Written by Jean

17 May 2018

On March the 24th I wrote about our new sexual experiences in the cinema, we both loved the comments one reader suggested dogging, however to our knowledge it didn't exist in the 1970 as this is when our sex life opened up.

My husband's friend wanted another meeting, but I had told him it was a one off like we agreed,I'm happy to carry on but don't want to get into a relationship. He suggested we went away for a weekend we might feel more relaxed knowing that nobody would know us, I thought it was a great idea, we thought of London but decided it would be to busy for him to watch me being fucked by someone new, we decided on the coast as their would be more people but excess to the county, Brighton here we come.

We arrived lunch time and booked in we changed and went to the bar, a few people in as the weather was bad,some couples and a few single men, we had a couple of drinks and went for a walk, we went to the lanes and found a cosy wine bar, we took our coats off and found a table, as we sat I let my skirt ride up above my petticoat now showing the lacy hem, my husband said that looks sexy, are you getting in the mood, very much are you of course that's the reason we're here.

I put my hand on his crutch and he was hard, do you think we'll find someone, of course, we returned to the hotel and went to the room we both fell asleep after a long drive and a few drinks ready for the evening.

He went for a drink while finished getting ready, I'd chosen a dark blue button through dress with new underwear he hadn't seen, I went down and he was sitting talking to a couple, he introduced us and we sat chatting, they seemed really nice and he was gorgeous, I crossed my legs knowing he could see my stocking tops and knickers, his wife didn't notice, they seemed a little drunk but no problem, we all had something to eat at the hotel, and returned to the bar, we all sat in the seats which gave me more time to flash him, my husband knew exactly what I was doing, and I knew he would have a hard on.

The bar emptying out and they said they were going up, perhaps we could get together tomorrow lunch time, we agreed and they left.my husband said do you think their swappers, not sure but he loved looking up my dress, I know I saw him looking, excite you yes very much, he got a nightcap and I pulled my dress up so he could see my new underwear, wow that's beautiful, so white, with that the barman said he was closing but finish your drinks and see you tomorrow, we we the only ones left, I checked around and said I need to come, you can finger me in my new knickers,he told me to move opposite him and undo the top of my dress past my bra so he could see my nipples, they were already hard and he put his fingers on the front of my knickers, your quite damp, is he the man that would fuck you, yes, but I don't want to swap, his two fingers were inside me and his thumb played with my Clit I soon came.

We returned to our room, I wanked

him into my new knickers telling him how nice it would be the three of us, I don't think it's going to happen, we fell asleep,. He was alone we went to the bar,I asked is she still getting ready, no she has an upset tummy and is in bed, just thought I'd come and apologize, I asked him what will you do, crossing my legs so he had a good view, don't know. Well we're going for a drive why don't you come, sure you don't mind, not at all.

We drove around and stopped for a few drinks, more flashing, we drove past the posh school, he said they look great in those uniforms, I said you like uniforms, who wouldn't, we stopped at a pub and sat outside, the weather had picked up, after a bottle of wine I asked him about the uniforms, we were all a bit drunk, I like my wife to dress like a school girl while I fuck her in the back of the car.

My husband went for another drink, I said I know you've been looking up my dress did you enjoy it, very much, does your husband know, yes it turns him on,I'll show you when he gets back, he poured the wine,as we sat with him opposite me I pulled my skirt up past my stockings and opened my legs, my husband's hand went down the top of my knickers and played with me, do you like the view, yes, I bet you'd like to wank off while watching, yes, so would my husband, fancy a drive, we left and I got in the back, he soon had my blouse open and was sucking on my nipples, my hand went straight to his crutch he was hard, I unzipped him and started to wank him, I felt the car stop and looked out we were in a deserted car park, my husband had turned around to see the action.

He pulled my skirt up to my knickers my stockings and suspenders were showing, I knew my husband would be ready to wank but leave it a bit longer, or he would come to soon, my knickers were pulled over and he put his fingers in me while I pushed against his hand, my husband said fuck her, he moved around and went inside me, it felt wonderful, he pumped away, how could he last so long in these circumstances with a new woman and being watched, I came before him, and finished him off by hand.

We sat for a while, he asked us was this our first time, no and we explained about the cinema, he said he'd been trying to get his wife to do the same but no luck, she seems to like you two, if she's ok fancy giving it a try tomorrow. Defiantly, we met the following lunch time to terrible weather and she was back to normal, the afternoon, what would it bring, sorry this is so long, but we feel that bam thank you, mam isn't always that exciting, let you know what happens.