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Cider with Janey Part 2

"As my wife pulled up the zip on her ankle boots, we both had an eyeful of her cleavage."

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Some of you might recall my story called, Cider with Janey I posted on the 22nd May. This is how things unfolded the next day. It was the day of the wedding. We didn't have to leave the hotel until midday, so this gave my wife and I plenty of time to have some breakfast in the restaurant. We had got up early, I put on a pair of jeans and a shirt, Jane wore a pure cotton, blue and white striped midi tee shirt dress which really shows her sexy shape off nicely. She saw me looking and asked if I approved? Oh yes! I replied, you look very nice indeed. When we entered the restaurant a waitress showed us to a table. On the table opposite was the guy in the room next to ours. When Jane noticed him, she blushed a little knowing that he must have heard her getting fucked hard last night. He nodded as we sat down, and I said good morning, how are you. I'm good he replied, looking at Jane he said, you look dressed for the beach. No my wife said, we are going to a wedding later today. Snap he said, I'm going to a mates wedding myself! It's not Ian is it by any chance I asked? Yes, yes it is he replied, small world I laughed. We got chatting, his name was Colin and he come from just outside Cambridge. He was on his own and had decided to drive down on the Friday do he wouldn't have to worry about being late if the traffic was bad on the Saturday. I asked how he was getting to the wedding, he said he was going to get a taxi as he thought it would be easier. I said you can jump in with us if you like. I told him we will leave at midday, so knock on our door about 10 minutes before that. Colin said thank you, then left to go and get ready for the wedding. I looked at Jane and winked, I bet he's going to have another wank over you when he gets back to his room. There's no way he didn't hear us last night I said laughing. We left shortly after to get ready ourselves. Jane put on a black low cut bra, panties and dark tights with a seam running up the back of her legs giving her a sexy pantyhose look. That looks good, I've a good mind to have a wank myself seeing you like that. What have you got to wear for when we get back? How about some white cotton panties, that always turns me on. What is it about you and white cotton pants she asked. You know why it is, it's because you were a naughty girl years ago and would sit between two lads with your legs open and let them rub your pussy through your white panties. Dirty sod she said, followed by, wait until we get back from the reception and I'll dress up for you. Sounds great I said, I'll invite Colin in for a twos up. You won't she said laughing. Why not, you could sit between us on the sofa bed with your legs open. She shook her head, but I could see she was turned on by the idea. For the wedding, Jane wore a very smart looking knee length red dress with a sweetheart neckline. With her highlighted hair and voluptuous figure, she looked really sexy. What do you think she said standing there with her hands on her hips? I think Colin will need to pop back to his room for another wank before we go. Bang on time, There was a knock on the door. There stood Colin suited and booted, come in I said, the wife won't bite you. He blushed, and Jane gave me a look as if to say behave! Sorry about my husband Jane said, he needs a slap now and then. Why don't you sit down, we won't be long. That's ok Colin said, I'm just grateful for a lift. Gosh you look really nice. I hope you don't outshine the bride. Thank you kind sir my wife replied. I just need to put my boots on, and we can make a move. Jane put on her black ankle boots, whilst doing up the zips, both Colin and I couldn't help getting an eyeful of her sexy cleavage. I recalled when she told me she would sit between the lads so they could have a boob each. Lucky little bastards I thought to myself. Right, I'm good to go she said with a big smile. Colin jumped up and opened the door. They walked slowly down the corridor while I done a few checks and made sure the door was shut properly. I looked at my wife's sexy arse going up and down in her tight red dress. It was me, I was the lucky bastard without a doubt. I just knew she would let me fuck her senseless when we got back from the reception later that evening. To be continued.
Written by Luckyguy66

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