Written by Angie

4 Sep 2012

After reading my brother in laws story on SH I have been persuaded to tell it from my perspective, I hope that you will find it interesting.

Having always lived with my parents, and being disabled I had been protected from men and what I now find the wonderfull world of sex, previously I had only ever used my fingers to give me relief from my pent up frustrations, but had never seen a mans cock never mind felt one, something that in my condition I thought that I could only dream of.

I moved from my parents home to live with my sister Di and her husband Pete, I would lie quietly in my bed listening to them having sex, especially Sunday mornings when they had particularly noisy sessions, wishing that it was me in Di's position.

I had always had girlie talks with my sister and found out from her that Pete regularly went to an adult cinema, after a lot of nagging by both of us he finally allowed me to join him

On entering the cinema I was fascinated by the action on the screen, with the girl taking it up her bum, and wondered what it felt like, I was pleased to see that there was another couple in there, the woman had the mans cock in her hand, and was slowly wanking it, I noticed another couple of men sitting by us with their cocks out, the one looked massive and I couldn't imagine any woman being able to take it inside her, it was obvious to me that Pete would usually do this, so I encouraged him to do what he usually did, so out came his quite thick cock looking down at his erection I wished that he would put it into me, I did put my hand down gently feeling it, I was surprised how hard it was.

Back home I told Di about my experience, pleading with her to join us if there was to be a next time,confiding to her that despite my problems I was desperate to have sex with a man and maybe also a woman, after she discussed it with Pete, I was invited to spend time with them in their bedroom, having both dressed sexily we waited for Pete I watched as he fondled Di's breasts and his fingers probed her pussy, encouraged by Di he then turned his attention to me , sucking hard on my nipples and penetrating my pussy with his long fingers, I reached for his cock but try as I might I couldnt get it fully hard. he then tried to put it into his wife but I think due to the strange situation of me being there he failed to get his cock erect, he was devastated,

A few days later we returned to the cinema but this time my sister joined us, I watched as he opened her top releasing her boobs and massaging them, while I was watching a man sat beside me, I felt his hand push inside my skirt rubbing inside my thighs, gradually moving up my leg till he reached my pussy his fingers penetrating my wet pussy, he had also pulled up my top revealing my bare breasts to all the men watching us, I felt very vulnerable but also very randy, his fingers were working hard in me till I finally swooned with the intesity of my climax, it was wonderfull, by now Di was naked and sucking Pete's cock.

As we left the cinema we met a couple who were swingers and were friends of Pete, after a chat about the situation, they were invited to our house a few days later this was the start of a friendship that taught me about what I had been missing all these years and that being disabled restricts your sex life, its just a bit different sometimes. I hope that this story hasn't been too boring for you, if not I would likr to tell what happened next.