Written by peter

1 May 2014

I have already written about how my wife was so cock happy, wanting more men men to fuck her. It turned me on so much listening to her talking dirty relating how she had been fucked. Lying naked in bed with her, wanking myself off as she fucked herself with a large vibrator, moaning and telling me she wanted to be fucked by a big cock again.

I suggested taking her to the over 25s night where she had gone with her friend Pat before. She agreed and I said perhaps I could fuck someone as well.

The grab a granny night was the following night and I drove us there. It was pretty full with plenty of women and men. We managed to get a couple of stools at the bar, I was driving so made sure I only had a couple of drinks. It was not long before she was being chatted up as I eyed up the women available. She was soon smooching with someone and me likewise. As the night wore on she was deciding who was going to fuck her and I had already fixed myself up with a nice little darling.

I told my wife that I had fixed myself up and was she fixed up and she said she was. I left with Sandra leaving my wife to get a lift home. I fucked Sandra on the way home, fucking on the back seat of the car. She was a good fuck,and took every drop of my spunk inside her. I dropped her off and drove home. My wife wasn't home and I poured myself a drink before retiring to bed. It was a couple of hours later when my wife arrived home. She came to bed and I asked if she'd had a good night. She said she'd been given a good fucking by two men. The one who chatted her up took her back to his place and unbeknown to her had arranged for his mate to join them. She was in the bedroom with him when to her surprise his friend entered the bedroom. She was naked by this time and well worked up, sucking avidly on jacks cock, the one who had brought her home. Alan, his mate quickly stripped off and sported a really big cock, she said it was a good 10" and very thick. Jack's she said was about 8". She she knew she was in for a good seeing to. "Fucking hell Alan, she's fucking gorgeous" he said as he proceeded to feel her tits as she wrapped her fingers around his big cock. Alan told her that they were both going to give her a really good fucking. He asked her she was on the pill and she told him she was. He said good, as they were both going to fill her cunt with spunk.

She sucked them both off as they kissed and touched her body all over. Her cunt was slurping as they finger fucked her. She told me she was more than ready fuck and have a good shag. I was wanking myself off listening to her relate what happened. "Come on you cunt, suck me harder" moaned Alan as she stroked and licked his hard prick. Jacks cock felt huge as she wanked it off and she really wanted fucking now. Alan asked if she was ready to fuck and she said yes. He climbed on top of her and plunged his 8" cock right up her well lubricated pussy making her cry out. Jack urged him on saying give her a good shagging, ram it right up her cunt. He was squeezing her tits as Alan was shagging her, his cock reaming her out. "Fucking hell I'm coming" he shouted as he rammed his cock hard into her. She told me she felt his length fully inside her as he pumped his load of spunk right up her cunt. "Fucking hell jack what a great shag she is". He withdrew and said she's all yours, give her a good shagging. She told me she felt Alan's Spunk dribbling from her cunt as jack guided his 10" cock into the entrance of her well fucked cunt. She told she wanted him to give her another good fucking, to give her another load of spunk. His cock slid inside her helped by her juices and Alan's spunk, she felt the full 10" enter her. Alan had another hard on and was stroking his cock as he watched jack give another good shag. She told me that she was climaxing over and over again, his cock thrusting right up to his balls. Then he groaned and said he was coming and shuddered as he came inside her giving her another load of creamy spunk. He collapsed on top of her before withdrawing his cock. Alan took his place and gave another good fucking before he too collapsed on top of her. They lay quietly she said for awhile before getting dressed and Alan brought her home. He told that she was the best fuck he'd ever had. She told him she enjoyed it too. She then asked me about the fuck I'd had and then I fucked her.