23 Aug 2016

The story is, I'm a mid forties Asian lady with 2 teenagers and a husband. Mo my husband is away a lot on work trips while I stay home and look after the house and the kids. Anyway I found out my husband had been cheating on me for years with his secretary, I was absolutely devastated when I found out, when I was screaming at him about it he just said things happen so live with it.i was so upset and angry I shouted I'm going to make you pay, God knows how I was going to that. I left the house and went to the country club I play tennis and got myself a drink, as I sat there my coach came over and sat next to me. He is a similar age as is a real flirt, and good looking and single. So we started chatting about this and that when I broke down and started crying. I told him what had happened and how mo was, he just said leave him, I asked him if he knew a way of paying him back. He smiled and said sleep with someone, film it and send it to your husband. Cocidering I've only slept with my husband I really was clueless about these thinks, luckily coach new things.

Well you guessed it my coach offered his services, to which I agreed. I've always fancied him anyway so this was going to be fun. As we went to his flat we talked about how much we both fancied each other and how much he wanted to sleep with me. When in his flat he turned around and started kissing me, I responded by kissing him right back, his strong hands grabbed my bum and lifted me up and started walking with me wrapped around him.when we got in his bedroom he pulled my top off followed quickly by my bra, my tits were free, he started sucking on them nice and gently. I was so turned on I could help moaning. As he was sucking on my tits he undid my trousers and pulled them down leaving only my thong covering up my pussy. I felt his cock thru his trousers, it seemed to be quite big, I undid his trousers and pulled it out. It was gorgeous to look at, a nice big bell end I wanted to suck. I lay on his bed as he took the rest of his clothes off, he was in good shape. I pulled my thong off to show my pussy, I was quite shocked with my behaviour but being on my own a lot and reading other stories on this site it all seemed natural. Coach came over and started licking my pussy, licking my lips and clit, I was so turned on it didn't take long for me to cum, he just kept licking then fingering me, he was an expert!! I came again soon after, it was the first time I'd received oral sex, I wanted his cock in my mouth. As I started to suck on his bell end he grabbed his phone and took a couple of pictures, he smiled at me as I deep throated him. He then asked me to start riding him, so I did. Again he took a few pictures with me riding his dick, he was a lot bigger than my husband. It wasn't long before I came for a third time, which makes 3 mores times than in the last 10 yrs of marriage. Coach asked me to get on all fours so he could fuck me doggy style, I jumped up and waited for the pleasure. He started fucking me hard and fast, he was so fast I could hardly keep my breath. His balls were slapping against my clit, it felt great. He just kept going and going and going, I came again to my surprise, 4 orgasms and I'm sure I could have some more. Unfortunately coach tensed up and shot his cum deep into my pussy, after the last few thrusts he pulled his cock out, and grabbed his phone and took a picture of his cum coming out of my pussy.

He sent all the pictures to me, I was in total shock at how I looked sucking and riding cock. I looked so happy, I have to say I looked great on all fours being pounded. I sent a selection to my husband, with in seconds he rang me, coach answered my phone and said what a great fuck I was, now go and live with it!! I now go around my coaches house quite a lot, husband absolutely gutted I did it to him but I don't give a shit, he started it!!