Written by DeeJay12

13 Jul 2013

Well, it was a Friday, late afternoon. We had already arranged to meet a friend in town for a meal (she is on this site too) and we found ourselves with a couple of hours to spare. . . Donna came up with a bright idea and suggested we go for an outdoor shag and of course it took me less than a second to agree. We decided to look for a place close to where we were going to meet our friend. After about 20 minutes searching we found a track off the main road that led into some woods so I reversed the car onto the track just far enough to be out of site of oncoming traffic and then got to work on Donna. Lots of kissing, smoothing, fondling, feeling and rubbing which lasted for about 10 minutes before it all got too much for us. We got out of the car and made our way around to the back, lifted the boot up on our people carrier and Donna sat down in the back and started to do what she is very good at . . . Sucking cock. After a couple of minutes Donna looked up, cock still in mouth and smiled at me which was an invitation for me to bend her over the back and proceed to do what I do best and that is, giving her a jolly, jolly, goof fucking. It wasn't long before I shot my first load over her bare arse and not waiting for me to go slack I went straight back in (she loves it). Because I'm only human, the second one was always going to last a little bit longer, however, as I was coming closer to my second cum shot for some reason I looked over my shoulder. Shock, horror, gasp, no more that 20 yards further up the track stood a middle aged couple (ramblers with their dog). It was obvious they were watching, not sure if they were shocked or enjoying it. As most of you guys will know, when you get to the point of no return, nothing or no one is going to get in the way or stop you finishing the job off. So continuing to do my manly functions I shot my second load deep inside her , pulled out, calmly pulled my shorts back up, whilst at the same time picking donnas knickers back up. At his point Donna had not noticed them, so I whispered in her ear . . . We are being watched. Without looking back I went to the drivers side, Donna the passengers side, we got into the car. I looked in the mirror and could see that they had a big smile on their face. We started the car, drove onto the main road. Having drove for a few seconds we both burst out in rapturous laughter. It was time to go and see our friend. We can assure you it made a good story to tell during our meal. We had a great night. We wonder if the ramblers had told thief friends the same story?