I guess the last time he danced with me was our wedding day, a little later the same guy came along again and asked me to dance, after getting encouragement from my husband I did and I enjoyed it he was a good dancer, I think it was the booze and being on holiday I stayed for another

When I got back Les was grinning, I thought he may of been a bit pissed, we chatted then my friend was back this time with two rums for us saying they are special they where very nice, Les was at the stage he downed his in three go's a wast really

It ended up Tommy siting with us at the table there was small talk where we from and all that, we danced a few times it was present I enjoyed I it, also Tommy was charming and as us girls may say well fit I was flatted

Next morning, was my husband hungover he been sick in the night he looked ill, all wanted to go was drink water and rest, I was sitting out side near the pool area with my book

I was surprised my some standing over me, it was the fact the hotel is gated and I never expected to she him, the staff seemed to know him, he asked about Les my husband I told him he was ill he laughed, he then said so what are doing I explain I was jest going to stay her till my husband got better, he said it a lovely day don't wast it, any way after a time he wanted to take me to beach and some lunch I wasn't sure in the end I went up to our room my husband was no better, I did lie to him I said I wanted lunch and thought we go to the beach, that was out of the question for Les he said he was staying there I should go so was it a lie I jest didn't say with Tommy was going as well

I got changed, and went down Tommy made a phone call and we went, it felt funny waling out with a black guy talking to and the man at the gate gave me a different look this time a more knowing look

Outside a taxi pulled up, Tommy opened the door I said we can walk the beach is jest over the road, he said we not going to that one, we drove for about ten miles I guess and stopped at a bar,, we got out and went in it did food it was lovely better than the hotel Tommy made sure I had a could of drinks, on looking round I wasn't the only white woman in there thee was two more both with black guys so I did feel better about that

After the meal Tommy went off coming back with a parasol a mat and cold box where he got them from I don't know, so off we go this beach was almost deserted unlike the one near the hotel, he set every thing up we lay in shade chatting I got the impressing I was getting chatted up but it felt right I was comfortable with him, we went for a swim all he had on was his shorts and he is a dish no fat on him at all he has a muscular physique

I was really in joying myself, back on the beach in the shade we lay down, Tommy's shorts where wet so tight on him I was beside him, I think I must of been staring, from his groin down one leg was a bulge like tunnel in his shorts, there was not a word said I felt him take my hand he placed it over the bulge at first my hand was flat, then like it had a mind of its own my finger squeezed it I run my fingers over it I think trying to find the end as I did that I could feel it swell and grow I felt him watching me

There was silence still, he lifted his bum then pulled down his shorts, I was left holding his cock I almost jumped when that happened I think it scared me I had never seen one like this let alone touched one, he didn't do or say a thing he left down to me

I was gripping it in my finger, it was growing by the seconded I was very surprised how heavy it seemed, not only was it getting longer but it was swelling so much so my finger no longer touched each other at the finger tips, when you think with my husband my finger over lap and his only jest sticks out of my hand, I was mesmerized it was jet black veins

now started to bulge also unlike my husband this one had a foreskin which was now rolling back by its self to expose the end it looked much lighter almost pinkie white it had to do that the size of the bell end I was thinking his more than twice the size of my Les

I was so engrossed in watching this I didn't feel my bikini top come undone as I looked down Tommy's black hand slipped the strap off my shoulder his finger found my breast it was like slow motion I was surprised to see my nipples so stiff and and hard

I looked back to the now erect cock in my hand my fingers moved up higher it was a bit surreal, I must of pulled down the foreskin rolled back I could see his knob end it was even larger than what I was holding it was wider, all round the slit looked wet

I was gently pulled back so I was on my back, I felt his breath on my face then his lips touched mine his tongue touched my teeth I opened my mouth it was a real french kiss with passion as we kissed he tugged at my bikini bottoms I helped by lifting my bum they went past my thighs some how I kicked them off god here I was naked with a black man on a beach, I know sex was going to take place in fact I wanted it to it had gone past the point of no return, when you think of my sex life with my husband when it happens it at night almost always with the light off always in the miscarry position it always the same

He puts my hand on his dick to let me know he wants it he kiss me I pull my nightdress up

he gets on top of me I open my legs and he do it for a few minutes and he get off I go to the bathroom clean up and we go to sleep

I knew this was going to different but had no idea how different, we still kissing as his hand and fingers found my puss, I think it pleased him to find I was saved, I had only done that to ware a bikini or it still have a bush, it was like his finger where investigating my pussy very gently he eased a finger inside it made me gasp it was joined by another even the fingers felt big, he kissed my neck then each breast Christ that was good he was ages licking and sucking my nipples like that and his finger still in me I was getting near some thing I not had in years,he licked and kissed his way down my tummy he was now moving down very close to my grin his body was between my legs forcing then to open then he did it he licked me I don't remember the last time it was never done like this I was held open his tongue went right inside me I couldn't get my breath then he licked up and lashed my clitoris I exploded, as I came down I felt his wight on top of me then some thing quite huge push on my pussy he must of moved it with his hand I felt my lips parting there was pressure inside them he stayed there pushing harder I took a very deep breath

I felt my pussy give way it did hurt a little as I let the breath out I felt his flesh move in me slowly I filled up I felt my vagina walls stretch as more sank in to me inch after inch was pushed in, it was a feeling I never experienced before I was panted and moaned

He seemed to come to a stop I lay under him still panting, then quite slowly and gently he picked my legs up so they bent at the knee my feet on the mat my thighs where fully open with me like that he lifted himself up a little then drew his cock back then pushed it only moved a few inches inside me he repeated that a few times maybe six the last two where harder this time he went back a bit more then he came back with some force I screamed out loud it hurt he was on top of holding my shoulders we jest lay there he kissed me and whispered it was like your first time where all that had all gone I don't know but it felt out of this world

It was like he was making sure I was okay before he started to move, his movement and speed picked up, as soon as they did I had a deep feeling very deep in side each time he went fully in me where it had been uncomfortable it was wonderful, a climax was building

almost with out warning it hit me I was uncontrollable as soon as that past it started again I was shouting gaping and gasping for breath I little climaxes one after the other

As he started to pounded me really hard a huge one ripped threw me I could help it I was trying to buck under him I couldn't control my body, in the end he had my legs on his shoulders fucking me I sure he went deeper then a he let out a huge grunt and gasped a lot I felt his cock go in as deep as he could get it it seem to throb as he shot his load very deep inside me I felt myself trying to milk him my hole pussy contoured round his cock, we lay together a long time after that kissing I didn't want it to come out of me

He then asked if I had sex with my husband I told him I did he then said he must be very small, I said he was and it was six weeks the last time to which he replied it felt like your first time with a grin he said you are a woman now

We when in the sea for a time still naked when we came out Tommy fucked me again it was much easier to accommodate him this time we had another swim to clean up before he took me back to the hotel it was later than I should of been the guy on the gate smiled as if to say you went balk today

Les was getting better he only picked at his diner and an hour after he wonted to go to bed I told him I would stay up longer its not late all he said was don't wake me up then

With in an hour I sucked my first black cock it was only the second one ever I got fucked holding a fence bent over before I went up to bed and this was the third night of our holiday I managed more before we went home but that's another story