Written by Cumchops

7 Apr 2017

Here we are on holiday again and Chelles pussy has Been filled with cum as I watch her getting fucked.

We had Been in the bar and Chelle was coming onto a guy who was sat on his own. When she started talking to him he had had an argument with his wife who had gone to bed and we both sat down near him ne told us he had pissed her off and she had gone to bed. I could see Chelle fancied him and she asked me to sit the other side of Him as she sidled up to him.

Chellle had on a short skirt showing her full thighs and a tank top showing off her 44" tits .

Chelle started flirting with him and before too long had him touching her upper thighs and his hand strayed in between her legs. I am sure he expected to find her knickers but his hand touched her freshly shaven pussy lips and Chelle opened her legs to receive his finger sinside her wet cunt.

I wa tched as he pushed his fingers up her pussy. Chelle opened her legs a little more but said perhaps we should take this up to our room.

Dave agreed and we went to the lift and as we got in the lift and thendoor closed Celle dropped to her knees and unzipped Daves dock and began to suck it as we got to the top floor. The lift stopped and I saw Chelle tuck Daves cock n

Back into his pants as the lift opened.

We we went to Daves room and Chelle went to the logo to freshen up as I to

D Dave I wanted to watch him fuck my wife and cum up her cunt.

Chelle came out of the logo in the dressing gown and lay on the bed and said Dave duck my pussy you dirty bastard.

Dave lay up against Chelles cunt opened her pussy lips and began to suck and caress her clit. He sucked her clit hard as he bagel to make her cum. She came against his tongue and I watched her squirt some juice out of her pussy.

Dave then kneeled against Chelles pussy lips forced his cock up her and began to fuck her cunt. He fucked her cunt hard and as Michelle began to shout she was coming Daves arse cheeks clenched and he shot his spunk up into Michelle. She loved it and came against his cock. He shot his spunk up my wife as I watched her cum on his prick. I lured it

As Michelle came on his cock I watched his sperm drizzle past her open wet and well fucked cunt lips.

Her pussy was looking well used and as Dave pulled out his cock I replaced it with mine and fuckf Chelles cunt hard and fast until I added my sperm inside Michelle's dirty wet and spunk filled pussy..

We decided we would wait until we had rested then Chelle would fuck us again and we could really enjoy her body, she fancied being used and tied up which ended being really dirty.