10 Oct 2017


My Cleaner who im sure you all know and love by now asked me to call at her house to look at a few jobs round her garden she wanted doing I turned up at her as agreed at 10 am she had just got in from a run she was in her Kitchen still in her running gear Her tight shorts Clinging to every curve as was her tight top coverd in sweat and very sticky. I just had to give her arse a rub and suck her nipple through her top . She loved it then she said to me make your self use full and go run me a bath I will be up in a minute I just have to send a couple of texts

I did as I was told and she followed sat on the bed in front of me started to slip of her socks then sat on the edge of the bed legs wide open mm great cammel toe in her shorts then she slipped her top off off to reveal her firm little tits then pressed them together with her hands and said did they look ok I bent down and gave them both a nice big suck then she stood up and turned her arse to me and slipped out of her shorts bent over so i could see her wet fanny I slipped my fingers between her legs and found her tight hole slipped a finger inside she let out a little gasp as I worked her clit

Then she got into the bath and i sat and watched her (took a couple of pics ) She had been in about 5 mins when the door bell rang she said shit who is that go to the front window and have a look see who it is? So I did I could see it was the old man from next door The same one I had seen fucking her a few weeks back I went back to bath room and told her. She said he will know im in cos my cars in So I said I dare you to go down and see him in just a towel ha Well she didn't even hesitate she said pass me that towel!! Got out the bath and wrapped it round her Just over her tits and it went down just over her bum and told me to wait here don't make a sound I don't want him to know your here

So off she went I heard her open the door and he said oo sorry didn't know you were in the bath she replied its ok im out now come in He said I brought the neighbour hood watch paper work you asked me to? ok thanks she replied then I heard them chatting for a bit but couldn't quiet make out what they were saying I could see through the open Kitchen door a little as I was now sat at the top of the landing I could see her standing in front of him but only from her waist down she was lent against the table then I watched as he went closer to her and then he put his hand on her thigh and moved it up under the towel Then she stood up and took of the towel and threw it into the door way she would know I was watching The from what I could see she was bent over the end of the table and Bill moved in behind her then he dropped his trousers and Y fronts round his ankles. He started to fuck her slowly at first then faster I could hear the table moving on the floor as he she was shouting o yes fuck me fuck me that's good do it like last time then she said You Had better Not cum yet I think this was aimed at me! AS she would know I would be wanking at the top of the stairs After a few minutes she was moaning loudly and by the way her legs were shaking she was cumming . Then I heard Bill say can I cum inside you she said yes yes that's what I want do it do it now OOO yes she shouted as he filled her with his cum . Then he went very still after a few second or so backed away from her and puled up his trousers.He left Soon after.

She Hurried back up stairs with a very flushed look on her face and asked me had I heard that I said fuck yes She lay back on her bed with her well fucked fanny on show then she said she wanted to sit on my cock so I lay on the bed next to her and she gave me a quick suck then she got over me that's when I took the vid Bills cum was dripping out of her as she lowerd her self onto me She was so full and wet it didn't take me long before I emptied my load in her played with h as i played with her tits she loves that she came again as well then she let me clean her and up.. she let me take some more pics of her well fucked fanny then we got dressed I never did get to see the jobs in the garden Maybe next time Take a look at her vid let us know what you think xx And then she showed me the text she sent Bill saying "im home alone can you bring Them papers round in 10 mins xx"