Written by The wimp

6 Oct 2007

We'd been married so five years and our sex life never great had tailed off to the occasional sunday morning. Usually there was the complaint from Jan 'what am I susposed to do with that little thing?'as she with my semi hard five inches between her fingers guided it into her juicy hole.

Jan took to going out Saturday nights with some of her pals from work I watched telly and was usually in bed when she came in. I read some porn and feeling let down by the size of my prick tried all that I had read to improve the state of my genitals. Of course nothing really made any permament difference.

Jan taunted me constantly calling me a wimp and one saturday night returning home quite piddled tugged my foreskin back saying that some girls had a bigger clit than my puny little knob. She joked that I'd be better of in bra and panties!

The next time she went out with her friends I took to a number of cans of strong lager before making my way up to our bedroom. In the bathroom I found a pair of Jans discarded knicks and remembering her scathing words put them on. I didn't look right, small as I was. I pulled them to my knees and pulled my prick and balls back between my legs trapping them with my thighs, then I pulled her knicks back up.

I was quite pleased with the effect even having a slight fold between my legs, worried that Jan might be home soon and catch me I quickly rumaged through her wardrobe selected a short little skirt and carefully put it on. In the mirror I looked quite passable, at least from knees to waist.

It was gone midnight Jan would be in anytime I returned her skirt to the hanger and with lagered courage

decided to to go to bed in her knicks. I dosed off. Normally she would have been home by midnight but it was gone two thirty when I was woken by a car door slamming and the car driving off. As the bedroom door opened my intoxicated haze lifted I still had Jan's soiled knicks on.

Usually Jan had a few while she was out and just collapsed in bed but this night she put on the light and swaying unsteadilly tossed a pair of soggy knicks into my face. As she dropped her clothes to the floor told me that her knicks had been soaked by a bloke with a real prick. 'Not a puny little thing like yours'. As she said it she pulled back the sheet.

She laughed and pulled her knicks off me. I realised I was still holding her cum soaked knicks to my face and enjoying the smell. Jan straddled my little prick that had now stiffened, her thighs wide she dribbled cum onto my balls and prick. ' Fancy yourself as a little girlie do you' she said, 'Always thought so, I'll buy you a set of your own' Jan lowered herself onto my prick. 'D'you like Paul's cum? '.

Jan bounced her bum on me my prick squelching in Paul's cum, who ever Paul was? I lay back Jan squatting on me I soon shot up inside her.

Morning came the last night seemed unreal. Nothing was said we'd both had a lot to drink, Monday saw us off to work, Jan came home one evening with a couple of shopping bags M&S etc. She gave them to me and said they were for my Saturday nights. I was to wear them while she was out.

Saturday came and Jan got ready to go out I always enjoyed watching my Jan get ready but this time I was to dress myself, knicks, bra, stockings skirt and blouse Jan made me up. Jan told me that Paul was an ongoing thing, he was happily married but liked to have a girlfriend she'd be his for a while. She liked me dressed as I was, she'd told all her friends about me and if I liked I could go out with them at least untill Paul arrived, then I'd have to make my own way home.

My life had become very different and I was now totally controlled by my wife Jan.