16 Sep 2015

I have been having some fun on and off with my Boss Neil at work since a Company event about 18 months ago, when we ended up in bed at a Hotel while on a Training course. When we get the chance we like to have some fun ,he says I am great fun with a equally good body, well I think similar of him but with us both being married ( not to each other ) we take our chances when we can , my husband does work away now and then and its the same for Neil's wife Angela.

The other Friday night after work I had gone out for a drink/meal with Neil to a country pub on the way back we pulled in to our usual woodland car park we often go too, we were both feeling very horny after a night of touching under the table at the pub and kissing when we came out to the car.

I soon had Neil's trousers off of him as he had asked me to get down to just my bra and suspender set as he drove to the car park , he had the seats back as I released his lovely big dick , he had also not been messing around as had soon whipped my bra off along with my damp g string. I was playing with his cock as he took delight in biting my tits and loves to leave them marked so I have to cover up his bites with make up or make some excuse to hubs why I have bruises on my 36E tits.

We were well in to each other not noticing another vehicle pull up at one side of us, I was teasing Neil as I would suck his dick for awhile ,then sit on his lovely big dick , before getting off to suck it again for him , he says it drives him mad ,but I think he does actually like it as his dick seems to get even bigger an harder than usual. I had swapped positions on him a few times when Neil looked up saying to me don't look up now but you have a guy watching you through the window, so like you do, I looked up my mouth with the head of Neil's dick in it as his fingers were in my wet pussy, with me in just in my suspenders and stockings.

I realised straight away he was a guy I pass probably 8-12 times a week in the streets or playing field as we walk our dogs at home either morning or evening and weekends, he has always smiled and said the usual morning, evening chat you do as a dog walker , sometimes we have said the odd sentence to each other. I was thinking OH No !!! as I knew he spoke to my hubs and knew him quite well, even as I still had Neil's dick in my mouth. The guy just stared at me stuck his thumbs up at me and was grinning like a Cheshire cat at obviously recognising me , Neil said you look like you have seen a ghost you ok ! I said fine apart from he knows me and knows Husband even better.

Whoops, said Neil, could be embarrassing, I said you bet it is !! Neil's answer to that was to pull me on top of his hard cock , I couldn't see the guy now and Neil was urging me on to ride him and I wanted to cum as I thought well he has seen me now , so go for it , as we fucked like mad things . I think it had turned Neil on to know he was fucking me as a man I knew had watched us after we had both cum Neil let the window down lower on the other side of the car for some fresh air.

When this guys face appeared again looking through the open window, I tried to cover my bare pussy and tits with my arms, as he said oh it is you !!?? how are you doing , I mumbled a fine thanks, as he said well better be off now the dog has had a walk, see you soon and waved to Neil and myself.

I said to Neil what am I going to do he knows its me now, he said Oh ! he will probably be ok and not say anything trying to re-assure me, so as we dressed and made our separate ways home , I lay in the bath thinking of this guys face along with his big black dog he owns and studied my boobs marked by Neil's sharp teeth I went to bed dreaming of bumping into him in the street and what would happen.

Well we passed each other a few times and nothing was said , maybe just because people were around, then one evening my husband was away for a few days and I had gone out a little later went round a corner and bumped in to the guy, he said sorry , how are you to me politely, I thought all good so far !, then he mentioned my hubby and why I told him I don't know but I said he was away that night and for 3 more nights .

He introduced himself to me as Martin, he put his hand out to shake so I shook it , as he held my hand he said does your husband know about the guy in the car I said no ?! trying to keep my composure , he said I would like to talk with you some more , I said Oh Yes ! and as you are on your own with hubby away , we could chat now and led me off towards his house off a quiet cul-de-sac . we got to the door and I said , I don't know about this ! where he said perhaps I should speak with hubby next time I see him, I said please don't ??.

Well do come in then as we sorted the dogs out one in the kitchen, one in the garden, he asked me if I wanted a drink , I said yes please ,my throat dry and he came back with a strong G & T as he took my coat from off my shoulders and asked me to sit down. I was hoping he was a reasonable man when I noticed him looking at my legs , he smiled and said maybe we can make a arrangement, I said OK as he fired back with you come around here each evening for a hour between 7pm - midnight so no set time but you must stay a hour , I said I do work away sometimes where he said you will have to make the time up and stay longer on a weekend.

I asked what would we do in that hour and he said you will do what ever I tell you to do, I now thought what can he ask of me especially if he knows Hubby, so I said ok but for how long he said I will let you know, shall we start now so I said ok , he led me into the kitchen saying finish the washing up, as I stood there thinking Oh this might be ok I had his dog keep coming over to sniff around my crotch and try to get its nose up my skirt. Martin was stood watching smiling at his dogs efforts when I had finished and tidied away he asked for me to sit on his lap as I sipped my drink , he told me I was very pretty and had enjoyed seeing me even more in the summer months in my short skirts and t-shirt tops.

He put his arm around me telling me to relax and lean back against him as I did my skirt rode up about 2-3 inches above my knee, he was sniffing my perfume and I could feel his cock was now hard under my bum, he said I had a super body , I thought how does he know ,then remembered the car night . He added you have shapely legs putting his hand between my legs , I closed them tight as he said you will do as I say, so parted my legs wider as his hand travelled up my skirt above my hold ups I had worn for work that day, he touched bare flesh said smashing and pressed his fingertips against the front of my g string.

Martin then told me to stand up in front of him as his dog came to sit up beside me, as I did as I was told he said lift your skirt up around your waist or take it off which ever is easier, so I slipped it off ,stepped out of it as I bent down to pick it up the dog stuck his nose up my bum, making me jump. He said I can see why you get men wanting to fuck you, great legs and you had a juicy cunt that night as he told me to spin around slowly, his fingers touched me as I turned round and lingered on my bum and pussy, he asked me to pull my g string front down and put a finger inside myself for him to see and lick clean so I did as he said, feeling his lips suck on my finger. TBC

This is my introduction to Martin if you like and want to hear more let me know on here please, xxSu