Written by Helen

30 May 2018

This is the story of how I came to make a profile on here and look for a man to fuck me while my husband watches.

We met when i was 20 and he was 30 and i soon moved in with him and had two children and for the first 20 years everything was ok we had a good sex life and i was happy (still am lol) then one day i had a facebook message and was shocked when i looked at it as it was from an ex boyfriend i hadnt seen for 23 years since i was a teenager so i opened it and it was a "Hi long time no see how are you " message so i replied with the same and we soon got talking about old times, after a couple of days the talk got round to where and when we used to fuck like how he used to fuck me in his bedroom at night and we had to be quiet so we didnt wake his brother and round his mates house on bunk beds where he would be fucking me on the top bunk while his mate fucked his girlfriend on the bottom bunk and my house where after my mum went to bed he would lay me on the kitchen table and fuck me while he was standing before we went into the living room for more and the time we were in a quiet street on the back seat of his mums car fucking like rabbits when i looked up and stared two teenage boys in the eye who had their faces inches from the glass (we really laughed about that one) they ran when he shouted at them and we just carried on and he got in trouble for leaving a stain on the back seat (his cum from my pussy) and he had to say it was McDonalds milkshake, anyway the inevitable "it would be great to meet up for a drink some time to talk about old times" message came and i thought about it and decided why not as it wouldnt be cheating as it was just a drink with an old mate and i had never cheated in 20 years, he told me he was a delivery driver and quite often came up my way so next time he was due he would message me and we could meet up.

While this was going on unbeknown to me my husband had become suspicious as i hadnt realised from leaving my phone laying around anywhere i didnt let it leave my side and he eventually got hold of it one night after i had a few too many and feel into a very deep sleep and changed my facebook password so he could see what was going on my facebook on his computer, he read the messages as i hadn't deleted them but decided to say nothing as we hadn't done anything yet and he wanted to see where it would lead.

So when my ex said he would be in my area i agreed to meet him for a drink in a pub i had never been in a few miles from where i live, i drove there and he turned up and got out of his van and a lot of the old feelings came back and straight away i realised i still fancied him, so we walked into the pub together and had a good chat and a laugh for a couple of hours before he said he had to go so we went outside and i went to kiss him on the cheek goodbye but he moved his head and kissed me on the lips i made a joke of it and called him a cheeky so and so and went home, when i got home hubby said "hi where have you been" and i felt guilty saying that i had been round a girlfriends house who knew where i was and would cover for me not knowing he knew exactly where i had been and who with, so we carried on chatting not knowing hubby was seeing every message we sent to each other and the messages started to get very naughty so when he said he would be in the area again and would like to book a hotel room to use for a couple of hours if i was up for it i didnt take long to think fuck it it would be fun and if hubby never knew about it it would never hurt him so i agreed and he booked a hotel, hubby read these messages and he told me later he was surprised with himself when he realised he wasnt fucking angry like he should be but turned on by the thought of me sneaking off and fucking an ex.

I met with the ex at the hotel and we went up to the room walked in stripped off and spent the next hour and a half sucking and fucking and i loved it he was still a good lover and had taken care of himself so we finished fucking then washed each other in the shower before going home, we kept messaging each other and agreed to meet again for more sex but we had used a expensive hotel he first time because i know people who work in the local budget hotels so i said it would be better if he came to my house as he could come in the back way and no one would know, hubby had read this and knew i had already fucked him so when the ex said he was in the area hubby made sure i would think he was nowhere in the area and it would be ok so i agreed for him to come round and he did and again we fucked for a couple of hours, this went on for a few months then one day hubby got a call from our daughter who had left her purse at home and needed it badly so he agreed to rush it to her and left, i went into the front room and was getting something from the draw near his computer and as i did i could hear the sound of a woman who was obviously being fucked so i sat at his computer and opened his video player which had been collapsed and my blood froze as i realised it was me, i was on my bed on my front ass up in the air with my lover fucking me from behind hubby had hidden a camera and was filming us, i went into shock he obviously knew what had been going on but i had no idea he knew anything about what was going on, i looked at his folders and found all the videos he had taken and realised he had been filming us from the start and had every time we fucked on video, i waited until he got back and told him what i had found and he told me all about the facebook stuff and the fact that it was a massive turn on for him to know i was fucking another man and he loved to see the films of me taking another mans cock, so we sat down and talked and he said he really wanted to be in the same room and watch as i fucked another man so i mentioned it as a joke to the ex and he replied in no uncertain terms that there was no way he would ever do that so i have agreed to come on here and find a stranger to fuck me while he watches, and that is the reason i'm here.