3 Aug 2016

just arrived back from Gran Canaria,i was bored one day and went for a walk ,i ended up in the cita centre near the beach i was needing a pee so went towards the downstair toilets 2 or 3 guys were around but i needed a pee as soon as i got to the urinal they appeared each side and at the back of me ,i had my pee when one guy put his hand on my now semi hard cock and when i didnt resist someone locked the door ,i was loving it,,,they took my shorts off and one guy started sucking me off so i reached for the nearest cock not big but nice enough i was slowly wanking him when the guy stopped sucking stood up bent me over and i felt the coldness of the lube on my hole ,,,soon i was getting fucked slowly as i was fed a nice asian cock and was faced fucked fast and furiously he pulled his cock out my mouth and spunked all over the guys hands that were round my waist,,the other three took it in turns to fuck me , as the last guy was in me two other guys left ,,when he was finished he told me to wait 2 mins before i left just incase so i did my cock still hard ,,i was about to go when this german guy came in and said your the slut they are talking about he pulled my shorts down and started to wank me i came in about 10 seconds it was the best feeling ever this big fucking german wanking and sucking me he completely sucked every last drop ,,,he said good ya and i nodded ,,he then took out this massive cock,,,,,,oh fuck