Written by Silman

7 Jul 2013

Today being very hot always reminds me a day in my life that i shall never forget.It was a very hot day in question about 10 years ago.

It is a true story and i still to this day smile about it and still remember it like yesterday. I had been married to Sue for 12 yrs and the sex was great, we did most the usual things like sexy photo's, sex toy etc and almost had a foursome but was just same room sex in the end.

Reaching our 30's Sue started to want less and less. Im not sure if she wanted kids or just loved her job so much but she certainly didn't want cock.

In the end, well i say the end, i mean up untill this hot day came along. All i had from Sue in four years was a blow job. This left me having to mastabate a lot, looking at porn etc.

Sue had gone away on the Thursday night for a girls hen night in Benidorm till the Monday. She phoned me from Gatwick to say they were boarding soon and said not to forget helping her mum on Friday or Saturday or when ever the new bed was turning up.

Her mum Steph had ordered a new bed and that Greg, Sue's father in law, was in Scotland till the Sunday evening.

Steph rang me on Friday morning and asked if i could come around about 9 o'clock saying that the bed could be delivered any time after 9.

I told her i'd be around just after 8.30 and told her to get the kettle on.

Steph answered the door in just a short night top and bikini bottoms, i could see she had no bra on from how far her nipples poked out.

She had always been comfortable with me, some times saying i was her favorite son in law.

I was used to seeing her dressed like this and took no notice at all.

Not sure if big nipples ran in the family but Sue also had big nipples.

Steph was in her mid 50's and very petite and slim, if anything on the skinny side but a lovely pair of tits, which i had seen many times on holidays we had been on.

She wasn't that pretty but far from ugly with a very funny , good for a laugh personality.

We got chatting over a cuppa tea, Steph saying how nice and hot it was outside and what a beautiful sunny day it was.

"Think its a day for some sunbathing after the bed arrives," said Steph. "It is a lovely hot day, i might join you if thats ok Steph" i replied.

"That would be nice, i could do with the company seeing as Greg's not here" Steph said.

The phone rang and Steph was told that the new bed was coming on the Saturday and not the Friday.

Steph was a bit annoyed but asked if i didnt mind coming around Saturday aswell. " No problem Steph,i dont mind at all" i told her.

We got two sunbeds out on the patio and chatted. I had shorts on and a t-shirt.

It was a nice secluded garden on the end of a road with only people living one side next door.

Steph sat upright with her legs either side of the sunbed and in one swift move, whipped her short top off exposing her lovely tits.

"May as well get them out while them next door are away on holiday" said Steph.

I had seen Steph's tits quite a few times on a few holidays we had been on but today seeing them seemed different. Maybe because we were not on holiday or because we were alone.

Taking my t-shirt off, i relaxed on the sunbed and tried to not keep looking at steph's tits but as we chatted i think she could see i kept dropping my eyes having a quick sneaky look.

Steph asked if i fancied a drink and went back in the house, her tits bouncing as she walked.

I started feeling a bit horny and thinking all sorts of things going thorugh my head. Steph came back out with the drinks and as she bent down to put my drink by the sunbed her tits dangled and looked real nice,i wanted to just cup them and feel her nipples.

My cock twitched and made me think, was this wrong to want to fuck my mother in law.Well the way i was thinking at the time, i would of fucked anyone.

"If i get a stiffy im gonna blame you Steph", i told her jokingly. " Why's that" she replied.

"Well you have got a nice pair of tits Steph and i've not seen a good pair of tits for a while now" i told her.

"You must see Sue's all the time" she said. " Only now and again when she gets changed in the bedroom or bathroom, I've not seen her pussy for four years" i told Steph.

The look of shock on Steph's face was a picture. " Are you fucking joking", said Steph in a real shocked voice. " No im not steph, only thing i've had was a blow job 3 yrs ago" i said.

"Oh my god" were the only words to come from Steph's mouth.

I told her not to say anything because i felt like it was maybe my fault.

" Dont worry, i know how you feel " said Steph, "I've not had a cock for six years so we're in the same boat really" she said.

She went on to tell me how Greg became impotent with getting older and he had a few illnesses.

We both went quite for a moment, was we thinking the same thing?. I was soon to find out.

The weather just got hotter and nearing mid day we had finished the first bottle of wine.

Steph asked me to get another bottle out of the fridge and aslo grab the sun cream off the kitchen worktop.

I poured us a drink then Steph asked me to put some sun cream on her back. I squatted over her body and the sunbed she laid on and applied the cream to her back and shoulders.

" Mmmmmmmm that's nice, do my legs after" Steph asked.

I was looking forward to this bit because after a couple of wines and what we had chatted about and the fact that my cock had started to stiffen just doing her back.

I started at her ankles and worked my way up to her inner thighs, going very close to her bikini gusset.

I got nearer and nearer to it and noticed her legs open a tiny bit. My cock was now nearly solid and then i decided to go for it.

