Written by Paul

17 Sep 2015

Like most of the stories on here this started with our relationship needing to be spiced up after a lack of interest in sex from my wife. We are both 47 been together 25 years Eileen my wife still looks really good for age, short dark hair, size 10, 34b, 5ft6 and a nice bum. We had a few arguments and a lot of sulking But then Eileen started to open up a bit asked me what I really wanted I just said it would be nice if she was more flirtatious and just made the best of yourself and that a bit more sexual interest.

She started to make a real effort got her hair done and bought new underwear and several new dresses. Eileen was like a totally different woman she looked amazing and started to become more sexual to the extent of flirting with the old guy next door who she knew fancied her for years which I knew she quite liked him as well. Sex was good and she enjoyed watching porn and didn’t mind watching lesbian porn which quite excited us both.

We went on holiday to turkey for fifteen days Eileen bought new bikinis and several short summer dresses. In the past she had said that the Turkish guys were lecherous and made her feel uncomfortable but this point of view changed. We got to the accommodation and lazed around the pool for the first day and then went out that and ended up in a bar restaurant. The drink was flowing freely a Turkish guy the bar owner pulled her up to dance; she was a little embarrassed at first but then went with the flow. He pulled her in close and then spun her round and cupped her breasts and was thrusting himself simulating sex. Eileen looked at me I just smiled she started to gyrate as he was thrusting himself I must admit it excited me as the music slowed down he pulled her towards him and kissed her.

Eileen walked back to the table a little flushed and said I can’t believe I just let him do that to me she said she could feel his erection pushing against her and that the only thing that stopped him taking her was that she had pants on. I asked her if she enjoyed it she said sort of she was so wet down below she practically pounced on me in the room and was horny for hours.

The next day she enjoyed talking about the night before I knew she wanted to go back to the bar but she didn’t let on so on the third night we planned to go back to the same bar not with any intention of anything happening. Eileen put her shortest dress on and looked great we arrived at the bar at first she looked disappointed that the guy was not there then her eyes lit up as he appeared. He made a beeline for her. He introduced himself as Adnan and told us that the waiter was his brother. He flirted with Eileen telling her how sexy she looked and asked if I minded them dancing I said no not at all.

They danced very intimately like lovers for several dances then Eileen came over and asked if I minded her walking to the beach with Adnan I was a bit surprised and immediately said yes she gave me a little kiss and said thanks. Adnan’s brother came over and asked if I minded his brother flirting with my wife I said no we chatted for a while he told me he was gay and that he found English guys very sexy. After about an hour Eileen returned she had a glow in her face and looked very contented she smiled at Adnan then joined me she was a little quiet at first I could see her bra and knickers pushed in the top of her little handbag. She whispered in my ear I just shagged him on the beach I just can’t believe it.

As we walked back she told me she felt so dirty she could feel his cum oozing down her leg god I felt so turned on and as soon as I got to the room licked and sucked all of Adnan’s cum from her wet pussy then had my turn. Eileen woke me in the morning with her mouth slowly sucking my cock demanding more sex which I obliged straight away. We lay talking she asked if I was ok with her and Adnan I gave her my approval she said did you know his brother was gay I said yes he chatted to me for a while then she jokingly said did you enjoy licking Adnan’s cum from my pussy I smiled and said yes.

For the rest of the holiday we ended the night by visiting Adnan’s bar and Eileen having her desires met. Now we are back home she is a changed woman and on a few occasions called Adnan’s name out when she was in a full orgasm.