I slid my right hand gently up her inner thigh and stroked her pussy over the bikini bottom. the only thing i heard was "Mmmmmmmm" coming from Steph's mouth. I did it again and her legs opened about another couple of inches.

I started just stroking her over the gusset now and tops of her inner thighs and she let out the low sexy moans.

Just as i started to think , do i stop now or take it further and slide a finger under her bikini bottom when i heard the words " Dont stop".

That was it, i slid a finger under her bikini bottom and it slid straight into her hot pussy, making her moan as i did.

Her pussy was shaved around the lips with a strip of hair above but very wet.I pulled her bikini bottoms to one side and slid two fingers in making her moan again.

My cock was now solid and i just wanted to fuck her so bad." If you wasn't my mother in law Steph, i'd fuck you from behind right now" i told her.

She pushed her wet pussy back on my fingers and said, "Well today your mother in law would love to be fucked from behind and no one is ever going to find out so forget im your mother in law and fuck me now". Steph said.

I had to fuck her, my cock was bursting and here was my mother in law wanting cock and i wanting to fuck her even more now.

I bent down and kissed her pussy tasting her mature cunt, all wet and soft. Steph moaned as i flicked her clit with my tongue, dipping it into her hot pussy to tease her.

I stopped and stood up to lower my shorts, my stiff cock springing out.

Steph's eyes looked at my cock then at me and said, " Come inside, i want to suck that cock first".

We both stood in the living room and i pressed my chest into Steph feeling her hardening nipples digging into me. Her pussy started to grinde on my stiffy as we kissed.

Steph sld my shorts down and then bent forward and licked the tip of my stiff cock.

"Long time since i've sucked a nice hard cock like this" she said and then swallowed half my cock, sucking me as deep as she could go. " Oh fuck Steph, thats beautiful" i said.

She carried on giving me one of the best blow jobs of my life as i cupped her hanging tits and teased her hard nipples. I moaned more as she sucked me, stopping to lick down my cock and suck my balls.

"Think its about time mum in law had some of her son in law's cock inside her", i told Steph.

She took my hard cock from her mouth and said, " I think it is".

I guided Steph back onto the sofa and knelt on the floor between her legs, laying her back in the center of the sofa i pulled her bikini bottoms off and gave her pussy a real good licking with my tongue, flicking her clit and tonguing all around her hole, making her moan real louder.

She gripped my hair firm and moaned out loud she was cummin, my mouth not moving from her pussy as she cum and her body shook.

"Oh fuuukkkkkk, that was good baby", she said. " Her hot wet mature pussy was ready for cock, something it had not had for a long time and i was just about to give her it. The thought of it just made me harder, what with me not having any pussy for a while this fuck wasn't gonna last long.

I pulled Steph to the edge of the sofa and positioned my self between her legs. She held my cock and guided it to het pussy hole, rubbing it up and down her wet cunt lips, teasing her clit.

I pushed forward and the tip of my cock slipped into her wet hole, i pushed again and it went all the way in. We both moaned out loud as my cock went all the way in for the first time.

Fuck this was so naughty and so wrong but so nice.My cock was wet within seconds as i slowly fucked my mother in law. Steph grinded hard against me moaning and enjoying a cock after not having one for so long.

"God i've missed cock" she said in a lustfull voice. "I've missed pussy and your pussy is fucking gorgeous Steph" i replied ramming it into her a bit harder and faster.

We had only been fucking for about 4 minutes when Steph said she was near to cummin.

"Yes fuck me, im gonna cum baby" she screamed. I fucked her harder and could feel my spunk rising too.

"Ohhhhhh yesssssss , oh fuck yesssss, Steph moaned and my cock spurted my hot spunk deep into her as her pussy soaked my cock more and clenched round my cock , draining every drop of spunk from my balls.

" Oh fuck that was beautiful" i said to Steph , kissing her on the lips and our tongues fighting.

" Thankyou, i so needed that" she replied. " I think we both did", i said.

" Not a word to anyone about whats just happened" Steph said to me. "Well we both know the score Steph, we both been a long time without it and we are both adults and any time you want or need fucking just let me know" i told her.

"Ok deal" she said. " Well as it goes, i could do with being fucked all weekend if you dont mind".

"Mind", i said, " I'd love to fuck you all weekend" i told her. We kissed again and after a little while in the garden we were soon fucking again.

From the Friday to Sunday we fucked, licked and sucked all over the house. My mother in law really had missed cock or she just loved a hard cock.

She even woke me Sunday morning with my cock in her mouth. I had never had a woman make me cum so many times over two days.

We did manage to fuck a few more times for about 6 years after that.Just now and again when we got the chance.

I even managed to slip one up her from behind in her bedroom once while Greg was in he garden shed.He would take ages doing things because of his age and it would take him long enough just to walk back up the garden, just enough time for me to fill mother in law's pussy up with another load of my hot cum.

We have stopped now after nearly getting caught but im sure she might just want son in laws cock just one more time.